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  • Year Round School Essay

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    I feel that every Elementary, and secondary school’s calendar should be year round, containing the same amount of days. Year round school will help kids retain information, and decrease summer learning loss. Also with year round school summer school, which is only satisfactory at helping students, will no longer be needed with the intercession periods that can go on during every break the students have. Year round school is also essential for teachers as well as students. Teachers, and students

  • First Year Essay

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    First Year Rrrriiiiinnngggg……it’s that time of year and school’s starting, time for homework, papers and tests again. Whether you’re young or old, first year or returning it’s all the same, new teachers, classmates, stresses and experiences. We all also want to succeed and pass all our courses with the best grade possible, I think this class is just what first year students’ need, everyone needs a little refresher and new ideas on how to do the best we can. I’m good at listening, reading and

  • How Cockroaches Succeed Essay

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    the following paragraphs, I shall discuss the reasons of this matter in aspects of morphology, mode of nutrition, reproduction and evolution. Morphology About the morphology of the cockroaches, there are several points that can be discussed. First of all, there are over 50% of the volume of its body is fat. This is a very important point as this can not only can be used as the protection to its organs, but also can become their food reservation for over several weeks. Also, it has a waxy skeleton

  • First Day In School Essay

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    Dear Lalit, How are you and how is your day? I am fine here and wish you are doing well in your place. I am going to say to you about the first day of my school. I had gone first time to the school and it was so interesting day for me. So nice place, so nice students looking marvelous and amazing. Some were playing. Some were fighting. Some were studying at class. The day which I never forgot. I had made three friends in the first day of my school. They were Ravi, Hari and shankar. They were so

  • First Year Of Nursing Essay

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    Look Back During week 4, we took turns interviewing our classmates, in order for us to acquire a feel for how a nurse would initially attempt to become familiar with a client. What we were told to do was to split each other into group where each person would take a turn being the Interviewer, Interviewee, and Observer. After our groups were each assigned a specific role, we were expected to play that individual role; for instances, the Interviewer is supposed to ask the Interviewee ten questions

  • First Year Seminar Essay

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    their own traditions and beliefs based on the experience of their environment Hundreds of year ago I suppose that people are related deeply to their main dishes. For example, they would make their main dish as sacred existence and pray for them. In the film one guy actually believed sharks as a sacred existence as well because sharks were main dish for them. Like them, I assume that people hundred years ago, did same thing as tribe in the film which is believing their dishes as sacred existence

  • First Day Of School Essay

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    Zac's Big Day Out The Age Thursday January 29, 2004 Michael Winkler As Zac starts school today, his father Michael Winkler reflects on how a little life will unfold. When he grows up, Zac wants to be a policeman, a farmer, a taxi driver, a detective and a doctor. Note the "and". When you're five, life is a matter of "and", not "or". Let alone "but", "however" or "if only". Zac used to include footballer in his list of future vocations, until his mother explained that footballers have

  • Pressure To Succeed In School Essay

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    Kuznetsov En 101.21456 Professor Decker argument and persuasion essay 12 November 2011 Pressure to Succeed in School Students in the 21st century have a great amount of pressure to succeed in school. This may be because of the increase in amount of college bound students. With a larger pool of people attending college, students feel pressured to compete against one another to do better in school. Some students who have trouble keeping up with their classmates may resort to cheating. This cheating

  • First Year Of College Essay

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    First Year of College During my first year of college I faced many challenges and changes in my life. Everything I went through from simply moving to Houston, to finishing my first year, and all in between was a tough task. Even though at the time it was hard, I appreciate everything I was encountering in my life. I look back and appreciate it all because it made me the person I am today. The plan was when I get to Houston to move into my own apartment when my financial aid came through, and to

  • How Do People Succeed? Essay

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    and ended after my conversation with a librarian. One weekend evening three years ago, at my high school library, when I stopped my study and planned to go home. I realized that there were still only me and the librarian there. We had already made friends before and began talking. Our topic was about school and study. She told me about the private life of An Duong, an excellent student who had extreme grades in my high school. He had a hard life at early age. His parents’ income did not warrant for

