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  • Afghanistan, Hsc Essay

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    Outline the nature of your chosen crisis and the impact it had on US- Soviet relations The Soviet war in Afghanistan was a ten-year conflict which involved the Soviet Union supporting the Marxist government, against the Mujahideen resistance. The invasion was an aggressive battle which resulted in Soviet defeat. Throughout the fierce opponents of the Mujahideen, their sabotage tactics and the harsh nature of the invasion of Afghanistan the nature of the crisis proved to be a violent ten-year event

  • 2011 Hsc Essay

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    From his experiences, Jack feels that it mainly takes time to feel that one belongs somewhere. Evidently, he attempted to travel the world in six months with his father, and while he had hoped to eventually get around the exterior wall only tourists view, he never had the chance. Jack only managed to spend limited time in each place as him and his father continued to journey from one place to the next as soon as possible. Jack only ever felt like a tourist, nothing more because he just didn’t belong

  • Hsc 2028 Essay

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    Move and position individuals in accordance with their plan of care (HSC 2028) Understand anatomy and physiology in relation to moving and positioning individuals 1.1 Having an understanding of basic anatomy and physiology can help reduce the risk of harm to you or others when undertaking moving and handling procedures. Muscles allow the bones at a joint to work like hinges. Muscles pull and move the bones at particular joints, this makes the joint move and therefore the body moves. When

  • Hsc 024 Essay

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    Andrew Cawthron HSC 024 1. Know how to recognize signs of abuse. 1.1 Define the following types of abuse; • Physical Abuse • Sexual Abuse • Emotional/Psychological Abuse • Financial Abuse • Institutional Abuse • Self Neglect • Neglect by others Physical Abuse This is defined by any kind of physical contact that is unwanted or unnecessary. This can be forcibly restraining someone, striking them or not providing them with the necessary equipment

  • Hsc 024 Essay

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    HSC 024 1.1 Abuse is the improper usage or treatment for a bad purpose, often to unfairly or improperly gain benefit. Abuse can come in many forms, such as: physical abuse • Sexual abuse • Emotional or psychological abuse • Financial abuse • Institutional abuse • Self-neglect • Neglect by others. Physical abuse: It can be described as hitting, burning or scalding, suffocating, force feeding, throwing. Sexual abuse: forcing an individual to take part in sexual activity or behave in sexually

  • Hsc 037 Essay

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    HSC 037 Promote and implement health and safety in health and Social care Health and safety basically means assessing your workplace and reducing the risks. As an employee I have to abide by the health and safety at work act 1974. This means I need to attend any mandatory training I have been put on, go to supervisions, adhere to policies and procedures, use correct equipment, do not misuse faulty equipment, report any risks that I have seen and co-operate with my employer. This is all to ensure

  • Hsc 2024 Essay

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    HSC 2024 Title Unit Accreditation Ref Level Credit value Undertake agreed pressure area care T/601/8721 2 4 Learning outcomes The learner will: 1. Understand the anatomy and physiology of the skin in relation to pressure area care at this time there is no solution. Assessment criteria The learner can: 1.1 Describe the anatomy and physiology of the skin in relation to skin breakdown and the development of pressure sores Identify pressure sites of the body 1.3 Identify

  • Hsc 2031 Essay

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    Unit 4222-235 Contribute to support of positive risk-taking for individuals (HSC 2031) Level: 2 Credit value: 3 UAN: A/601/9546 Unit aim This unit is aimed at those working in a wide range of settings. It provides the learner with the knowledge and skills required to contribute to supporting positive risk-taking to benefit individuals. Learning outcomes There are six learning outcomes to this unit. The learner will: 1. Know the importance of risk-taking in everyday life 2. Understand the

  • Hsc 22 Essay

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    Diploma Level 2 Health & Social Care Unit IC01 The principles of infection prevention and control Worksheet 2 – Roles and Responsibilities LO – 1.1, 5.5 As an employee, you are responsible for the following in your workplace: Explain how you follow each of the requirements in your workplace (200 words minimum) * To follow health and safety procedure that your employer has put in place, and report any omissions that may ariseRisk Assessments are put in place to follow to protect you

