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  • Malolos Spots Essay

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    one of the women of Malolos who fought for their own rights and voice, how would you feel about being triumphant after a long period of time? Casa Real Shrine is now a museum and a repository of still existing memorabilia. Of all the items you saw in the site, what do you think is the most important to the people of malolos and why? Casa Real Shrine was a printing press during the Malolos constitution, on your own opinion, how important is this institute to the current government of that time? What

  • Witch Dbq Essay

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    The Witch DBQ Concentrated in many southwestern countries in Europe (Germany, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Poland, France), the practicing of witch trials were expanding and taking place with much intensity and violence. This was all taking place in accordance to the Protestant Reformation, the Catholic Reformation, and the Scientific Revolution and influenced many decisions and beliefs numerous had for and against the acts of witchcraft. The widespread practices of witch trials cost many over

  • Witch Dbq Essay

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    JSD- AP European- DBQ1 February 16, 2010 There were many factors that motivated the Salem witch trials. These factors can be seen through political/religious, social, and economic viewpoints. Each one of these provides a different idea and theory to why and how the Salem witch trials came to be. In 1692 politics and the church coincided a lot , when Sir William Phips was appointed governor of Massachusetts Bay a new royal charter was created that did exactly that. It put the governor, church

  • The Witch Essay

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    Novel Report Title: New Moon Author: Stephenie Meyer Summary of novel: New Moon by Stephanie Meyer is about an eighteen year old girl called Bella Swan. Bella is in love with a vampire called Edward Cullen. At Bella's eighteenth birthday party at the Cullen's house, Jasper attacks Bella when he sees her blood dripping from her hand. Bella gets injured and Edward gets angry with himself for not protecting Bella more. Edward thinks it's most safe for Bella to stay away from him and his family

  • Tourist Spot Essay

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    E.A.T. Danao is a tourism concept set up to benefit the municipality of Danao and its people. The tour involves responsible tour of Danao’s God-given gifts. It is the town’s major task to conserve these gifts and enhance them to sustain the well-being of all its constituents. Danao offers unique and exhilarating activities in different categories set amidst verdant valleys framed by the majestic expanse of mountain ranges. To trim down the choices for the individual tourist, specific activities

  • Character Building On The Spot Essay

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    about fast-thinking, confidence and teamwork. Yes, it takes a lot, but it is a rewarding experience. "Improv" comes from the word "improvisation", which basically means making something out of what you have on the spot. In this case, a short piece of live acting is put together on the spot. In an Improv game, a ref selects suggestions from the audience and gives them to the team. The team of six Improvers are given these suggestions to incorporate in the scene. The point of this is to prove that

  • Vacation Spots Essay

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    Vacation Spots Ana Carranza ENG 121/English Composition I Prof. Michaela Vargas March 19, 2012 Vacation Spots Everyone is always looking for that great vacation spot where they can take their families and have a great time. Living in Sunny California there are many options to choose from but I think that the two most common places people choose are the beaches and the mountains. Both are very fun and offer a variety of activities but I will let you decide which one you like the best.

  • Salem Witch Hunt Essay

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    The end of the 15th century initiated one of the most morbid periods of human history, this period came to be know as “witch hunt”. In 1486 the book Malleus Maleficarum was written by two Dominic Inquisitors. When the book was written the concepts woman and witch were synonyms. It was based on the Papal Avail, which has never been countermanded, and showed witches as Satan followers, something that it was not true then or now. The book allowed withed to be tortured with the purpose of getting confessions

  • How to Spot a Fake Smile Essay

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    How many times a day do you smile? Out of those, how many times do you really mean it? Try keeping track—you might be surprised! People do smile when they're genuinely happy, but the truth is, humans also smile for a lot of other reasons—most of them are social. For example, maybe you've just been introduced to your best friend's cousin, Mark. What do you do? Smile and say hello! But are you really happy to meet him? Probably not; instead you're smiling to be polite and welcoming. On the other hand

  • Bell Witch Essay

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    Probably the most famous witchcraft tale in America, the Bell Witch is said to have plagued John Bell and his family from 1817 to 1821. The phenomena that occurred did include spirits and images. But the main happenings were activity of a particularly violent nature, especially aimed at John Bell's daughter, Elizabeth, who was kicked, punched and bruised very often. The main spirit identified itself as "witch" Kate Betts, a neighbor with whom John Bell had agruments with about some slaves. People