  • The School Years Essay

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    kindergarten was all about. Moving up to first grade made me feel so accomplished. Nothing else really stuck in my memory as well as being about to go to Camp Fitch in the 4th grade. I was all packed up days before we were even going! I couldn’t wait to go! However, after camp fitch meant the end of the school year was approaching. The thought of that was a little scary. Bigger hallways, older students, and new school, are what was ahead of me in middle school. The first day was actually a lot better than

  • How To Succeed In College Essay

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    HOW TO SUCCEED IN COLLEGE College is a unique experience. Relatively few individuals get to experience this unique opportunity. There is probably no period in your life where you have more choices, more free time, and as wide a range of activities. With this period of time also comes a high level of responsibility. Six steps to help you succeed in college are talk with your teacher during office hours, get approval on your essay thesis and outline before writing ,get a study partner from class

  • Year-Round School Essay

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    Elephant paper A commonly debated topic is year-round school. Opinions and split between for, and against multi-track systems. Advocates believe in the theoretical economic and educational benefits, while critics challenge these theories while making a contradictory argument of their own. Both sides’ stances are intriguing, and hold specifics provoking those interested in the topic to their own side. Applying mutli-track educational programs to modern American education has vital advantages and

  • First Day Of School Essay

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    Deanna Esquilin Rewrite 9AM First Day of School “Wake up it’s time to get ready for school,” Elisha said. Not wanting to move I got up and ambled to the shower. “This is going to be a long day,” I groaned. After getting dressed I rushed downstairs to make myself something to ear. Mornings were the best time to eat; bacon, eggs, cheese, and toast is the best. Elisha said “Are you ready? I would like to beat traffic.” I slowly put on my shoes and said “kinda.” Walking to the car was dreadful

  • First Year Experience Essay

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    THE FIRST YEAR EXPERIENCE 2 FIRST YEAR EXPERIENCE AND ENGAGEMENT Ensuring that students keep engaged in their studies throughout university is obviously a high priority for educators in higher education. The First Year Experience (FYE) has drawn much attention in the late 20th century and early 21st century (McInnis, 2000). Therefore it is imperative that educators of FYE students acquire appropriate knowledge and develop sufficient skills to assess students early in their studies (Wilson,

  • year round school Essay

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    choice. Year round schooling and all of the information that is involved with it is a topic that I have been interested in for a very long time. Year round schooling is very broadly defined as a calendar that schools follow, where they have a shorter summer break and more time off through out the year compared to a very long summer break and very long school year which is defined as the traditional schedule. This paper will discuss the types of year round education, why year round school is a benefit

  • Year Round School Essay

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    Did you know that according to a study 69% of teachers prefer a year round school schedule(Wake County Public, p. 3)? In a year round school, the two months of summer break that are granted to students are spread across the educational 10 month system. Instead of having two months of break, over the summer, students are given a couple weeks off here and there to help the students take a break from school. For example, some students would get a break right after exams to allow their minds to recuperate

  • A Failure to Succeed. Essay

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    Rayan AlRasheed June 4, 2012 A Failure to Succeed. We live in a time where food is easy to obtain, and easier to travel. In the past few decades, the tremendous leap in technology, science and communication, forced us to face, acknowledge and study some of the major issues that some misfortunate countries have. Countries that are stuck economically, and unable or unwilling to develop and advance. The Issues that cripple countries are many, like education, poverty, health care, tyrant regimes

  • First Year of Motherhood Essay

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    arms for the first time and I began to cry. I knew that I needed to make a drastic change to keep her safe and to better her life from the first breathe. It took me 10 weeks after that first breathe but I left her father. The process was very difficult and it will consume my life for many years to follow but it was the best thing I have done for my daughter and myself. It all dates back to before she was born, the day I told her father that I was pregnant. It was the first time I saw that

  • How to Succeed in College Essay

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    EAP 1840 Karin Ulloa Prof. Tania Darlington August 10, 2012 OCP#4 How to Succeed in College What is success for you? If you ask me that, I will say that success is graduating with excellent grades at school but also meeting great friends and in the future having a beautiful family. If you look up success in a dictionary, you will find this definition: The favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors. College is an excellent experience but is even a better experience

