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  • How Poverty Affects Obesity Essay

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    How Poverty Affects Obesity English 135 How Poverty Affects Obesity How fast would you die if you didn’t have food? A better question might be how fast could you die if you did have food? Americans are slowly eating themselves to death; getting larger and larger and the more financially disadvantaged you are the quicker the food you are eating will kill you. Obesity also has a stronghold on the weakest of society, the children. Although obesity in adults continues to rise, the citizens of this

  • Obesity Essay

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    Obesity today is a widely spread nutritional disorder that can affect anybody at any age. Excess weight is major medical problem for more than one third of Americans and after cigarette smoking; it is the second largest cause of death. Obesity goes back a long way. For many years, billions of people have been obese and overweight. It was actually considered something good at that time because being obese meant that the person was wealthy and had lots of money, and it also meant being able to buy

  • Overcome Essay

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    me that there was still a chance to succeed. Undergoing tedious work, which I felt to be nonsense. Breaking apart the issues I once knew. As rewarded my efforts took time but triumph to further expectations. I now attend community college and know how to resolved school troubles. I’ve gained effective study skills and inner-motivation to succeed in school. Unlike the past, I have acquired confidence in myself and enlightened in my abilities. Through determination I do not allow myself to accept feelings

  • Obesity Essay

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    Does overeating really cause American’s obesity? When I came to here, I saw the vast majority of Americans are bigger and overweight. I thought maybe they think their physical and obese are kinds of beauty. It took me about few weeks to recognize that why American like this kinds of the “beauty”. One thing is that American like to eat hamburger and drinks. Since they are cheaper, fast and convenient, people cannot resist the delicious food from fast food restaurants. Be hide all

  • Obesity Essay

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    Obesity Are you a couch potato, do you feel walking a mile while moving towards the kitchen sink from your living room, well if your heart says yes while you say no, get ready for the alarm bells! Yes , you might be just heading towards possessing the demon in you called Obesity. Scared with the thought of seeing your almost balloon image in the mirror, then just get down to enhance some know how regarding Obesity and help yourself or ask for help. Don�t ignore the early signs or brush aside the

  • Obesity Essay

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    formed a major impression on the obesity of today’s children. The technology has substituted normal childhood play exercises with computer games, because it takes very less effort. Because of technology in today's society, the problem with teenage obesity has greatly increased. Teenage obesity can cause many medical problems such as diabetes. Obesity is a widespread disease that is growing incredibly worse as technology increases. Parents can help kids overcome obesity by making a diet plan and following

  • Obesity Essay

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    Obesity is a medical condition in which body fat stores more than usual to the point that it can have an adverse effect on the health of individual. Obesity can reduce life expectancy and increases health problems. Number of Obese individual increased dramatically in that past few decades, so as the occurrence of many related diseases in particular heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and certain type of cancer and osteoarthritis [1]. This growing rate represents a pandemic that needs a thorough knowledge

  • Obesity Essay

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    Obesity: A Rising Epidemic Millions of people across the United States of America, adults and children, are battling obesity in their everyday life. America is home to the most obese people in the world. This problem has been rising over the last thirty years and may have just hit a plateau. Our country is also one of the richest and most progressive countries in the whole world. Doesn’t it make sense to be one of the healthiest? America should strive to be a healthier country for many reasons

  • Obesity Essay

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    Obesity is a medical condition defined by an excess of body fat that has increased to the extent that it can have a dangerous impact on heath, which can lead to the developing of numerous other health problems (Haslam & James 1197). Obesity has become a major medical concern throughout various parts of the world, though especially in the United States. Approximately 33.8% of American adults have been diagnosed with obesity, as well as 17% of children; worldwide, one billion adults and roughly

  • Obesity Essay

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    Obesity in America Patricia Lett Psych/ 500 Lifespan Development University of Phoenix Denise Dewhurst November 8, 2009 In this period of time an individual’s look is

  • Obesity Essay

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    To overcome the problems of obesity and overweight among the Pre-University students, pre-university students, the school authorities or management of Pre-U, Ministry of Education, and also the civil society all have vital roles to play in contributing to obesity prevention. First, the pre-university student itself should have a proper dietary concept to help and control their eating habits. A good eating habits can help the students to get rid of food that contain a high calorie, high carbohydrates

