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    Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam Disclaimer The results published on Web are for immediate information of the examinees. These cannot be treated as original mark sheets. Original mark sheets have been issued by the University separately. PD Hills Sd/Controller of Examinations Compiled using the U-ExPERT software developed by Software Development Team at CETEX,Pareeksha Bhavan, Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam. 1 RESULTS OF I & II SEMESTER BTECH DEGREE SUPPLEMENTARY EXAMINATION

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    success in a military organization is established prior to the actual output of the military’s goods or service. Military organizations are obviously functionally structured; with commanders taking the place of presidents or directors and Officers and Noncommissioned Officers managing and directing the functioning groups of the smaller military organizations. This very hierarchical structure is made up of managers who are continually changing positions and leaving organizations. Military employees

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    I respect police officers; I always have and always will. I have always looked up to and wanted to become part of the The position of representing the law would bring out my pride to large extents that not even I could imagine. Police officers help to protect citizens and their property, maintain public peace, prevent and detect crime. They apprehend those who break the law, process court requirements, handle traffic problems, enforce regulations, and act as agents of social change within the community

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    knows how to make decisions. In addition, I feel it is someone that can work with others and take others opinions into considerations. This is just one way of looking in what a leader is. An example of a leader is someone in the military service because they are trained to build leadership skills if they do not already have them. In the Army they are describe as someone that has the seven values. They have the acronym LDRSHIP which describes the values that the Army instills in its officers. The

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    Quality Essay To write a book or a novel some authors may take five years, others may take less time. Although, authors have different writing style, all of them share the same writing technique: planning. For instance, to begin a new novel project, the novelist must select the title, main characters and their names, location in where the story is being told, and of course the time and place in which the narrative is taking place. “To plan any piece of writing effectively, think about the nature

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    A year ago, I was enlisted to Basic Military Training for my national service. It was a place where most people despise and fear. I was full of nerves on the reporting day but was also greeted by a confident looking person in his mid twenties. I went on to find out later that he was the Officer in Command of my company. His name is Captain Gan and is by far the most optimistic and caring commander I`ve ever seen. He would lead us through tough and rigorous training himself and never fails to let

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    Transformational Leadership it may be useful to restate the essay question If this study of leadership has proven anything is that leadership style varies vastly from organisation to organisation, to person-to-person and team-to-team. The approach brought to the table will differ even on a given day because of ultimately a myriad of factors contributing to success. Attitude and how a person handles them selves in stressful situations may define the character of the leader but how they grow beyond

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    MGMT 0455 PERFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF MANAGEMENT General Motors LEADERSHIP QUALITIES Diane McClendon 3/24/2010   General Motors or GM as most people know it by was founded on Wednesday, September 16, 1908, in Flint, Michigan by William C. Durant and Co-Founder Charles Stewart Mott. Gm was located in Flint until The mid-1920s then moved to Detroit. In the 1920s and 1930s GM took control of the Yellow Coach bus lines that helped form Greyhound bus lines and replaced

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    Leadership Principles Learned in the Military and Their Application – Communicating the ‘Why’ is just as important, if not more so, than the ‘How’” I consider myself honored to have served with our nation’s finest young men and women in our Armed Forces. It was an absolutely fantastic learning experience from many perspectives, the most important one being from a leadership perspective. One of my early lessons was that while there are a number of foundational aspects of leadership often referred

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    HOW TO DEVELOP LEADERSHIP QUALITIES IN MILITARY OFFICER CADETS HOW TO DEVELOP LEADERSHIP QUALITIES IN MILITARY OFFICER CADETS Most officers lead a complex technical life with many highly-specialized duties to perform. These duties are his responsibilities as an individual and as a highly-trained, responsible member of an exacting profession. In addition, an officer has to lead his men. An officer does not exist for his individual, personal value, but for his ability to show the way and make