  • First 2 Years Essay

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    highlights that most interest me starting with the first two years of life, early childhood, middle childhood, adolescence, emerging adulthood (teen years), adulthood (middle aged), and finally adulthood. The time anyone grows fastest is during their first 2 years after birth where their growth rate is happening rapidly. Even missing a year or both years could leave an individual without even recognizing the child. Now there are important roles that affect how a child grows, one being their environment

  • How to Succeed in Spend Analysis

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    and develop a repeatable process that can increase the chances of such undertakings. In order to complete this paper I’ve relied on several sources ranging from discussions with co-workers who were involved in the spend analysis effort, to examining how current management trends suggest change processes should be initiated in companies. This work and its required research is entirely the product of the author with no other team members involved. What I’ve learned via this research is the proper way

  • First Year Experience Essay

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    Setting a good time management schedule has always been a problem for me. All throughout highschool I always seemed to do assignments when I was ready to do them and not in a time that was condusive to helping me achieve. The difference betetween high school and college is that even though we are in class for a lower ampunt of time, the work load gets doubled. I expected the work load to be overbearing at some times, but with the addition of sports it has brought it to the point where I need to stay on

  • Year Around Schools Essay

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    1. Introduction Many school programs, such as Head Start and No Child Left Behind, aim directly at bridging achievement gaps between disadvantaged and advantaged students. As would be expected, many studies have focused on estimating the impact of such programs on minority and disadvantaged students ( [Currie and Thomas, 1995], [Garces et al., 2002], [Neil and Schanzenbach, 2010] and [Springer, 2008]). Efforts to bridge student achievement gaps can be motivated from an economic perspective based

  • First Year College Essay

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    First Year in College It was not difficult at all when I was faced with the decision of choosing my career path. It has always been my plan to graduate high school, and attend college to become a doctor. I am a kind hearted person that has always had a passion of voluntarily helping others out as best I could, whenever I notice someone is in need of help. However, at the time I was not aware of the effort and responsibility it would take to actually become successful at my goal of

  • How to Succeed in Planning Conferences Essay

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    How to succeed in planning conferences It can be a great challenge to organize a seminar or conference. To plan a successful conference or seminar, event planner needs a few tools and a good understanding of what is needed. Whether your event is free or requires a paid admission, a successful event requires an effective marketing campaign to spread the word about your upcoming event. This is often the hardest part of planning events and may require considerable time and effort. More marketing opportunities

  • First Day of School Essay

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    asked, “You don’t happen to be waiting for a class in room 212 are you?” I glanced up and responded, “Yes.” You see, I woke up with my stomach in knots and was so nervous for my first day back to school after taking a long break from school, but there was really no reason to be nervous at all. I worked so hard that first day to make myself up so I could make a good impression and I did not really need to do that. I was nervous that I was not going to meet anybody and that I was not going to have

  • How to Succeed Essay

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    In 1952, Shepherd Mead's satirical book, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, became a bestseller. Playwright Willie Gilbert and fellow playwright Jack Weinstock created a dramatic interpretation in 1955 that was unproduced for five years.[3] Agent Abe Newborn brought the work to the attention of producers Cy Feuer and Ernest Martin, with the intention of retooling it as a musical.[3] Feuer and Martin had great success with the 1950 adaptation of Guys and Dolls and brought in the creative

  • First Day at School Essay

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    That First Day of School Right up until this morning my son has been the big cheese at home. Anything he wanted, we tried to provide. With any hint of concern he could come to us for more love and guidance. Yet when his soul did hunger for freedom he could sneak out into the fenced-in Buffalo Flats back yard and shoot those pesky outlaws trying to ambush him at his plastic watering hole. Sometimes, just to protect his rights, he had to shoot hundreds in a single day. But he gave every one of

  • How to Succeed in College Essay

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    Lottisha Williams How to Succeed in College What is success? Success is the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted. Success in college depends on your motivation and the development of good study habits. As a college student, a world of opportunities lies before you, but it won’t last forever. Chances are you’re only being in college four to five short years. The following paragraphs will explain ways of being successful in college and remaining motivated. Motivation is

