Hs101 Unit 8 Project Confidentiality And Scope Of Practice Essays

  • Crna Scope Of Practice Essay

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    Rough Draft for “Quiet Revolutions: The CRNA Scope of Practice” by: Sandra Tunajek, CRNA, ND In the article by Sandra Tunajek "Quiet Revolutions: The CRNA Scope of Practice", Tunajek starts by giving the origins of the first nurse anesthetists in America’s healthcare system. Nurse anesthetists have come a long way from their days in the battlegrounds of the Civil War, when nurses first provided anesthesia to patients. Today they are the main anesthetic source in the healthcare, providing anesthetics

  • Unit 3 Confidentiality Essay

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    Confidentiality What is confidentiality and why is it important? The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has defined confidentiality as “ensuring that information is accessible only to those authorized to have access”. Confidentiality is the state of being secret; “you must respect the confidentiality of your client’s communications”. Confidentiality is a basic principle in the relationship between professionals and patients. Confidentiality is based on: Privacy, which is related

  • Unit 8 Project Essay

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    Tosha Collins Kaplan University HR400 Employment and Staffing Unit 8 Project Professor Walters 12/11/2011 This candidate seems like a perfect fit. They have all of the necessary qualifications, a great-looking resume, the interview went extremely well, but the background check came back with a criminal record. What do I do? This decision has just gone from a no brainer to a possible no hire. Just because there’s a criminal record doesn’t mean you can or should cut off the prospective

  • Course Project Scope Of Work Essay

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    Contact Info: Discount Golf Atlanta, Georgia Overview: New LAN’s and WAN’s networking system with structure cabling design. Configure corporate e-mail server. Provide processes for software and server training. Scope of Work: Install and configure a new LAN’s and WAN’s networking system. The server rack will be on the first floor server room. The server rack will be a rack style 45U 4-Post Smart Rack Open Frame Rack. Each room will have a 22U Wall Mount Open Frame Cabinet mounted

  • Confidentiality And Scope Of Practice Essay

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    Patient confidentiality and adhering to my scope of practice is essential to my success in the healthcare field. The project scenario states a patient left my office after receiving an outpatient procedure. I am a medical assistant and have discovered that he left without his prescriptions and after care instructions. Since these are of extreme importance, I pull his chart to look at his contact information. I see he has a signed HIPAA release form and adequate patient contact information. While

  • The Scope Of Practice Of The Medical Assistant In Essay

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    The Scope of Practice of the Medical Assistant in Illinois The Medical Practice Act of the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation permits physicians to delegate certain clinical procedures and administrative functions to medical assistants. Every profession involves Such duties would include, giving injections (including immunizations), performing venipuncture, patient education, administering skin tests (including tuberculosis tests), calling in prescription refills as specifically

  • Unit 8 Essay

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    Unit 8: Technological Innovation and E-Commerce I.T has had an impact on people’s lives for a number of years. All individuals are affected by I.T in their everyday lives. The Internet: Internet plays a big part of the impact of I.T on people’s lives, internet can include, email, messengers, chat rooms and other aspects. Email Email is one aspect of the internet and in this section I will say what it is, how it is used, pros and cons. People use email because it is very

  • Project Scope Essay

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    This week the focus of week two was on project scope and how to meet those requirements or deliverables. The project team approached the Medcomm project categorizing the scope and requirements by addressing Aims & Objectives, Conditions of Satisfaction, Consequences of Failure, Assumptions and constraints which are provided below: Aims & Objectives • Provide efficient and accurate technology solution for faxing medication orders to the Pharmacy. • Provide a repository for faxed orders enabling

  • Unit 8 Essay

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    Unit 8: Psychology perspective for health and social care Psychological is the study of human behavior. A perspective is a different way of explaining the same behaviour. We study psychology in health and social care because it helps us to understand things that we might be going through, it also helps us to know how to communicate with people who have mental health issues/ disabilities, know how to treat people sensitively according to their needs/ past/ understanding etc. Task 1 P1 Part