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    INTRODUCTION Are you born a leader or are you natured to be one? There are various qualities that make up an effective leader. It is in my opinion that these elements are identified whether you are born a leader or you are raised to be one. I trust that by testing the following elements, you are bound to be an inborn or ingrown leader. 1. NEVER LET ANYONE FIGURE YOU OUT Once you become predicable, you become vulnerable. Great leaders keep there entire operation on their toes, they are the

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    Leadership Essay A successful leader understands the importance of a vision, positive culture, effective management, collaboration and fairness. I believe that all of these standards are essential to the success of my restaurant. I can interpret the standards from that viewpoint and make the connection between leading and managing. There is a profound difference between management and business leadership, and both are important. To manage is bring about, to accomplish, to have charge of or responsibility

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    Johnson, Jason R. 20091110 Professional Officer My Professional Office paper is going to be on what are the requirements for a Commissioned Officer to advance in their rank and why it is important to have these skills. I have found some of the requirements to advance in rank in the commissioned officer. First, Performance- This is a very important without performance no one will be able to see how you react to certain tasks and how well you do at that task. Also it sometimes will show

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    Without these tools, Soldiers would not know what is expected from them. Standards are guide lines for Soldiers to live by which shows them how to conduct themselves professionally. Uniform standard are a key tool that allow leaders to judge a Soldier’s self-discipline, attention to detail, and the amount of respect they have for their military service. Everything on the ACU uniform has some type of meaning. For example, the unit patch that is worn on the left shoulder identifies

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    Marriage defined I pronounce you Husband and Wife The marriage relationship The real question is "What does God and the Bible says about marriage and the roles and responsibility of the husband and the wife?" and how the spouses should relate to one towards the other? These are question many people ask and in this session will be elaborate upon. When a man and woman marry and commit to a covenant relationship, they are no longer independent personage but one. “Therefore shall a man leave

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    A Navy officer must be able to assume a variety of duties at sea, Officers must be physically fit, The leadership qualities that are required to make a good leader can vary in different companies, teams and situations. They are context-dependent. In theory, the ideal scenario is for a leader to have infinite flexibility. That means you are able to adapt your leadership style according to the situation and/or the state of the team However, modern leadership theory has begun to realise that the

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    Commissioned Officer camp being held at this upcoming Annual Camp. I hope that this letter of application will help me in my further Australian Army Cadet ambitions. My hope to achieve at least the rank of lance-corporal was stimulated by my first camp, Ex-mouth, which has so far been my most exhilarating cadet experience of my life. Watching Corporal Macnamara (now Sargent) and Corporal Biss (now Sargent) have the sense of responsibility and power made me focus my attention on my future cadet career

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    Becoming an Officer For Caleb to achieve his goal of becoming an officer in the United States Army, he must have a Bachelor’s Degree and must exhibit exceptional leadership qualities. This is a dream has been pursued long since his childhood. Of course this career will come with many challenges as well. He will have to handle traveling, spending long times away from his family, and will be force to make hard decisions in stressful situations. But like all jobs, it has perks that come with it.

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    LEADERSHIP QUALITIES INTRODUCTION: The Army believes that the situation you face, your experience, your skills, and your Problem solving approaches all affect the outcome of an event. That’s why the Army places such a heavy emphasis on training. In your Cadet education now and in your experience as an officer later, you must consider the wide range of situations you will encounter. You must be able to apply your values, tactical expertise, and technical skills to lead fearlessly.

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    against the. When you stress as a police officer it can lead to negative attitudes, loss of enthusiasm and commitment to their job. It can even take a toll on their personal life such as health problems, divorces, or even substance abuse problems. When becoming a police officer it can come with good or bad decisions. The good is helping your community stay safe, than there is the bad which is maintaining a social and family relationship. When becoming police officer their schedule, sometimes cause long

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    in what God could do. Joshua was truly humble. Before the death of Moses, again and again Moses would say to the people, “Encourage Joshua.” This meant that Joshua needed the people. He never rose above the people in his need for them. Five Leadership qualities in Joshua Humility. Joshua was humble and willing to serve. He served under Moses for forty years in the wilderness and was known as Moses “assistant” as seen in Joshua 1:1. Great leaders are humble and do not have a problem serving others

