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  • Greek Hero Star Wars Essay

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    move “Star Wars”, Luke Skywalker is the hero and he portrays all these characteristics. He shows that if you fight for what you believe in you will be victorious. Luke Skywalker resembles a Greek hero because both “Star Wars” and Greek myths have the same story line, there fore both of their heroes go thru the same trials. There are three parts of the story line that stay true in both a Greek myth and “Star Wars”; departure, Initiation and the return. In the departure part of the movie “Star Wars”

  • Star War Effect On America Essay

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    America has based its entire being on performing rituals. Several of these rituals performed are based off of myths passed down from generation to generation. When thinking about all of the rituals that we all perform, one must wonder what we would be if these rituals no longer existed. What kind of a society would we be if these rituals no longer surrounded us? What role do myths and rituals play in our society today and, why are they so meaningful to us? Rituals have been performed since the

  • Genesis and Out of the Blue Essay

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    I decided to write my paper on the Genesis and out of the blue creation myths. In the book of Genesis, it states that in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was said to be formless and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. The Spirit of God moved over the surface of the waters and created light. God separated the light from darkness. The light was called day and the darkness called night. This was the first day and on the second day God separated the waters

  • Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures Essay

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    Cosmic Creation Myths across Cultures All cultures possess stories or myths that explain how all things came to be. These stories give us a sense of being rooted and a sense of purpose. They also aim to explain our place in existence. They very first of these stories and myths are Creation Myths. These myths do exactly what their title insinuates, explains the creation of the cosmos and life. This paper will examine two creation myths from two different cultures, Norse Mythology and Genesis Mythology

  • Mythology Essay

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    The creation myths I selected were from the Incas and the Norse. These myths are from different sides of the earth. I was curious to see how they compare. The Inca creation myth starts out with the sun as a male figure and the moon as a female figure. They become husband and wife. The male, Pachacamac, creates the first humans out of stone from a mountain of rock. Then the couple have a son and daughter who go to Earth to help the humans. The son, whom they called Inca, taught the human men to

  • Creation Project Essay

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    placed them on a planet. The men being lonely asked the creator if he might make them someone to spend their time with so he created women. The people that lived there were unhappy because they had to huddle together for warmth. The creator seeing that they were unhappy gave them scaly cloaks to keep warm Then one day while they were huddled together wearing their cloaks they started rubbing together and created sparks which caused a fire to start and from fire they got warmth. They could also see

  • Cosmic Myths Worksheet Essay

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    Phoenix Material Cosmic Myths Worksheet Choose two myths from each of the following myth categories: creation, flood, afterlife, and apocalypse. Answer the following questions for all eight myths. Creation Myths |Myth 1: |Religion or culture of origin: Hebrew | |Genesis | | |Myth 2:

  • Term Essay

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    Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures Tiffany Lakes HUM/105 November 12, 2012 Terry Jones Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures In this paper I will pick at two creation myths from two different cultures. I will be discussing which worlds or worlds such as sky, earth, and underworld, are represented in the myths I chose and also what are the elements of these worlds in a more explanation way. Describing the creators and are the

  • Native American Indian Research Paper

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    tribe. Over the last 400 years, Indians have taught Americans a great number of things from the traditional way they dress, the food they ate, houses they live in, their art and pottery, along with popular myths, stories and legends. (Page 1 McNair) (Page 2 McNair) “We all want to know how it was in the beginning. From the Big Bang to the Garden of Eden to the circumstances of our own births, we yearn to travel back to that distant time when everything was new and full of promise. Perhaps then

  • Fact vs. Fiction Essay

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    The movie 21 was released in 2008 and was directed by Robert Luketie. The movie is the true story of how John Chang convinced several M.I.T. students to go to Las Vegas. While on this adventure he taught them how to count cards in the game Blackjack to win thousands. 21 is based off the book “Bringing Down the House” (21). The movie stars Jim Strugess, Kate Bosworth, Laurence Fisburne, and Kevin Spacey. Although 21 is based off a true story not all of the details in the movie are particularly true

  • Greek and Roman Mythology Essay

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    Myths help us to study the history of Ancient Greece. These myths are stories about heroes and gods. The adventures in the myths never took place. Their heroes, who all had very great strength, were the fruits of people's imagination. However, they give an idea of the Greeks' efforts to conquer nature, their occupations, tools, customs, their gods and the countries they visited. The myths about the deeds of a great hero named Hercules were very popular. Hercules was given 12 tasks to perform

  • The Amazing Aztecs Essay

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    The Amazing Aztecs The Aztecs were very intelligent people. They built monstrous pyramids and temples, that are still standing strong, and they did not have the technology like there is today. People believe the Aztecs were destroyed four different times by different elements that represented their gods. The Mexican people believe that the world is on the fifth sun god today, as the Aztecs predicted. This belief in four major gods supported the Aztec mythology. The Aztec culture was just

  • Ancient Aliens Essay

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    Ancient Aliens: Gods and Aliens 1 Our ancestors encounter with Gods or ancient aliens: Scientists believe that our ancestors did not imagine Gods, they merely recorded past events. It’s not a coincidence that many religions and myths have the same stories of gods coming down from the sky with thunder, fire, and smoke. Our ancestors lacked of knowledge and technologies, so they misinterpreted aliens as Gods. It’s also not a coincidence that many regions/ cultures have similar deities. 2 Greek