  • Obesity Essay

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    there are many children across the world that are overweight or   somewhat obese. There are many families who just aren’t as health conscious as others being   that obesity can run through the family. As a child I was also overweight as I struggled to meet   the standard weight for my age. I can say for a child with obesity or any weight problem at all,   can be quite challenging due to the fact that they still are on a growth spurt. As a child I always   wanted to lose weight especially

  • How We Overcome Food Crisis Essay

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    HOW WE OVERCOME FOOD CRISIS Nowadays, the world is facing the problem of food crisis. The recent food and energy crisis has been haunting the entire world but its effects are far more pronounced in the developing countries. World Food Program predicted that the rising prices of food items especially rice may cause political instability in the country since poorer households spend up 80 percent of their income on food. The UN agency said that the possibility of political, economic and social unrest

  • Obesity Essay

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    Obesity in America MonteVerde, M., Noranha, K., Palloni A., & Norak, B. (2010). Obesity and Excess Mortality among the Elderly in the U.S and Mexico. Demography, 478(1), 79-96. This article gives the magnitude of mortality cases associated with obesity. It utilizes data from health and retirement study carried out in 2004 in the U.S and the Mexican Health and Aging Study 2001-2003. It gives a detailed account of the impact of the pandemic in the American community. It also looks into cases of

  • Obesity Essay

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    OBESITY Obesity is classified as being unhealthy or overweight. A person who is twenty percent overweight is considered obese. Obesity affects over thirty-five percent of adults and seventeen percent of children each year. Obesity is a chronic disease that can lead to diabetes, heart disease and many other conditions. In the article “Obesity Rates Unchanged” (1) “Ogden and her team compiled the data from 2009-2010 using the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. The survey

  • Obesity Essay

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    Increased calorie intake has contributed to the obesity epidemic. According to the (American Heritage Medical dictionary) a calorie is “a unit of energy-producing potential supplied by food and released upon oxidation by the body, equal to the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water by 1°C at one atmosphere pressure.” In layman’s terms a calorie is a unit of energy, and humans require a certain amount of calories to fuel the body and function correctly. If you consume

  • Obesity Essay

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    Food and Nutrition-Obesity: “Men with over 25% body fat and women with over 30 % body fat are considered obese” (Obesity – The Other Global Energy Crisis) Simplest way to measure body fat is BMI (Body Measurement Index). Table 1 (Nestle) “BMI calculations provide a useful yardstick for statistical comparison of populations. At an individual level, however, they can give inaccurate estimates of actual body fat in very muscular people, pregnant or lactating women, and children between 2 and 18

  • Obesity Essay

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    Obesity Introduction Obesity is often called a "disease", but there is some disagreement about that. In fact, "neither writers who refer to obesity as a disease nor those who question whether it is a disease have generally provided a definition of disease and then offered evidence that obesity does or does not fit this definition.” (Heshka). Anyway, according to the Cleveland Clinic, obesity causes the death of more than 300,000 people every year in the United States. And now, it is a substantial

  • Obesity Essay

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    don’t know how to deal with. For example men and women can also experience problems with their hormones which can make them eat a broader range of food finding it hard to make themselves stop. The issues of people who are overweight and obese have become a major problem in our society and needs to be addressed more intensely in categories such as: nutrition/health, physical activities, and emotions. One challenge is that many health care practitioners are unaware how to treat obesity, which is a

  • Obesity Essay

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    DUSH Obesity rates has been increasing since the 1970’s and by 2030 the rate of obesity among the American population is expected to rise to 42% by 2030.1 Estimates suggest that obesity has been causing negative health for obese people and it continues to be one of the most leading public health problem in the United States. Some Americans seek to improve their diet and their habits to lose weight, however some Americans is expected to grow much worse. Rick’s story tells how obesity is a negative

  • Obesity Essay

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    overcoming the United States. It’s called obesity. Obesity is commonly interpreted as being very fat and not so much as a disease people suffer from. It is not simply a health factor, it is the fifth leading cause of death worldwide which constitutes for 2.8 million people per year (Wartik). In 2010, 212.7 million American adults were considered to be overweight or obese, which constitutes for 68.8 percent or two-thirds of the United States’ population (Wartik). Obesity rates have been steadily increasing