  • Witch Dbq Essay

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    Tina Bai AP European History Witch DBQ Religion, gender and economic factors where three of the main reasons of the persecution of individuals as witches in Europe from the late 15th to 17th centuries. All of the religious leaders of that time supported witch hunting, and Pope Innocent VIII even published a bull on witchcraft. There were more women accused, and condemned, as witches overall than there were men. More peasants and laborers were accused of being witches than the upper

  • Spot Report

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    CAJIDIOCAN CITY POLICE STATION Cajidiocan City, Oriental Mindoro MEMORANDUM FOR : PROVINCIAL DIRECTOR Oriental Mindoro Police Provincial Office Camp Efigenio C Navarro (Attn: C, PIDMB) FROM : CHIEF OF POLICE SUBJECT : Spot Report re P.D. 1866 as amended by R.A. 8294 (Illegal Possession of Firearms) ------------------------------------------------- DATE : May 25, 2012 1. That at about 12:30 in the afternoon of March 5, 2012, Brgy.Captain of Brgy.Milagrosa

  • Witch Trials Essay

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    Per.2 Mrs. Mitchell English 11A Salem Witch Trials of 1692 The Salem witch trials of 1692 were a horrible time because of the diseases being spread, women were being accused of witchcraft and innocent people were being hanged. Throughout the witch trail ladies, gentleman, and children were caring all kind of diseases. They had hearings before the country court trails to prosecute the people that were blamed and also accused of witch craft. Over 150 people were accused and arrested

  • The Witch Hunts Essay

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    The Witch Hunts What do you think about when you hear the word witch? Do you hear their cackles in the back of your mind? Witch hunts have been going on since the 1400’s. The three I am going to talk about are, the Salem witch hunt, and the play written on it, The Crucible, and also the War on Terror. In 1962, the term witch hunt meant actually hunting the women and men who called themselves witches, or practicing witchcraft. Now a day, a witch hunt describes the hunting of an unjust group, such

  • Spot Report

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    need be no more than 75 centimeters (2 feet, 6 inches).     (d) Ports and Openings. Ports in projection room walls shall be of three kinds: projection ports; observation ports; and combination ports used for both observation and for stereopticon, spot, or floodlight machines.     (1) Ports Required. There shall be provided for each motion picture projector not more than one projection port, which shall be limited in area to 774 square centimeters (120 square inches), and not more than one observation

  • Spot Report Essay

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    Napuno ng iyakan at hinagpis ang hospital kung san nakahiga ang katawan ng walang malay na binata. "bakit,bakit ang anak ko pa?" yang ang tanong na naglalaro sa isip ng Nanay ni Derek. Wala xang kaalam alam sa naganap. Umaasa lang xa na mag uuwi ang anak ng pera para sa mag ina nito. Pero sadyang iba talaga ang pag aalala ng ina sa anak lalo't iabot ng nurse sa kanya ang lukot na  isang libong piso. "hawak hawak po nya yan,nakakuyom po ang kamay nya,siguro sa sakit ng nararamdaman ng binubugbog

  • Witch Hunting Essay

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    as was the superstition, these witch hunts continued to stay in practice in Europe until the eighteenth century. The ultra-religious Europeans had many unusual and unfair strategies to uncover the truth about a person’s relationship with the Devil. Oftentimes, the person would have a confession tortured out of them. Crushing fingers with thumb screws or hanging a body by one’s arms were common ways to make sure that a person was exhorted to confess. No matter how long a person lasted through the

  • Sun Spot Essay

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    sunspot in Western literature was on 17 March, 807 AD by the Benedictine monk Adelmus, who observed a large sunspot which was visible for eight days. Sunspots are only temporary phenomena on the photosphere of the Sun that appear visibly as dark spots compared to other surrounding regions on the sun. Sunspots are caused by an incredible amount of magnetic activity, which causes an intense amount of heat, forming areas of reduced surface temperature. The average temperature of a sunspot can be

  • How to Spot a Liar Essay

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    How to Spot a Liar In a world of seductive scams, our sanity depends upon our ability to recognize how to spot a liar. To enhance this ability, we must learn new ways of perceiving the world and strive for higher standards of honesty than are currently popular. A lie is designed to create a separation between reality and what we think or feel. Occasionally, a lie is so obvious that anyone can easily see through the sham. But more often than not, a lie is so subtle or diabolically clever that