  • Hsc 038 Essay

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    Summarise the main points of legal requirement and codes of practise for handling information in health and social care The Human Rights Act 2000 Article 8: the right to respect for private and family life; Everybody has the right to have respect for their private and family life. The right to a private life includes the right for all of our personal information, medical notes, photographs and anything else personal to ourselves keep safe and protected by confidentiality. Only in certain circumstances

  • Hsc 3038 Essay

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    HSC 3038 WORK IN PARTNERSHIP WITH FAMILIES TO SUPORT INDIVIDUALS 1.1 Analyse the contribution of families to the care and/or support of individuals Families contribute a lot to the care and support of individuals in care in many ways; in the first place, it is the family that is the first port of call in terms of care in the sense that it is the family that acknowledges that a member of their family requires professional care and takes the matter to the body responsible. Secondly, it

  • Hsc 3047 Essay

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    HSC 3047: Support use of medication in social care settings SECTION 1: LEGISLATIVE FRAMEWORK 1. Understand the legislative framework for the use of medication in social care settings. 1.1. Identify legislation that governs the use of medication in social care settings. There are numerous different legislations that govern the use of medication in social care settings. These are put in place to manage and guide carers, parents etc in the use of medication in social care settings. These

  • Hsc 3047 Essay

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    Unit 4222-331 Support use of medication in social care settings (HSC 3047) Gemma Marshall The legislation that governs the use of medication in social care setting is Regulation 13 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (REgulated Activities) Regulations 2009: · 13(1) The registered person must protect service users against the risks asssociated with the usafe use and management of medicines, by means of making appropriate arrangements for the

  • Hsc 3052 Essay

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    UNDERTAKE PHYSIOLOGICAL MEASUREMENTS HSC 3052 1.1 Current legislations, national guidelines, organisational policies and protocols at work while undertaking physiological measurements, all of them are saying about health and safety for us employees and also for an individuals which we care for. For example; we should always check equipment which we are going to use if it is safe and working correctly, we should wear PPE every time we are undertaking any task, ensure that we or person undertaking

  • Hsc 2028 Essay

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    HSC 2028 Outcome 1 1. If you do not move and position individuals correctly you can harm the individual unintentionally. For example when you are moving an individual you need to know how the muscles work. Muscles act as levers in the body which allows the bones at a joint ie hip to work like a hinge. The muscles pull and move the bones of particular joints which then make the joints move and in turn the body then moves. We must also remember that joints like the knee and the elbow have

  • Hsc 025 Essay

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    |Unique Learner Number: | | |Registration Number: | |Unit HSC 025 | |

  • Hsc 025 Essay

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    HSC 025: The role of the health and social care worker 1.1 – Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship. Working relationships are based on formal policies and procedures and agreed ways of working. These are bound by contracts of employment and have codes of practice to be followed – working relationships are professional based. My responsibility as a care assistant is to deliver very high standard services to individuals. This includes support for

  • Hsc 31 Essay

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    HSC 31 Promote effective communication for and about individuals I am aware that communication is verbal and non-verbal. 90% of communication is non-verbal. For example, passing/receiving information without speaking. I.e. crying, laughing. When I arrive on shift to work with any client, I always check their service user plans, behavioural management plans and risk assessments if applicable. This is to see if any changes have been made that I need to know about in order to work with the

  • Hsc 21 Essay

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    HSC 21 1.1 We communicate with each other to ask questions, show feelings, share information, socialise, show our needs and build relationships with each other. We use communication to give and receive information and instructions to each other and as care workers it is essential that we learn to pick up on signs that our non-verbal service users use to communicate with us. This can be in the form of a smile, a hand wave or any other way a service user can manage to communicate with us. Good communication

  • Hsc 23 Essay

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    [pic] CARECONNECT LEARNING NVQ HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE CANDIDATE EVIDENCE RECORD Name: Unit: HSC 23 Title: develop your knowledge and practice |Unit |Ele |PC ref| | | | |ref |ref | |Observation, Reflective, Professional Discussion, project, case study, Witness Testimony