  • Obesity Essay

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    When people think about health, they usually think about health problems and diseases that lead to the health they have. But the one of the biggest problems that no one takes seriously is obesity. I feel like me as an athlete, no one take it seriously. In American we have at least over thousands of people obese. If this happen to me I would take full charge and change my life to be healthier and exercise daily. People say that they do not have time to exercise or anytime to eat so they make a quick

  • Obesity Essay

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    What’s wrong with Obesity? Has one ever wondered what the obesity rate of the U.S. is? Two-thirds of American people are obese. The rate is shameful. Being obese is not a healthy thing, in fact it is deadly. When one is so heavy, it makes it hard for them to go out and enjoy the beauty of life. When they have a young child, it is hard for them to run around and play. Many people ask “what causes obesity, what illnesses come from this, and how can I stop it from happening to me?” First off, a lack

  • Obesity Essay

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    The Consequences of Childhood Overweight and Obesity Stephen R. Daniels Summary Researchers are only gradually becoming aware of the gravity of the risk that overweight and obesity pose for children’s health. In this article Stephen Daniels documents the heavy toll that the obesity epidemic is taking on the health of the nation’s children. He discusses both the immediate risks associated with childhood obesity and the longer-term risk that obese children and adolescents will become obese adults and

  • Obesity Essay

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    WAYS TO OVERCOME OBESITY Obesity problems have become prevalent in our society. According to the Ministry of Health, 45% of Malaysians are obese. It is clear that tackling some common obesity problems early on is becoming more and more necessary. Though it is not easy to make lifestyle changes that promote weight loss, the alternative is even more difficult with a lifetime of health problems stemming from being overweight. Obesity would cause other serious illnesses such as hypertension, high cholesterol

  • Obesity Essay

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    today's society, obesity, more specifically child obesity has become a growing epidemic for many years not only in the U.S but all around the world. The change in the environment is not the only cause of obesity, the change in genes is also a major contributor. Obesity has many causes, but the main cause is children not getting enough exercise and eating too much. The calories that are not burning up can results into excess fat, which is stored in our bodies causing obesity. Every child gains

  • Obesity Essay

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    a huge problem for Americans causes many struggles to do many physical activities and their ability to move. Being a little fat is no problem, but obesity is a whole different level of weight and needs medical attention as soon as possible. Obesity is a sign to change your life, be active, grow stronger, and dont be tormented about your looks. Obesity is a serious problem and needs to be treated.. One of the main first reasons about not becoming obese is your body has more physical endurance, this

  • Obesity Essay

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    above the normal body weight for height and age. Obesity, which can also be designated as overweight, can lead to poor quality of life by dangles up excessive fat in different parts of the body (Pollock). Obesity can lead to major physical problems such as congestive heart failure, cancer, hypertension, coronary artery disease, back pain. It can also lead to psychological problems such as social stagnation. A wide variety of treatments exist for obesity which includes diet and therapy to medicine and

  • How to Overcome Anxiety Essay

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    feeling of fear or impending disaster and reflects the thoughts and bodily reactions a person has when they are presented with an event or situation that they cannot manage successfully. It is a normal response to a stressful event. Thus one way to overcome an anxiety are avoiding the cognitive distortion. What is a cognitive distortion? Cognitive distortions are simply ways that our mind convinces us of something that is not really true. These inaccurate thoughts are usually used to reinforce negative

  • Obesity Essay

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    Public education, physical activity, and economic policy in decreasing obesity Xiaoyun Wang Academic Writing 2 Katherine Samford April 28, 2013 As we known that obesity is a general global problem from children to adults. The causes of obesity can be various from one to another, but the only one result of obesity is doing harm to both mental and physical health. To face this prevalent global problem, there are three most effective measures

  • Overcome Boredom Essay

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    How to Overcome Boredom No one likes a long dull afternoon with nothing to do. Feeling bored? Learn how to overcome your boredom by finding something to do, avoiding boring things, and getting busy. Read on to find out how. Method 1 of 3: Finding Something to Do 1 Get offline. Don't watch TV or use Facebook to "fill time" unless you've got a show you really want to watch, a conversation you're really excited about having on the internet, or an article or website you're having fun exploring