  • Answers to the Witch Essay

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    story. 3. What is the writer’s purpose in writing this introduction? The writer’s purpose in writing the introduction is to give us some background to witches and also to build up the sense of fear, excitment and anticipation when meeting a witch. My Grandmother 1. Briefly describe what happened to the boy’s parents and why he was with his Grandmother. Why do you think the boy seemed not to grieve over the loss of his parents. The boy’s parents were killed in an accident. Their car

  • Favorite Vacation Spot Essay

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    Vacation Spot My favorite vacation spot is Hawaii because there are so many fun things to do, it's always sunny and warm, and it seems like it would be a great place to relax. Hawaii is surrounded by the beautiful ocean and with that comes a variety of fun activities you can participate in. Its warm in Hawaii all year round so there really are no weather restrictions to the things you can do. Combine the warm weather and all the fun activities and you've got one relaxing vacation spot. The list

  • Vacation Spot Essay

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    The perfect vacation spot would have to be Cozumel, Mexico. Along with isolated islands and crystal clear waters, this serene location is home to many extravagant rock cliffs and shorefront shops. Cozumel is the largest island in Mexico, on the Yucatan Peninsula, adjacent to the island of Cuba. Surrounded by the majestic Caribbean Sea, the island is a large tourist attraction for Carnival Cruise Lines, with daily visits from tourists traveling from Florida. One of the most profound features of

  • Osmond and the Witch Essay

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    Osmond and the Witch It was a warm, sunny day like any other day and made for a nice day to work and play. The grass and trees were at their greenest and the streams and rivers seemed to flow endlessly. For a while this seemed as if it would last forever, but all good things must come to an end. There was a nearby village with many people living there and most of them were farmers. They all had farms surrounding he village as far as the eye could see. Their crops were doing very particularly well

  • How the Leopard Got His Spots: The Hunt for Individuality Essay

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    Mӓrchen is a German word which describes an ordinary folktale. A folktale is a traditional story which originates and is passed orally throughout decades to different groups of people. How the Leopard Got His Spots by Rudyard Kipling, is a folktale written in the early 20th century which takes place in South Africa. It is a tale about a Leopard and an Ethiopian in search of the animals who have left the jungle. With help from the wise baboon, they rummage through the forest to not only find

  • Witch Trials Essay

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    The issues involving salem witch trials has been a popular topic amongst scholars for many years. Many an afternoon has been enjoyed by a family, bonding over the discussion of salem witch trials. Remarkably salem witch trials is heralded by shopkeepers and investment bankers alike, leading many to state that several of todays most brilliant minds seem incapable of recognising its increasing relevance to understanding future generations. The juxtapositioning of salem witch trials with fundamental economic

  • Witch Hunts Essay

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    Gabbi Stanton Whitehead HELA 10/9/12 Witch Hunts and Mass Hysteria Peoples need for a scapegoat can lead to mass hysteria and false judgment. Witch-hunts have been going on for a very long time, dating back to Salem and the Puritans in the 1600’s. There have also been many recent examples of these witch-hunts such as McCarthyism in the 1950’s and gay persecution. To begin with, the Salem witch trials took place in the late 1600’s. The people of Salem were just starting out, forming their

  • That Spot Essay

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    Throughout our lifetimes we all search for that special place. That one spot in our lives where we can retreat to and everything makes sense. This is the one place where we can truly be calm and think things through. It is a comfort. For most people, this place is there home, or a room in it. For many teenagers it is their bedroom, basement, or porch. Some have even found their rooftop to be their special spot. I have spent quite a long time looking for mine and, until recently, I was never quite

  • Spot Report

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    Republic of the Philippines National Police Commission Philippine National Police Bansalan Police Staion Bansalan, Davao del Sur MEMORANDUM FOR : PROVINCIAL DIRECTOR   Bansalan Police Provincial Office FROM : CHIEF OF POLICE SUBJECT : Spot Report re P.D. 1866 as amended by R.A. 8294   (Illegal Possession of Firearms) ------------------------------------------------- DATE : April 15, 2012 1. That at about 12:30 in the afternoon of April 15, 2012, Brgy.Captain of Brgy.Linawan Ariel

  • Vacation Spot Essay

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    Vacation Spot During the whole academic year there is one thing eagerly anticipated by millions of students. Vacation, the time when we can do whatever we want, when we have not got a care in the world, when, after passing exams with flying colours, we feel as if we are walking om air, should be thoroughly planned beforehand. Choosing of vacation spot is a very delicate topic for people pursuing the aim of "seizing the day" and enjoying life to the full. Last winter I chose Stockholm as a place