  • Unit 8 Essay

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    UNIT 8 2.1 IT is important to assess the health and safety hazards posed by the work setting or by activities so that there is harm or danger to any body and that it is free form risk at all times the risk assessment and moving and handling assessment and fire assessment should all be in the clients care plan and be reviewed and updated regularly following policies and procedures. 2.2 How and when to report potential heath and safety risk that has been identified already is to do it immediately

  • The Scope Management Issues in Projects Essay

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    Scope Management Issues in Projects Presented by: PMone PARTICIPANTS 1 SAQUIB MUHAMMAD 2 MUHAMMAD TAHIR 3 JAVED AHMED 4 MUHAMMAD UMAR Contents Summary 3 Introduction 4 General back ground to the field 4 History of the problem Area 4 Motivation behind writing of the report 5 Problem Areas 5 Scope 5 Theories/Models Used 6

  • Chemistry Unit 8 Final Project Essay

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    Running Head: UNIT 8 Final Project Unit 8 Final Project Tammy Barker Kaplan University SC 155-01 Professor Leonard August 26, 2012 From what I see, technically, this is not a back-titration, because base (antacid) is being added to acid, more base is added to the acid until the equivalence point is reached. Wouldn’t a back- titration involve going past the equivalence point with base and then back

  • Unit 8 Essay

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    Unit 8 – Manual Handling 1.1 – Identify legislation relating to general health and safety in a health and social care work setting. You are generally covered by the Health and Safety at work act 1974 (HAWAWA). 1.2 – Describe the main points of the health and safety policies and procedures agreed with the employer. -To make the workplace safe, - To make sure all machinery is stored and used correctly, - Make sure all protective clothing is being used, - To report all injuries,

  • Unit 8 Essay

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    Assignment Instructions Unit: 8 Instructions: This week's Assignment consists of viewing a scenario about Sandwich Blitz, Inc., reading an article about integrity in leadership, and writing a two-page double-spaced paper. Each Sandwich Blitz location is situated on very small parcels of land. This original strategy has contributed to somewhat lower operating expenses for the business and both Dalman and Lei view this as a competitive advantage. Based on new local health codes, new laws have been

  • Confidentiality Essay

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    Confidentiality 17. You need to be fully aware of the legal requirements and guidance regarding confi dentiality, and ensure your practice is in line with national and local policies. 18. You should be aware of the rules governing confi dentiality in respect of the supply and use of data for secondary purposes. 19. You should follow local policy and guidelines when using records for research purposes. 20. You should not discuss the people in your care in places where you might be

  • Seitz Project Scope Essay

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    Project Scope Statement Project Name Huntsville Plant Project Number 35 Project Manager Prioritization 2 Owner(s) Walter Seitz Project Description This is a production and expansion project. The mission is to leverage existing technology and experience to gain market share. Specifically, to build a plastics container manufacturing facility in order to increase production to meet market demand. The goal is to double total sales within the next decade, and eventually attain a national

  • Project Management Project Scope Statement Essay

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    Project Scope Statement Project Name | Huntsville Plant Project | Project Number | 1 | Project Manager | | Prioritization | | Owner(s) | Walter Seitz | Project Description | Construct a plant in Huntsville, Alabama | | Project Product | Construct a new plastics plant in Huntsville Alabama in 14 months with a budget of $2,750,000. The following resources will be selected such as real estate consultant, an architect, and a general contractor. A Building concept and design will

  • Unit 8 Essay

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    Unit 8 Project Questions: Part I 1. Under HIPAA, are you legally allowed to view this patient’s medical information? Why or why not? No, because you were not given permission by the doctor or patient. 2. In this case, how would you be able to correct your error and provide the missing documents to the patient while still protecting patient confidentiality under HIPAA? I would let the doctor know and ask how to handle the situation whether it be the doctor giving me the number

  • Project Scope Essay

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    To differentiate at a high level overview… Scope definition: Defines all work to be undertaken. Scope Verification: Getting stakeholder approval of scope definition Scope Control: Continuous monitoring of project status and timelines One of the first and most important steps in project management is to create a statement or scope definition which identifies and describes all work necessary to produce the final product. The statement establishes the tone for the remainder of the planning