  • Hsc 3051 Essay

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    HSC 3051 UNDERTAKE TISSUE VIABILITY RISK ASSESNENTS Understand the need for tissue viability risk assessment Describe the anatomy and physiology of healthy skin http://bp3.blogger.com/_e-mPA_6ZQyg/R5osT7sMM1I/AAAAAAAAGIo/xq-t_lNiMGk/s400/Skin.jpg Skin is the largest organ in the body and accounts for about 15% of the body’s weight. The chemical composition, of skin is about 70% water, 25% protein and 2% lipids. The remainder includes trace minerals, nucleic acids, glycosaminoglycans

  • Hsc 024 Essay

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    Unit Title: Unit sector reference: Level: Credit value: Guided learning hours: Unit accreditation number: Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care HSC 024 2 3 26 A/601/8574 Unit purpose and aim This unit is aimed at those working in a wide range of settings. This unit introduces the important area of safeguarding individuals from abuse. It identifies different types of abuse and the signs and symptoms that might indicate abuse is occurring. It considers when individuals

  • Hsc 3003 Essay

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    changes or they simply give up if they feel that no one is interested in their progress. Regardless of the content of any feedback you give, it must be constructive with any improvements that you may suggest. By looking from and linking it with Unit HSC 032 is about your personal development for more information on feedback and it’s the same principle applies as for your personal or professional development. By thinking of helpful and constructive feedback, such as ‘Peter, you still haven’t got the

  • Hsc 2002 Essay

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    1 Understand the importance of mobility Hsc 2002 1.1 Define mobility Mobility is moving from one place to another independently by a person. Mobility is also changing position by a person while staying in bed for example 1.2 Explain how different health conditions may affect and be affected by mobility Some of the conditions may negatively affect the mobility of a person, for example stroke can paralyse a person totally and the person lost their mobility. If there was a stroke only in one

  • Hsc 3045 Essay

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    HSC 3045: Promote positive behaviour Understand how legislation, frameworks, codes of practice and policies relate to positive behaviour support. 1.1 Explain how legislation, frameworks, codes of practice and policies related to positive behaviour support are applied to own working practice. All aspects of my job role are regulated by policies and current legislation. The mandatory training that we attend has been designed to cover all aspects of legislation such as the Children's Act, which

  • Hsc 2019 Essay

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    health and safety procedures. The duty of employers/managers must provide training to do the job safely, protection (such as special clothing, gloves, aprons or masks), and health checks (such as vision testing). The duty of employers to provide HSC/E information 'Health and safety law'. Individuals Individuals (Residents, customer or visitors) also have responsibilities to keep themselves safe and secure and to help the environment to be a safe, secure and clean place. 1.4 Identify tasks

  • Hsc 28 Essay

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    Unit 9 Handle Information in Health and Social Care Settings HSC 028 1. Understand the need for secure handling of information in health and social care settings 1.1 Identify the legislation that relates to the recording, storage and sharing of information in health and social care DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 The data protection act sets out 8 principles governing the use of personal information • Personal data shall be processed fairly and lawfully • Personal data shall be obtained

  • Hsc 265 Essay

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    Causes and spread of infection HSC unit 265 Outcome 1 – Understand the causes of infection. Viruses Viruses are microscopic pathogens that infect living cells and tissues. They are the smallest kind of microbe, with the size ranging from around 20-200 nanometers, around 35 times smaller than a human red blood cell and around 100th the size of a regular bacteria. Viruses are not living things. They are complex molecules of proteins and genetic material

  • Hsc 2024 Essay

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    HSC 024 : PRINCIPLES OF SAFEGUARDING AND PROTECTION IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE. 1.1 DEFINE THE FOLLOWING TYPE OF ABUSE: PHYSICAL ABUSE: Is deliberate physical force that may result in bodily pain, injury and impairment. Both young children and adults can be physically abused. Physical abuse includes a person being hit, punched, kicked, pinched, choked, smashing of furniture and personal belongings, threats of violence, locked in and out of the house etc. SEXUAL ABUSE: is when a person is

  • Unit Hsc 038 Essay

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    Unit HSC 038 Promote Good Practice in Handling Information in Health and Social Care Settings 1.1: Identify legislation and codes of practice that relate to handling information in health and social care. All information that is stored is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998. In Jersey legislation and codes of practice that relate to handling information are: • Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2005. This is based on principles to follow rather than legislation. A copy of this is available

  • Hsc 3045 Essay

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    |Title |HSC 3038 Work in partnership with families to support individuals | |Level |3 | |Credit value |4 | |Learning outcomes |Assessment criteria