  • Obesity Essay

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    been affected by obesity. Obesity is defined as an excessively high amount of body fat in relation to lean body mass. Obesity affects everyone in the world, but mainly in America. People in the United States tend to be more overweight than anyone else throughout the world. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention more than one third of Americans are obese. Many people may ask why it matters if they are obese if they feel fine or healthy. The truth is that obesity affects everyone in

  • Obesity Essay

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    Sarah Doris English 1020 2 May 2010 Our Heifer Nation Obesity is a complex disease for which no single cause or cure exists. One gains weight when he\she takes in more calories than he\she burns off, but obesity is influenced by environmental factors, such as fast food, and lack of sidewalks, and even media itself; psychological factors, which include depression as well as the; and genetic factors, such the genes that you inherit from your parents; So why is it happening? The obvious,

  • Obesity Essay

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    RUNNING HEAD: HOW OBESITY AFFECTS AMERICA How Obesity Affects America By: September 8, 2014 Comp II Summer 2014 How Obesity Affects America By: Derius Tyus September 8, 2014 Comp II Summer 2014 In America obesity is the most fatal and addictive disorder of our generation that has most likely affected everyone one way or another. Despite all the warnings from attention health profession, things in the media, and just being out in public, and mass educational campaigns about the benefits

  • Obesity Essay

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    Obesity is one of the serious problems spreading like flu all over the country these days. Where on one hand, people are becoming health conscious, on the other hand, many people are getting into the trap of problem known as obesity. Obesity refers to the condition of having excessive weight due to the excess of fat in the body. A person puts on such weight to the level which is dangerous for his health. Obesity is no less than an epidemic but the difference is that it does not spread from one person

  • Obesity Essay

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    Obesity Community Teaching This paper is a plan for teaching those of all ages about obesity; its detrimental effects on the body, short and long term, and how to avoid associated problems, using a healthy varied eating plan and incorporating a daily exercise schedule. The health risks of obesity are the same for all people and the interventions for weight loss are also the same. These interventions are basic, eat healthy and be active. But educating communities and enabling them to make

  • Time and Distance Overcome Essay

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    Time and Distance Overcome The society we live in today is constant developing and it gets more and more technological advanced, and we all like it. In 1876 Graham Bell invented the first telephone, and it was not met with applause, even though it would have been so if it was today. Sadly when his invention got published it was not accepted and was criticized for being "pointless". Already in the beginning of the essay, actually the first line it says, "Of what use is such an invention?" In the

  • Obesity Essay

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    Epidemic of Obesity Introduction Obesity is spreading at an alarming rate and is becoming an epidemic around the United States; research shows that every year 300,000 adults will die from complications associated with obesity (Charles E. Menifield, 2008). Obesity is caused by many different factors such as: over eating, lack of physical activity and poor diet. There are many health problems associated with obesity and many of them can lead to mortality. Some of the medical conditions linked to

  • Women Overcome Biases Essay

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    Zhuoyi Tian 01:365:155:13 Paper#3 Final Draft Professor Emily M. Renaud Date: 11/05/2014 Women Overcome Biases Racial, gender and ethnic biases limited women’s thought. An author named Amy Tan has been though biases. And she overcomes some of those. Amy Tan is a Chinese-American writer, who grew up with her parents in the United States. In her writing career, she has completed a lot of good work, which shows her thought and experiences. Tan considers her relationship with her own mother, concentrating

  • Obesity Essay

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    November 2014 Obesity     In today’s society, obesity has become a major problem. Obesity is more than having a few more pounds; it is having too much body fat. Obesity can affect any person from young children to older adults. There are many causes of obesity such as overeating, genetics, hormones, the environment, and lack of physical activity. There are many effects of obesity like health issues, depression, eating disorders, type two diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure and death. Obesity is not only