  • Unit 8 Essay

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    Unit 8 -Caring for Children Diploma in Child Care and Education CACHE-LEVEL 3 (DCCE-L3) E1 Collate evidence which describes the role of the practitioner in caring for children. E2 Collate information about how care for children may be provided within families and society E3 Include evidence which compares the differing roles of statutory, private, voluntary and independent settings E4 Include a summary of the main regulations that govern the care of children in different

  • Unit 8 Essay

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    Unit 8: Understanding health and safety in social care settings. Activity 1: Legislation and policies indentify the responsibilities of employer, employee and individual in relation to the legislation and policies below Health and safety at work act 1974 The setting in which you provide care are generally covered by the health and safety at work act 1974. This act has been updated and supplemented by many sets of regulations and guidelines which extent it, support it, or explain it. The regulations

  • Project Scope Management Essay

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    Project Scope Management (Collect Requirements) Posted by admin on March 28, 2012 • 0 Comment • Forward this article to your friends Project Scope management Scope management is a simple but powerful tool in project management. It can make or break a project. There are 5 steps in scope management. 1. Collect requirements 2. Define Scope 3. Create a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) 4. Verify Scope 5. Control scope It is very easy to remember these steps. Lets look at two examples, constructing

  • Unit 8 Essay

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    UNIT EIGHT CONTRIBUTE to HEALTH and SAFETY in HEALTH and SOCIAL CARE LEARNING OUTCOME 1.1 My understanding of my own responsibilities and others are relating to the Health and Safety in the work setting is. (a) Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (b) Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (c) Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 (d) Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 (e) Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences

  • Confidentiality Essay

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    NMC – Confidentiality The essay will define confidentiality its importance to nurses as a profession and the Nursing and Midwifery Code of Professional Conduct. It will further look at possible dilemmas that could arise in course of practice between the nurse colleagues and the clients. Examples will be based on my clinical placement 1 at Blackfriars Work Centre. Confidentiality is keeping secret, the shared information depending on the situation arising. Dimond (2002) define confidentiality

  • Unit 8 Essay

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    children, ensure the suitability of adults who have contact with children, promote good health, manage behaviour, and maintain records, policies and procedures. As Tassoni et al (2007) states, “The welfare requirements affect much of the day to day practice within settings, for example adult to child ratio in rooms, the qualification levels of staff and the types of snacks and drinks that are available for children”. The Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements influences the provision of care because

  • Unit 8 Essay

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    UNIT 8; PSYCHOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES FOR HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE Description of Unit The aim of this Unit is to introduce the learner to the different psychological perspectives and to encourage the application of these approaches to the study of health and social care. The value of psychological studies to the understanding of health and social care will be examined. You will consider the meaning of the term ‘theories’ in the context of psychology and begin to appreciate the diversity

  • Unit 8 Essay

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    replaced coax cable * Because of shielding , most coax has a high resistance to noise * Can also carry signals farther than twisted pair cable * More expensive than twisted pair cable * Many different types of coax including RG-6, RG-8, RG-58, RG-59 * BNC stands for Bayonet Neil Concelman * A BNC connector is crimped, compressed, or twisted onto a coaxial cable ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

  • Scope of Practice Essay

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    Scope of Practice Project For my scope of practice I have chosen phlebotomy. To become a phlebotomist you do not need a license to perform this as a job, you are only required to be a graduate from high school/ GED, and a certification from a vocational or a community college. Some of the curriculum includes anatomy and physiology, collection and handling specimens, infection control, and safety, professionalism, HIPAA, along with an externship for hands on experience. IN the state of Maryland

  • Unit 8 Essay

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    preventive and public health knowledge, techniques, and skills to reduce diseases and illnesses including food borne illnesses and occupational illnesses. Health officers promote public health through surveillance of disease trends, food safety practices, and sanitation levels in public and food service facilities. Health officers and medical assistants would work together, but not often. Apart from receiving information from a health officer about particular diseases and illnesses, I do not see

  • Hs101 Dq 8 Essay

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    without the transplant George Lopez would die. However he did not have to go on a transplant list because his wife was willing to give him a kidney and she was a match. 2.  What ethical issues do you see in this case? Not everyone encourages the practice of living donation for all people. Drawbacks to becoming a living donor may include: * Health consequences: Pain, discomfort, infection, bleeding and potential future health complications are all possible. * Psychological consequences:

  • Unit 8 Essay

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    Riffat Khanum 09/01/14 Unit 8: Understand health and safety in social care settings 1 Understand the different responsibilities relating to health and safety in social care settings The Health and Safety at Work act 1974 is the main type of legislation that covers health and safety in social care settings. Under this Act, the workers have responsibilities to ensure safety is there in the workplace. The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 covers all manual handling actions, such

  • Unit 8 Essay

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    Part one unit 8 Discussion Why are you going to school? Do you think your degree is the "magic formula"? What are those special qualities you possess? I am going to school for Business Administration not only to just learn something new, but to grow as a person and develop more in my skills as a manger to possibly run my own business or help run a company. I know the degree per say is not a “magic formula”, but it does help when going for work to show the employer that you are a little more serious

  • Hs101 Unit 4 Project Essay

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    In your project this week, you will explore advanced directives, torts and your role in healthcare while respecting patient’s rights. You will be evaluated on each project on the accuracy of your responses, the completeness of your responses, your ability to think critically about each situation and your overall writing ability. Your responses to the questions below should be constructed in complete sentences using proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. In addition to the grading standards found

  • Confidentiality Essay

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    Scenario’s for Confidentiality presentation Questions: 1. What would you do as the counsellor? 2. Would you breach confidentiality? 3. What about the Clients view point? 1. A client reveals in a counselling session to the counsellor that they regularly cut themselves. Answer: No wouldn’t breach. Discuss it further with the client and with the supervisor to establish if client has any intentions to commit suicide. Could recommend safety and to contact other relevant agencies if necessary

  • Project Scope Staement Essay

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    Project Scope Statement Project Name Open House for Lean In Circle Project Number 1234 Project Manager Nancy Bauer Prioritization Medium Owner(s) DeVry Chicago campus Statement of Work—Project Description and Project Product The mission/purpose of the project is to invite women to join and explore careers in the science/math with an on campus group of women in the electrical engineering and computer science Departments at DeVry University of Chicago. The project will create an open/ongoing

  • Unit 8 Essay

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    Name: Unit 4 Project Questions 1. What is the purpose of having an advance directive? The purpose of an advance directive or as its also referred to as a living will, is to inform your doctor of what you would like done in the case of your illness or you incapability of making medical decisions on your own. Each state varies on its policy but it’s basically done with just you your doctor and a witness. 2. There are four types of advanced directives listed in your text. Please

  • Unit 8 Essay

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    Equipment Regulations (LOLER) 1998The general roles and responsibilities of health and safety policies and procedures agreed with my organisation for colleagues include: * Having a personal and collective responsibility to promote safe working practices and maintain a healthy, safe and secure workplace * Having a responsibility to ensure that they have an awareness of and comply with the organisations health and safety policy * Having an awareness of health and safety risks they face and the

  • Unit 8 Essay

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    After reading the unit eight Sandwich Blitz scenario, as well the Eight Steps Toward Integrity article by Stratford Sherman, I learned that there are new land-use laws that require all out buildings be a minimum of six from the property lines. Sandwich Blitz is in violation of this policy because their enclosure that keeps the trash dumpster is five feet away from the property line; however, the government inspector who was assigned to inspect the Sandwich Blitz has informed the unit manager of that

  • Hs 101 Unit 8 Project Essay

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    Your project this week deals with confidentiality and scope of practice issues. You’ll also deal with correcting an error made in regards to patient care. You will be evaluated on each project on the accuracy of your responses, the completeness of your responses, your ability to think critically about each situation and your overall writing ability. Your responses to the questions below should be constructed in complete sentences using proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Your project should

  • Project Scope Document Template Essay

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    have been deployed to work in each company location to support local payroll and human resources functions. The proposed HRIS would replace this primitive one. GenRays management has asked you to act as the project manager and lead a project team to put together a plan for the HRIS project that will allow senior executives to determine whether they should proceed with the implementation of a new centralized HRIS. If the plan is approved, the executive sponsors indicate that you may begin implementing