  • How Brand China Succeed Essay

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    China’s GNI has shifted from 1,416,751 to 2,425,210 million dollars, making it the fourth largest economy and the most attracting country in the whole world. This case briefly illustrates the process of china’s moving toward the market economy. After 30 years autarkic economy, china opens its door to the world in 1979. Since the early 1980s, china has provided special economical zones. Accession to the WTO in 2001 required the Chinese government to agree to trade and investment liberation, this seemed to

  • First Day of School Essay

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    remember the first day at school. It gave me a terrible feeling of fear and anxiety as I rode in the car with my father. It was my mother who first thought of sending me to school. At that time I was at the age to start school. When my mother expressed how important school was to me and my future I thought that she was a heartless woman. My mind was disturbed at first. Although I had heard about school, I had not visited it or had any idea what it was about. I didn’t want to go to school. I had everything

  • First Day at School Essay

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    First Day at School It was natural on the part of every student to remember the first day at school. I moved from Vietnam to the US in August and I were staying at home for 2 months and then I started school in October, right on my birthday October 12. The chill outside and the first day of school started in the middle of semester, it created a terrible feeling of fear and anxiety as I went to school alone. It was not a normal starting just like the other first day at school, but it was something

  • First Day of School Essay

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    The night before my first day of school, it seemed hard to sleep at 9pm when I had been sleeping at 2:30am all summer holidays, but I had managed to go to sleep at 9:30. I woke up at 6:30am which gave me plenty of time to get ready and pack my bag before my bus arrived at 7:30am. While I got on the bus I met my old friends, Lucy and Charlotte, while I also met some new friends, Emmeline and Amelia. The bus was very cramped and smelled strange with sweat and strawberry spray that some of the girls

  • How to Succeed in College Essay

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    How to Succeed in College Attending class is one of the key ingredients for success in college. When one attends class, the notes taken and information received will help a great deal toward gaining a better understanding of the topics being studied. Perhaps just as importantly, attending class also helps one be better prepared for exams. The second key ingredient for success is staying organized. College is all about multitasking. Personal planners, whether paper or electronic, can really

  • How to Succeed in a Job Interview Essay

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    positive words, like yes, instead of no. 8. Talk about your achievements. how your involvement saved or made the company money, reduced expenses, solved problems, saved time, trained users, show value to your employer. 9. Always tell the truth. 10. Always be positive 11. Exude confidence. (you are the expert on what you have done. don’t be shy about your abilities). 12. If asked, give examples of when you failed and how you overcame it. Explain that you did not view this as failure. it was a learning

  • Autism the First Year Essay

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    Developmental Disorders- Not Otherwise Specified), Asperger Syndrome Disorder (ASD), Rett Syndrome, and Childhood Disintegrative Disorder ( As of 2013, 1 out of 50 kids are diagnosed with Autism; that number has risen since the first diagnosed in 1943. Although it is extremely difficult for the child to understand what’s going on inside them, it’s even harder for the parents. Parents, especially mothers try to fix whatever they can for their child and no parent wants to see their

  • How to Succeed at a Job Interview Essay

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    Topic : how to succeed at a job interview Finding a suitable job after graduating from university is always the desire of most young people. That can be quite easy at one period but sometimes it can also be very difficult at another time, especially during the economic crisis time as today. When you receive a invitation about job interview , you will have many things to preparing as knowledge yourself , information about company and confidence. Firstly , you need to do is some research carefully

  • First Day at School Essay

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    Worst Behavior It was an early Wednesday morning. I got up early from being so excited for the first day of school. I was starting 9th grade today, so I was excited but nervous at the same time. It was my first time ever getting bussed to a school out of Los Angeles. I never heard of Taft High School, or been there. All I knew was that’s my new high school. I was afraid of being in a new environment where I wouldn’t know anyone. Once I left my house and got to the bus stop, that’s when it

  • First Week of School Essay

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    My First Week of School The first couple days in a new school are always the hardest. Mine were the worst days of my life, but they got better. My first day was really bad. I was nervous, my hands wouldn’t stop shaking. I had a head ache but kept it to myself. I didn’t want to draw attention to myself on my first day, I knew that that would make me a wimp. I wouldn’t stop being negative about myself, it’s like I knew in my minds that I was going to mess up. I was a mess that day. My second