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    How Can Living the Cadet Creed Benefit Me? The Cadet Creed can benefit anyone who lives by the creed. By doing this you can get more respect, more responsibility, and become a better citizen. I believe that everyone in JROTC should live by this creed. This is because not everyone in JROTC understands the creed or is just taking the class for an easy “A”. JROTC is a lot more work than going in and wearing a uniform and expecting an “A”. Cadets actually have to work hard to show that they can lead

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    communication contradicted his or her words. Which message was stronger? How did the contradiction affect your trust in the other person? C. Walk the halls of the place where you work or go to school, paying particular attention to various office arrangements. What non-verbal characteristics do you feel create a favorable impression, and what nonverbal characteristics account for any unfavorable impression? D. Evaluate how successfully you use the six types of nonverbal communication covered

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    Army career as an Officer-5(Screening test):  Army career as an Officer-5(Screening test) By Col Mukteshwar Prasad(Retd) Introduction:  Introduction Screening test had been introduced few years back in Services selection centres To enable Assessors to concentrate on potential candidates suitable for Services Although they are called based on cut off marks set for particular entry or based on written examination conducted by UPSC(in case of NDA/IMA(Direct entry)/OTA(Combined def services examination)

  • Leadership Qualities of Joshua Essay

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    THE LEADERSHIP QUALITIES OF JOSHUA" Joshua 24:29-31 INTRODUCTION 1. It is impressive to note the great influence that Joshua had with those of his generation - cf. Josh 24:29-31 a. Of course, much of that influence was due to God being with him and doing many "great works" b. Such as the parting of the Jordan River, the fall of Jericho, the day the sun and moon stood still 2. But credit must also be given to Joshua, for from the very

  • Leadership Qualities of Effective Principals Essay

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    Running head: LEADERSHIP QUALITIES OF EFFECTIVE PRINCIPALS 1 Leadership Qualities of Effective Principals By James Renninger Scranton University LEADERSHIP QUALITIES OF EFFECTIVE PRINCIPALS 2 According to Marzano (2010), “effective principals possess certain character traits, including honesty, fairness, and integrity”(p. 1). When all individuals feel that they will be treated with fairness and given honest answers to their questions, they will be more productive, confident

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    “How Humans Develop of a Lifespan” Human growth and development over a lifespan ranges variously among different lifestyles and physical stages of persons. I believe that development both physically and mentally are dependent on three things. These three contributions of human development are brain development, experience, and one’s adaptation to their own environment. After considering the following factors that influence human growth and development, I have come to my own opinion of humans

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    This seems to suggest that motivators may overpower poor hygiene factors and pave way for high motivation and morale. It is also a clear indication of how the soldier moved from extrinsic to intrinsic motivation, which typically occurs through group identity and alignment to the goals of the team. This key motivator must not be neglected by military leaders as it shapes the “will-do” attitude of both regular and conscript soldiers in times of real difficulty. 4. The most significant insight I gathered

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    al | The fundamental qualities of leadership | MGT571 Contemporary Management Practice: Assignment 3: | | Steve Daws: 11319934 | 1/18/2013 | A discussion on leadership styles and their impact on organizations. | Introduction What qualities are leaders required to posses in order to be successful? To answer this question, it is required to first distinguish between leading and managing, and to understand what leadership is. It is suggested by some authors that management

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    Leadership Qualities and Styles of Leadership Is George Washington the best military leaders of all times? The author describes Washington as intolerant, and hot tempered. (Harvey, 2008, p37) The beginning of his military career was with the British Army, where he learned that too that much self confidence and underestimating your enemy can have devastating results. During the Second Continental Congress in 1775 John Adams nominated George Washington by saying: “ A gentlemen whose skills and experience