  • Unit 8 Essay

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    Unit 8: Certification, Professional Development, and Ethics PS365: Applied Behavior Analysis II Prof:  Jennifer Magnuson 2/3/2015 By Natalie Jennings There are many experiences that I have had that have led to my interest in Applied Behavior Analysis however I can’t say that they were due to my professional or educational experiences. When I was in elementary school my best friend had a sibling who was autistic. I remember always being very interested in her behavior and how she functioned

  • Unit 8 Essay

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    Unit 8 Lab 8.1: IP Addressing and Classes Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes Identify the major needs and major stakeholders for computer networks and network applications. Explain basic security requirements for networks. Plan and design an IP network by applying subnetting skills. Required Setup and Resources * Richardson lab manual * Computer * NT1210 Virtual Machine * Access to the lab wireless network * Word processing software * Printer Recommended

  • Unit 8 Essay

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    Unit 8 Contribute to health and safety in health and social care 1) Legislation that relates to health and safety includes, amongst others, the Health and Safety at work Act 1974, Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and Health and Safety (Enforcing Authority) Regulations 1998, RIDDOR, COSHH, Manual handling Operations Regulations 1992. We also have policy and procedures within our own work place for example the use of Oxygen policy for when a customer has been given oxygen

  • History and Scope of Practice Essay

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    History and scope of practice Massage therapy involves pressing a body with hands, feet, fingers, elbows or a device specifically made for massage to relieve a person for stress and relaxing the tension from their muscles. The exact origin of massage is not yet known however it has been found in many civilizations including China, India, Japan, Egypt, Korea. Massage therapy has evolved over the years and today it s considered as a highly respected method of healing and reducing stress. [Natural

  • Unit 8 Essay

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    carer working in domiciliary care are: Care Standards Act 2000 Domiciliary Care Regulations 2002 Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 Codes of Practice My duties as a care worker involve giving clients personal care, such as assisting with washing, dressing, toileting requirements including catheter and convene care. Assisting with nutritional requirements such as meal planning/preparation/feeding

  • Genrays Project Scope Essay

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    Project Scope Document Template Human Resources Information System (HRIS) Project Scope Document GenRays 1/12/2015 Page 1 Table of Contents Project Scope Description.............................................................................................................3 Customer Requirements................................................................................................................4 Statement of Work.......................................................

  • Unit 8 Essay

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    Nt 1230 Assignment and Exercise Unit 8 Homework Unit 8 Assignment 1 DNS is a server based distributed database management system that translates domains host’s names to IP Addresses. It also allows a computer host or a client to use words instead of numbers to request information from a server or a client. You can get words or numbers to get the information from servers. Unit 8 Assignment 2 In Windows NT, when you make a change to the Security Accounts Manager, the change is applied

  • Unit-8 Essay

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    Unit 208 - Understand health and safety in social care settings. Understand the different responsibilities relating to health and safety in social care setting 1.1 - List legislation relating to general health and safety in a social care setting. There are a small number of legal acts relating to the general health and safety in social care. The most important one it seems to me would the health and safety at work act of 1974, it ensures that the employer, the employee have responsibilities

  • Unit 8 Essay

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    Christopher Vang GE 259 Unit 8 August 6, 2015 The Case of the Man with the Swollen Kidneys Mr. Newman is a 49 year old male who has hematuria, fever and severe flank pain. He also has bilateral lumbar tenderness, bilateral renal enlargement, liver enlargement, ankle and facial edema, skin pallor, and lung sounds suggest pulmonary edema. His vital signs are as follows: BP 172/100, heart rate 92 beats per minute, and a temperature of 102.2 F. There have been some labs done. His red blood count

  • Nursing Scope of Practice Essay

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    comes to investigating a new procedure for nurses to adopt into their practice there are criteria for determining whether or not the new procedure falls within the nurses scope of practice. It is imperative to follow the American Nursing Association guidelines and the Nurse Practice Act. They serve as resourceful guidelines that will allow a nurse to implement and adopt any new practices without working outside the scope of practice. According to the Pennsylvania Code: Chapter 21. State Board of Nursing