  • Witch of Portobello Essay

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    I. INTRODUCTION THE WITCH OF PORTOBELLO By: Paulo Coelho An Imprint of Harper Collins Publisher Copyright 2009 Fiction/Romance 268 pages Characters: Athena/Sherine Khalil Samira Khalil (Athena’s adopted mother) Heron Ryan (journalist) Andrea Mccain (theatre actress) Deidre O’ Neill (Edda) Luke Jessen-Petersen (ex-husband of Athena) Gian Carlo Fontana (Parish Priest) Lella Zainab (numerologist) Pavel Podbielski (apartment

  • Police Hot Spots Essay

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    is a recipe for disaster. As crime increase in certain areas (hot spots), police implement different strategies to lower crime. This continues to be a work in progress and leaves researchers to wonder…does the strategy police use work? There are challenges in determining what works for police and what doesn’t. This paper will touch on the different type’s validity threats to research and the problems that are present and how this could affect the analysis of the plans set forth by our nation’s

  • Witch Doll Essay

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    onto his wall. He also had horrifying, evil looking demon dolls all around his room. The scariest doll out of them all was the witch. It looked so cruel and hideous. My body shivered every time I looked at it. I was utterly terrified to go past his door. Each time I would slowly tip toe past it hoping that no demon doll would jump out at me, especially the witch. Growing up as the youngest of three, I was the child that believed anything my older sister and brother would say. I was known

  • Photography Spot Essay

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    Open Source Photographic Guide Project This guide is designed for photographers wanting to get the most out of their photographic trip to Middle Head Fort in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney Australia. These guides are created as part of a project I am working on…. to see more guides in NSW, please go to the Main Site for NSW. To find out more about this project, please go to Introduction If you enjoy photographing old buildings, love old textures and enjoy wondering

  • Best Vacation Spot Essay

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    Cancun is My Best Vacation Spot By Yani Marin English Composition 1 - T,R - 1:00 PM Cancun is my favorite vacation destination. It is a city where the fun, adventure and party make this place a paradise. Cancun has many attraction. The main parks are ones of them. Cancun is my best vacation spot because it offers entertainment for the whole family, unique experiences, and plenty of activities for children and adults. Cancun is undoubted a especial place for vacation an one

  • Wicked Witch Essay

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    The wicked witch In a faraway land there was a wicked witch named Amanda she was the worst witch in the land. She had a plan to take over the world, while she was planning a young woman named Kristin came along wondering if she could do an internship with the witch. The witch did not listen to the women until she said that she will help with whatever the witch had in store to do that day. So the wicked witch agreed to have the women join her but the women had other plans she was a spy she was

  • Favorite Holiday Spot Essay

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    Favorite Holiday Spot There so many spots I use to visit during my holidays. But on top of all, my favorite place is my village or one can say my farm house which is located near the bank of a canal. I visited my village may times with my family and friends and I still like it. It is around 4 hours journey if you go by road, you can also go there by train but I like to travel by road because you can stop by and enjoy the beautiful scenes. I forgot that 4 hours journey when I reach there and refresh

  • Spot/Forward Market Essay

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    International Financial Management Abstract In this work, the student will be covering spot, forward and option markets. The student will also conduct multiple calculations within the given scenario with the aim of completing target objectives which include calculating risk, returns, financial statements, actualizing working capital management and global cash flow integration as well as interpreting derivatives and risk management and applying international tax planning to management issues.

  • Witch and Wizard Essay

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    The Review of: Wisty and Whit don’t live normal lives, after their parents were taken by the N.O.  During the time their parents were gone they found out that they were a Witch and Wizard.  Once they found out that they have been honing their powers, they also find out that they have to defeat The One Who is One, who has taken over and destroyed everything.  They are also mentioned in the prophecy to destroy the One.  Since they have the powers to destroy him they are the most

  • Crime Hot Spots Essay

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    What are crime hot spots? How do we recognize them? A hot spot is an area where crime is prevalent and likely to occur. However, not all of the time, does crime exist in a given area that is anticipated to be a hotspot. So any definition of hot spots has to be qualified. Sherman (1995) defined hot spots "as small places in which the occurrence of crime is so frequent that it is highly predictable, at least over a 1-year period." According to Sherman, crime is approximately six times more concentrated