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    Essay – The Role of Leadership in Delivering A Successful Project IDBE 12 Essay - The Role of Leadership in Delivering A Successful Project By Li HongYu IDBE 12 University of Cambridge August 2006 By Li Hong Yu Univ. of Cambridge Essay – The Role of Leadership in Delivering A Successful Project IDBE 12 Table of Contents 1.0 2.0 Introduction Leadership 2.1 2.2 2.3 3.0 Definition of Leadership Leadership versus Management Qualities and Traits of a Leader Leadership

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    I am writing a Thesis & Intro Paragraph on Probation Officer, This is what I have!? I need to write a thesis statement, and write an introductory paragraph on becoming a Probation Officer... This is what I have so far. BECOMING A JUVENILE PROBATION OFFICER Probation officers counsel and supervise criminals and their families while the offenders work toward reintegration to society. Probation officers play an important role in our communities by helping improve the chances that an offender with

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    relation to such situations. Likewise, HR managers have a responsibility to maintain the image of the company as a good employer. How well the process is handled can well determine the reputation of their company as an employer in the long term. This guide, therefore, seeks out the key elements of handling retrenchment in a responsible and effective manner and shows how HR professionals can contribute to corporate strategy and demonstrate their part in contributing to an effective business result

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    was thinking the whole time I have never even been on a airplane how is the ride going to be am I going to freeze at the door and if that happens the jumpmaster is going to boot me out anyways so either way I was going out that door which kind of made me laugh a little inside since I already decided I was going to do this it was too late to turn back now. As the hours drew closer and closer I started to walk around the halls to see how everyone else was doing. Some people where sleeping some people

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    Military leadership is the process of influencing others to accomplish the mission by providing purpose, direction, and motivation.It takes several qualities to become a leader. It takes experience and time to use those qualities to become a good leader. To be a good leader means that you can inspire others to follow your example, willingly and cheerfully. A good leader will both inspire confidence and give a strong example of what we should aim for. These are the characteristics of a good leader

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    Consequences As people choose to take the military path in life, the obstacles of decision making that one endures is commonly overlooked. A soldier not only has to face combat, but has to develop in their own mind, a moral compass. Each soldier wants to be accepted by their superiors, and to do so orders are to be followed. If they are not followed, that soldier will be rejected. They also have to take into consideration, that every decision can come with a positive or negative consequence. Depending

  • B7 Develop Strategic Direction and Leadership Essay

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    B7(2) Develop Strategic Direction and Leadership 1.1 Analyse own leadership style and use recognised leadership and management theories or models As a new member of the team, I am at present in what Tuckman called the forming, storming, norming and performing stages of his Team Development Model. As I am taking over from an established Lead IQA, then the actual job role has been defined and the team are aware of my responsibilities in the Company. However, at this point, although I have

  • How Children Develop Essay

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    I am going to be forming an essay that will help me to look at how children develop and learn. To help me to do this I will be looking at different aspects of children’s development and learning. I will be looking at the social context in which children develop through parents/carers and the wider community involved in children’s development and learning. Also I will be identifying the contribution of social, emotional, language, cognitive and genetic and environmental influences upon children’s

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    Fredrick Lamar Thrower was one among four men who lost their lives in the greatest single combat loss of Combat Controllers on 4 September 1967. The element of CCT was a member of the 8th Aerial Port Squadron out of Bien Hoa, Vietnam and was under the leadership of MSGT Charles A. Paradise. The CCT element was being transported on a mission aboard an Air Commando C-123 K Provider #54-0621. Their mission was to relieve another 4 man CCT element that was providing support for an Army Special Forces Team at

  • Washington's Leadership Qualities Essay

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    States of America, as argued in Founding Father: Rediscovering George Washington by Richard Brookhiser, particularly benefited from his twenty-four years as a national leader. Known as the founding father of the United States, his background in leadership skills rooted from his many years as a general, gaining his strategic skills in the French and Indian war and added in the victory of the Revolutionary war. Washington practiced these skills, as he was the commander in chief of the continental army