  • Hsc 2029 Essay

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    HSC 2029 1 1.1 -  Any food contains germs which cannot always be detect by looking smell or taste. It can be on the surface or inside of the food.  Germs can not be be moved by themselves it need someone or something to move it. This often occurs on surfaces which has been touched by unhygienic hands. Gems also can be moved between contaminated food and ready to eat. Food must be cooked thoroughly at correct temperature in order to reduce any germs present at safe level. Food also must be storage

  • Hsc 025 Essay

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    HSC 025 1.1- How is a working relationship different from a personal relationship? A working relationship is different from a personal relationship because with a working relationship they aren’t your friends or family they are there for you to care for them and look after them and not to form a bond, and ensure you abide by your job description and rules and regulations 1.2- What are the different relationships in the health and social care setting give a brief explanation what

  • Hsc 027 Essay

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    HSC 027 1.1 Identify legislations relating to general H & S in a health or social care work setting? All settings will be covered by the health and Safety At Work Act 1974. This act has been updated several times, the following have been added to it. Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 – amended in 2002 Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) Reporting of injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1994 (RIDDOR) Health and Safety

  • Hsc 2019 Essay

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    Gain access to the homes of individuals, deal with emergencies and ensure security on departure HSC 2019 Be able to identify agreed ways to gain entry to and leave individuals homes 1.2 Special requirements and individual preferences for entering and leaving an individual’s home, Each individual’s preferences on how they wish for you to enter or leave their homes will Cleary be stated in their care plan. Some individuals may not be able to let you in, this could require them to have a key

  • Hsc 2013 Essay

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    HSC 2013 Support care plan activities. Julie Cooke Identify sources of information about individuals and specific care plan activities. Describe own role and roles of others in reviewing care plan activities. (HSC 2013 1.1,4.1) The individual, family members, care managers, doctors could all contribute to what support is needed for specific care-plan activities. Care-plans are very specific to the individual and you need as much information about them to be able to assess the needs of the person

  • Hsc 024 Essay

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    HSC 024 – Eva Hromadova 1. Definition * Physical abuse – hitting, cutting, kicking, strangling, biting * Sexual abuse – inappropriate touching, forcing sexual behaviour upon other person * Emotional abuse – verbal abuse, constant criticism, intimidation, name calling * Financial abuse – illegal or unauthorised use of person’s money/property, trying to control what a person can/cannot buy * Institutional abuse – neglect/abuse happening within a setting where a person lives/visits

  • Hsc 2028 Essay

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    HSC 2028 Outcome 1 The learner can: 1. Outline the anatomy and physiology of the human body in relation to the importance of correct moving and positioning of individuals. The human anatomy is the physical makeup of the body and the physiology is the normal functions of that body which helps us move our limbs. The muscles in our body work like leavers which allow the bones at a joint to move like hinges. When assisting someone with moving or positioning it is important to remember the muscles

  • Hsc 3029 Essay

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    Unit 4222-324 - Support individuals with specific communication needs (HSC 3029) Outcome 1 - understand specific communication needs and factors affecting them. 1. Explain the importance of meeting an individual's communication needs. Individuals who have communication problems need support to enable them to express themselves effectively. It is therefore important for the carers to be aware of the individuals preferred method of communication and also to support the individual to use their

  • Hsc 2008 Essay

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    HSC 2008 1.1 Aspects and factors to consider when planning a journey include anything that the client may need, how the journey is going to develop, the outcome of the journey, and any health and safety factors that may be relevant to the journey. 1.2 Risks that may develop whilst on a journey include accidents that may happen, people taking ill and people losing sense of direction in large crowds. Ways to minimise these include taking first aid kits, keeping track of significant landmarks

  • Hsc 2015 Essay

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    HSC 2015: Support individuals to meet personal care 1.Be able to work with individuals to identify thier needs and prefrences in relation to thier personal care 1.1 Encourage an individual to communicate their needs preferences and personal beliefs affecting their personal care. Covered in reflective account that follows 1.2 Establish the level and type of support and individual needs for personal care. Covered in reflective account that follows 1.3 Agree with the individual how privacy will be