  • Witch Craze Essay

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    reformation in the Protestant and Catholic denominations. Amidst this, the Scientific Revolution was occurring. During this period, Christian churches needed an explanation for unexplainable tragedies. These times created a figure known as a witch. A witch is human possessed by a demon to carry out the devil’s will on earth. Over 100,000 men and women were persecuted for witchcraft in this time span stretching over three centuries. There were four major reasons for persecuting an individual for

  • Witch Trials Essay

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    in those areas. The Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts reflected the growing conflict between Puritanism and commercialism and the increasing stratification of society in New England. Bacon’s Rebellion in Virginia reflected the tensions between the landholders and the landless and also those between the Native Americans and the colonists. These two events are similar in that they both reflect a growing gap between the rich and poor, but differ in that the Salem Witch Trials were sparked by religious

  • Spot Report

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  • Witch Hunts Essay

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    Witch Hunting 10.May.2014 Psychoanalysis and Art/Society Witchcraft in Central Europe Between the years of 1470-1750, a panic emerged form European societies regarding the alleged witches amongst their midst. Consequentially, large scale witch hunts, especially in Central Europe gained prominence and resulted in the trial, torture and execution of tens of thousands of victims. While there were, unarguably, male victims accused of witch craft, the vast majority of victims where female. Since

  • Mirik a Tourist Spot Essay

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    the other side of the lake. To get on the small footbridge and gaze into the depth of the lake and see the magnificent reflection of the mountain, the whole experience is truly mesmerising. A marshland that later become one of the top tourist spots in Bengal The splendid 1.25 kms Darjeeling Mirik Lake is one of the most attractive place in the Darjeeling tour map. The lake is around 3 ft deep at the lowest point and around 25feet deep at its deepest and the promenade of around 3.5 kms is simply

  • Outstanding Vacation Spot Essay

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    Cora Pouncey English 101-07 Mrs. Davis 29 July 2013 Outstanding Vacation Spot The Savannah Riverfront, in Savannah, Georgia, is a pleasant vacation spot. The drive is only about three hours away from where I live. The reason I selected this vacation spot is because of its Five Star Hotels, beautiful river, and superb seafood. The riverfront is an oasis of rest, relaxation, and enjoyment. The luxurious hotels, the scrumptious seafood, and the beautiful river of this historical landmark is

  • Witch Accusation Essay

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    “witch accusations” Many missionaries are working at a mission field where “witchcraft” is involved. And generally missionaries do not know how to deal with witchcraft. Most missionaries ignore it or regard it as satanic power. Aftertimes they are afraid of involving themselves with witchcraft. So I would like to give a workshop for my young missionary colleagues as I have learned in the seminary course I took on “popular religions” where readings and lectures discussed witch accusations. Definition

  • Witch Trials Essay

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    How would you feel if you knew a young lady that was hung to death because she so deseprately desired your attention. Many men went through this in salem massachusetes during 1692. I an going to tell you about the salem witch trial hysteria and the three causes of it.There are multiple logical reasons on what started the trial hysteria of 1692. Religion was a major factor people believing everything the Bible stated was only the begging . Secondly left and right there were young women desiring

  • How to Spot a Witch Essay

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    a considerable body of folklore developed about how to identify witches. A contemporary writer explains the most popular methods. Perhaps the reason witch-hunting has gotten a bad name is that some practitioners used rather crude methods to separate the guilty from the innocent. The notorious judges of the Holy Roman Empire, for example, simply applied thumbscrews until the unfortunate suspects confessed. And during the English witch craze in the 1640s, the Rev. John Gaule recorded that

  • Salem Witch Essay

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    with Abigail anymore. Therefore Proctor makes a change. He becomes a dynamic character by becoming determined on who he wants which is Elizabeth. Above that he becomes caring. For example when Elizabeth gets taken to jail by being accused of being a witch, Proctor screams out “I will fall like an ocean on that court! Fear nothing Elizabeth.” This explains that whatever happens to Elizabeth, Proctor will be there for her. He will not let anything happen to her. By the end of the play Proctor really makes

  • Spot Report

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    Edgardo Carandang, follow up PNCO of San Pedro MPS, who witnessed the incident and chased the suspect which resulted to his instant arrest. Suspect now detained and disposition of the case is for filing in court by officer on case PO3 OR Balmas. Spot Report re: Alleged SUICIDE INCIDENT. In a report to PSSUPT GILBERTO DC CRUZ, Laguna Provincial Director, by PSUPT KIRBY JOHN BRION KRAFT, OOA 2:00 am. July 4, 2012 at the 1880 Austrilia St, Brgy Sto, Niño, San Pedro, Laguna. A female person was