  • Obesity Essay

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    Obesity In Children The greatest health risk facing children today is not a bad disease like Ebola or an unthinkable trauma such as child abuse, it is known as obesity. Childhood obesity occurs when a child’s body accumulates excess body fat that eventually causes a negative impact on their health. This is important because of the proportions that this disease has reached in the past few years. Certain genetic factors, lifestyles and culture have produced kids

  • Child Obesity and How to Fix It Essay

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    Child Obesity and How to Fix It According to the Centers of Disease Control, the percentage of children aged 6–11 years in the United States who were obese increased from 7% in 1980 to nearly 18% in 2012. Similarly, the percentage of adolescents aged 12–19 years who were obese increased from 5% to nearly 21% over the same period (Centers of Disease Control, 1). Obesity has started to destroy the lives of young children and teenagers around the world. It has been a problem from day one that has

  • Obesity Essay

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    Obesity in Children Savannah Coleman CM220 3/6/2015 Kaplan University Obesity in Children According to Ortho Info, (2015) obesity in children has become a relevant issue of concern in today’s society. “Over the past three decades, the prevalence of children in the U.S. who are obese has doubled, while the number of adolescents who are obese has tripled” (Ortho Info, 2015). There many reason and various factors that have led to complications of obesity. This paper will identify the causes

  • How to Overcome Nervous Breakdown Essay

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    how to overcome nervous breakdown Most of people will be having nervous breakdown during exams especially students because they are afraid that they will fail in their exams. There are many ways to avoid nervous breakdown during exams such as early preparation, organize a study timetable, learning strategy, and positive thinking. In my life, I always get nervous breakdown during exams and I practiced the above methods to overcome this problem. Firstly, students should know the date of exams

  • How to Overcome Depression Essay

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    Jessica Tiller June 11, 2015 Ms. Pinkard-Long How to Overcome Depression According to, depression is a psychoneurotic or psychotic disorder marked especially by sadness, inactivity, difficulty in thinking and concentration. The site also goes on to say that it causes significant increase or decrease in appetite, sleep, feelings of dejection and hopelessness, as well as suicidal tendencies. Furthermore, young adults between the ages of 18-24 are more likely to experience these

  • Obesity Essay

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    Obesity Sara Hartley Chamberlain College of Nursing NR 281 Pathophysiology I May 22, 2015 Introduction Obesity in the United States is of epidemic proportion. Adult obesity rates have doubled since 1980, from 15 to 30 percent. Childhood obesity rates have more than tripled. Rising obesity rates have significant health consequences, contributing to increased rates of more than 30 serious diseases. (Trust for America’s Health (TFAH), n.d). In 2013 the American Medical Association (AMA)

  • Obesity Essay

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    Obesity is a condition of excess body fat and also defined as having a body mass index (BMI) of greater than 30.As Malaysia is rich in a variety types of food, it is very common to see some childrens having the symptoms of obesity.There are many factors that contribute in obesity such as lack of exercises, unhealthy diet and from genetics. First and foremost, lack of exercises is the biggest factor among the other factors.Nowadays, many people who work in the office prefer to drive or take the public

  • How I Overcome My Greatest Fear Essay

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    How I overcame my greatest fear Everybody has their own fear. Some people are afraid of insects. Some fear darkness. Others are scared of height. Whatever our fear is, we have to confront it in our life. But have you ever faced the fear of death at the age of twenty? I did. I am not a healthy person. During the time I grew up, I got a sore throat almost every two months, which causes me a hoarse voice. When I talk on the phone, people always mistake me with a man. Even once, when I came to my friend’s

  • Obesity Essay

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    Childhood obesity is serious medical condition that affects children and adults. Childhood obesity happens when you are way above your weight according to your height. Childhood obesity is especially dangerous because problems can occur well into your adulthood. Medical conditions that it can cause are high blood pressure, diabetes, and high chelorestoral. Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years. ( Childhood Obesity Facts , 2014) In

  • How To Overcome a Fear Essay

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    something, which also means that there are at least one thing prevents them from enjoying their life. One of the most fundamental fact is that fear presents only when it is desired. Then, how to control your imagination whenever the fear comes up and how to dissolve it? Here are three steps which may help you overcome your fear: controlling your imagination, getting to know your fear and conquering you fear. In the first step, according to the following fact, being able to control your imagination