  • Hsc 038 Handling Information Essay

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    HSC 038 Handling information the legislation and codes of practice that relate to handling of information in health and social care are:- The Data Protection Act 1998, The Human Rights Act 1998, The Freedom of Information Act 2000 The Health & social care Act 2008 The Equality Act 2010 GSCC Code of practice UKHCA Code of practice CQC Regulations RAH Policy & Employment contract Caldicott & the general duty of confidentiality Summarise the main points of legal

  • Hsc 24 Essay

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    WRITTEN QUESTIONS Unit Title: Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care Unit sector reference: HSC 024 Candidate name: …………………………………… Answer the following questions, give examples where possible. |Question |Answers | |Define the following types of abuse: |Physical abuse is when someone deliberately hurts or injury’s you. It can include

  • Hsc 2007 Essay

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    HSC 2007 Support independence in the tasks of daily living 1.1Explain how idividuals can benifit from being as independent as possible in tasks of daily life. Feeling independent can give someone a sense of control over their life. People feel more complacent, safe and reassured when they can do things for themselves and as such this helps to uphold their self-esteem therefore improving a persons quality of life and mental state, this is because when someone is able to continue making decisions

  • Hsc Diploma Essay

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    Unit 4222-205 Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care (HSC 024) 42 Unit 4222-206 The role of the health and social care worker (HSC 025) Unit 4222-207 Implement person centred approaches in health and social care (HSC 026) 49 Unit 4222-208 Contribute to health and safety in health and social care (HSC 027) 52 Unit 4222-209 Handle information in health and social care settings (HSC 028) 56 Unit 4222-601 Purpose and principles of independent advocacy (ADVO 301)

  • Hsc 2028 Essay

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    H SOCIAL CARE HEALTH A CARE HEALTH AND SOC AND SOCIAL CARE HEA RE QUALIFICATIONS HE ALTH AND SOCIAL CARE EXEMPLAR SOCIAL CARE HEALTH A CANDIDATE WORK CARE HEALTH AND SOC TH AND SOCIAL CARE H UNIT HSC 2028 Move and position individuals in accordance with their plan of care Unit HSC 2028 2 Unit HSC 2028 CONTENTS Introduction Page 4 Unit Purpose Page 5 Evidence for Learning Outcome 1 AC1.1 Commentary for Evidence for AC1.1

  • Hsc 024 Essay

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    CARE HEALTH A CARE HEALTH AND SOC AND SOCIAL CARE HEA RE QUALIFICATIONS HE ALTH AND SOCIAL CARE EXEMPLAR SOCIAL CARE HEALTH A CANDIDATE WORK CARE HEALTH AND SOC TH AND SOCIAL CARE H UNIT HSC 024 Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care Unit HSC 024 2 Unit HSC 024 CONTENTS Introduction Page 4 Unit Purpose Page 5 Evidence for Learning Outcome 1 ACS 1.1 and 1.2 Commentary for Evidence

  • Hsc 024 Essay

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    HSC 024 3 3.1 National policies relating to safefuarding and protection from abuse- * “No secrets” * Safeguarding adults board * The Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF) * CQC (Care Quality Commission) Local systems relating to safeguarding and protection from abuse- * West Sussex safeguarding adults board * Local police 3.2 CQC- Role in protecting individuals from abuse: * Use information they receive to monitor and report on care services’ compliance

  • Hsc-024 Essay

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    MARIE ROGERS   HSC-024 PRINCIPLES OF SAFGEQUARDING AND PROTECTION IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE 22/07/15 1.1 a Physical abuse is pain inflicted deliberate and intentional. Causing suffering and injury. b Sexual abuse is making someone take part in sexual activity to which they haven’t agreed to are dint fully understand. Its sexual assault and sexual harassment. c Emotional/psychological abuse is a range of non-physical controlling behaviours that cause emotional damage and undermine a

  • Hsc 04 Essay

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    | Unit expiry date | | Details of the relationship between the unit and relevant national occupational standards or other professional standards or curricula (if appropriate) | IPC 2 - Perform hand hygiene to prevent the spread of infectionSCD HSC 0032 – Promote health, safety and security in the work place. | Guidance for developing assessment arrangements for the unit (if appropriate) | This unit must be assessed in accordance with Skills for Care and Development QCF Assessment Principles