  • Obama Leadership Quality Essay

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    Purpose Over the course of this paper, we will try to show what kind of values, motivation, and leadership skills allowed Barrack Obama to succeed, and to demonstrate how these factors affect his choices. We will limit our study to Barrack Obama, and how his values and his personality won him the election, and how they allow him to be effective as a President. And finally we will look at how they influence his decisions and his effectiveness when dealing with the demands of the office. Why

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    Leadership Essay The authoritarian approach of leadership is like wearing steel toe work boots when running in a track meet or bowling in a tournament. Should they then be thrown away and the proper shoes purchased? Probably not, since there may be a situation for which they may very well be needed. Having them in possession and knowing that if and when a situation arises, they are ready to be put on and worn into action. The authoritarian approach of level one leadership has commonality

  • How to Develop Leadership Qualities in Military Officer Cadets Essay

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    The Effects of Mentoring on Military personnel Retention: (The Case of Ethiopian Military Academies) BY SHEWAKENA AMAN ADAMA SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS JUNE 2015 ADAMA, ETHIOPIA The Effects of Mentoring on Military personnel Retention: (The Case of Ethiopian Military Academies) A Thesis submitted in of Partial Fulfillment of Masters of Arts

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    But we're not. Soon after the events of September 11, newspapers reported that the phones in military recruitment offices were ringing off the hook. Follow up with stories showed that all that clamor had brought virtually no new recruits. So far, our patriotism, though sincerely felt, has largely amounted to flag-waving and coat holding. Perhaps we could get by without a draft if our all-volunteer military had more than enough troops on hand. But it doesn't. The actions so far taken in Afghanistan

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    Military Essay What happens to a country for it to change so much? Is there damage, is there fear, is there war or is it just the country establishing? Canada has made its mark in the world and proved themselves but, how? For Canada it is the military that has had a significant impact on the development and establishment of Canada. How did all of the military battles impact Canada? The conditions that Canada had to fight in were awful, but they still powered through it all. The intense Battle of

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    had no idea that that Boy Scouts of America would become my education, serve as my passion, and form one of my largest social circles. I progressed through the ranks, serving as every major youth leadership position, earning leadership, rank, and religious awards, and even developed a youth leadership course for the University of Scouting. I got involved with Scouting’s national honor society, the Order of the Arrow, and worked for five years on our council’s summer camp staff. When I received

  • Military Essay

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    Military Essay What happens to a country for it to change so much? Is there damage, is there fear, is there war or is it just the country establishing? Canada has made its mark in the world and proved themselves but, how? For Canada it is the military that has had a significant impact on the development and establishment of Canada. How did all of the military battles impact Canada? The conditions that Canada had to fight in were awful, but they still powered through it all. The intense Battle of

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    Issue: Law Enforcement Officer Nixon, a 20-year veteran, and Officer Rook, who has been on the force for less than a year, respond to a reported domestic violence call. When they get there, they observe a man staggering up the walkway to the residence. He drops something and bends down to pick it up. The officers notice that the man is holding what appears to be a set of car keys. They see him put the item in his pocket before he reaches the front door. As the officers park their vehicle, the man

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    Biography Report of Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) | Biography of an accidental billionaire Table of Contents Mark Zuckerberg: Biography of an Accidental Billionaire2 Mark Zuckerberg Personal Traits………………………………………………………………4 Mark Zuckerberg Leadership style7 Traits of Effective Leader8 I. Stability8 II. Self-Assurance………………………………………………………………………8 III. Affectability to other…………………………………………………………………8 IV. Locus of Control……………………………………………………………………9 V. Predominance……………………………………………………………………………9

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    Qualities of Leadership According to the American Heritage Dictionary, the word leader is defined as one who guides, is in charge, or is in command of others. While this definition suffices for describing a typical leader, it does not completely characterize how to be an ethical leader. How does that leader guide? What type of actions does the leader undertakes when he or she is in charge and in command of others? Questions like these need to be addressed in order to comprehend the complexity