  • First Year Essay

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    9-14-13 First Year There are many momentous moments in a young person’s life. Most teenagers look forward to getting their license, first car, first date, and more importantly graduating high school. Each and every one of these moments will impact an individual in a different way, whether it be for better or for worse. Many students upon graduating high school don’t know what to expect. Entering college can be one of the scariest, yet liberating experiences of a young adult’s life. It’s a time

  • Year Round School Essay

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    Nielsen English 9 6 November 2009 Year-Round Schooling: A Beneficial Opportunity Students, do you often feel bored at the end of summer? Do you hate forgetting material you have previously learned? Teachers, isn't it frustrating to have to waste precious class time re-teaching and reviewing things that students have already learned, but forgot? Year-round school would be a simple, yet beneficial solution to these problems. For many reasons, a year-round school schedule would be a great leap forward

  • How To Succeed Essay

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    people may make attempts to succeed in life but due to lack of focus and since they do not know what are the right steps to be taken, they may fail. This may lead to disappointment and they may stop making further attempts. But, if you learn the steps that are to be taken for achieving your goals, you will find things easy. Of course, you can not escape from taking the appropriate action but things may not be very difficult. - The first and foremost thing to succeed in achieving your objectives

  • How to Succeed at a Job Interview Essay

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    HOW TO SUCCEED AT A JOB INTERVIEW Organisations use job interviews to gather further information about applicants’ skills, knowledge, experiences & values. The interview provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate your awareness of your key attributes, and your ability to communicate that information effectively. An interview seeks to find out in more detail: * Can you do the job? Do you have the skills, knowledge and experience appropriate for the role? * Will you do the job? What’s

  • Year Round School Essay

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    Year-Round Schooling Year-round schooling helps students to improve their grades and life. It can help students by giving them more time to get better homework, quiz, and test grades during the school year. If some students only speak Spanish, then Year-round schooling would be an easier way to help them to learn how to speak English fluently. It may also help students learn foreign languages better than in an average school year. Year-round schooling gives students more opportunities to succeed

  • First Year Seminar Essay

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    nursing and psychology, the only things I was thinking about while choosing a major was; how much money will I make? And what am I going to do with this major? Those two questions became meaningless after reading this article, because he taught me that a college education isn't only about a salary or what job can you get with this major. A college education doesn’t only get you a job easier than a high school education because of a diploma. It gets you a job easier because of the knowledge you gain

  • First Day of School Essay

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    My mother accompanied me to school on the first day. Other parents accompanied their children as well. We all waited in front of the school office. Soon a teacher came and led us to some classrooms. There we were put into four separate classes. This was when some children began to cry as the parents were not allowed into the classrooms. I did not cry because I had been to kindergarten before. Actually my mother went home soon after for she knew I would be all right. It was an enjoyable time for

  • First Year Essay

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    James Peterson (00530244) FYEX 1000-First Year Experience Unit 2-myLakeland Assignment Quicktools: 1) Student email: Communications between Professors, Students and the University. 2) Schedule it: Very useful in scheduling sessions regarding tutoring. 3) Blackboard: Allows Professors to add resources for students to access online, (i.e. PowerPoint and videos), to enhance teaching and learning efforts. 4) Degree Tracker: Very useful in regards in keeping track of my classes needed to complete

  • How to Succeed Essay

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    UTHSCSA Clerkship Structure  Most OB/Gyn clerkships are 6-8 weeks in length  You will be exposed to both obstetrics and gynecology  Each clerkship varies on amount of exposure to subspecialties within OB/Gyn The breadth of OB/Gyn  Four year residency program  Womens’ Healthcare Maintenance  Obstetrics  Pelvic organ prolapse  Gynecologic surgery  Gynecologic Oncology  Urinary Incontinence  Infertility  Endocrinology OB/Gyn Subspecialties  Gynecologic Oncology  Maternal

  • A Year Round School Essay

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    “School’s out for summer!” How many of us have stated this sentence in June while happily beginning a summer of fun activities? All students desire the taste of freedom that comes during the summer months, but we must admit that what we want may not be the best thing for us. Few students will admit the fact that having an extra few months every year to complete their education would be beneficial to young people who enter a world of globalization and competition. With the nine months that are currently