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    Reduced faith in government II. Ojectives of HRM * Organizational Objectives - help organizations to identify the right quality, type, and number of employees. * Societal Objectives - societal priorities that HR targets while setting its own objectives & strategies * Employee Objectives - goals to assist employees to achieve personal goals that enhance their contribution to the org. III. Strategic HRM * DEF: Integrating HRM strategies and systems to achieve overall mission

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    business and HRM strategy influence HRM effectiveness and organizational performance? Dan-Shang Wang and Chi-Lih Shyu Department of Industrial Education and Technology, National Changhua University of Education, Taichung City, Taiwan Abstract Purpose – The purpose of this research is to examine how the fit between the strategy of business and HRM would affect HRM effectiveness and organizational performance. The paper aimed to find whether a better fit between firm’s strategy and HRM strategy would

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    Lecture Outline (with PowerPoint® slides) | |strategic importance of human resouce management | |STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE OF HUMAN |Introduction—why study HRM? | |RESOURCE MANAGEMENT |Important field of study due to crucial role of organizations in our society. | |Slide 1

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    and increased features such as: • learning outcomes and chapter summaries • activities • ‘stop and think’ features • UK, International and European case studies Editors: Professor Ian Beardwell – former Head of the HRM Department, Dr. Len Holden – Principal Lecturer in HRM and Dr. Tim Claydon – Principal Lecturer in Industrial Relations – Leicester Business School, De Montfort University. Contributors: Phil Almond, Julie Beardwell, Dr. Ian Clark, Professor Audrey Collin, Trevor Colling

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    (uncertainty of future) 2. Business Strategy is how an organization approaches a particular product market area (applied at SBU level). 3. Functional/Operational strategies deal with specialized area of activity within an SBU e.g. Production, Marketing, HRM, Finance. Traditional approach to make strategy: (through Planning in a systematic way) o Strategic analysis ▪ Analyzing Vision, Mission and Objectives (Strategic Direction) ▪ Corporate appraisal (where