  • Miss Hodge Essay

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    and the other deals with facts, they are both searching for similar answers. Many scientists believe they can be in conflict, such as Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton. Furthermore other people believe that science is facts, and religion is based on myths and stories so they cannot be compatible. To support my argument, a past Christian scientist named Darwin contradicted both science and religion into his lifestyle. As well as being a scientist, he was also a clergyman in a church so he believed

  • The Mayan Creation Story Essay

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    The “Creation Story” has been told countless times with countless views on how it happened. In this assignment we are asked to compare the Mayan account of the beginning of the world to that of another ancient civilization. I have decided to compare them to the Inca civilization. The Maya, like most other civilizations, has a sacred text known as the Popul Vuh. This text describes the creation story told by the ancient Maya people. They believed that before the earth was the earth there was nothing

  • Aztecs Essay

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    the benefit of their culture. Chinampas were very important to the Aztecs they used them for planting and growing crops, it was a floating bed of soil and plants that floated over the freshwater in Aztlan. Chinampas were a method of planting that used rectangular shaped that floated on top of their water in the lake. First they layered it with mud, then sediment, then decaying vegetation until it was above the level with of the lake, and trees were also planted in the corners of rectangle to

  • The Myth of Devotion in Louise Glück’s Poetry Essay

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    In all three of Louise Glück’s poems, Gretel In Darkness, Mock Orange and A Myth of Devotion (see poems below), she is taking a traditional story and twisting it into a new tale. Gretel in Darkness published in 1971, Mock Orange published in 1985 and A Myth of Devotion published in 2006 are all about the myth of devotion itself. Attachment, loyalty and commitment are addressed as distortions of truth in these poems, with a voice that is mocking and cynical. In Gretel In Darkness, we hear the screech

  • Dream Visions of the Plains Indians Anthropology Essay

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    Dream Visions of the Plains Indians The American Plains Indians tribes stretched from the Mississippi River all the way up to Canada. There were many tribes that fell into this region; the Lakota, Cherokee, Cheyenne and Blackfoot to name a few. This particular group of indians is known for dependence on buffalo, the use of teepees, religious ceremonies and war customs. (Plains Tribes) While they did hunt many kinds of animals, as well as fish, the buffalo was their most important natural

  • The Myth of Infinity Essay

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    The Myth of Infinity By: Victor Salas If we as a world and more specifically, as a nation, want to move forward and make progress, we must put to rest our mortal “Achilles heel,” the Myth of Infinity. By believing and therefore acting like, in any aspect of our lives, that there is an infinite amount or attribute to it, then we will definitely be running full speed down the path of extinction. This may sound both exaggeratedly histrionic and suspicious. However, when you have a majority of

  • The Akkadian Creation Myth Essay

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    The Akkadian Creation Myth: Classic Myth and Enduring Legacy The Akkadian creation myth not only embodies the classic elements of creation myths, it also represents a major influence on the religious narratives of subsequent cultures in the Near East and Western worlds. Just as we are trying to understand the world we live in today, we can appreciate that people living in ancient times had the same need to make sense of the forces of nature and the role of mankind. Most of these societies

  • Creation Myths Essay

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    Cosmic Creation Myth November 10, 2014 Cosmic Creation Myths The two creation myths I have chosen are the Norse culture of Iceland Vikings and the Genesis creation, Hebrew origin of Christian culture. The Norse myth tells about a conflict between the fiery land of Muspell, and the dark kingdom of Niflheim, where nothing could grow. The Genesis conflict was between God, a land of nothing, and the need to create a beautiful

  • Symbolism in Architecture from Mythology to Present Times Essay

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    Mythology Art Architecture Connections So first of all to start with the myth of the god of wealth. And oh by the way I was delighted at the synchronistic (to me$) timing of this assignment. I was eager to explore this question of connection between past and present on the subject of US currency. I have a big thing with money, who doesn't I guess. This ridiculous paper we all live for. Our whole life is based upon how much we have of it. Truly our life experience is as limited or free as these

  • Satyajit Ray Essay

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    first film. 2. During this time, he read a lot of books about film-making. Thus the idea of film-making and films kept on growing and in 1945-1946 he really got interested. 1. After the idea, he made scripts from novels that he knew were about to be filmed by other people. Then he compared his version to theirs’. 2. When he was doing the same with Pather Panchali…he also stretched out the entire film in drawings.

  • The Hebrew Perspective on Creation Essay

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    Kathryn McKinzie Amy Favara PHI 141 May 3, 2012 The Hebrew Perspective on Creation In all reality, God did not exist before Abraham. There were Gods, or deities, in fact many of them. Cultures around the world used creation stories to explain the reason for human existence, weather patterns, as well as good and bad phases within that culture. The world was/is full chaos, and people needed to know why, to bring comfort and understanding of what is going on around them. For the Israelites

  • The Rig Veda Essay

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    of hymns, which contain the mythology of the Hindu gods, and is considered to be one of the foundations of the Hindu religion. The Rig Veda was passed on orally for many generations. When they were written down, they were first written in Vedic, an early form of Sanskrit. Then around 300 B.C. the Vedas were written down in the form we have them today. The Rig Veda, Book of Genesis, and the Book of Psalms are all fundamental to the thought of each of the followers. Although the Rig Veda and The King

  • Hum 105 Dq Essay

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    as a nation’s flag or its national symbol? What does it symbolize, or what likely significance is attached to such physical objects? In short, how are such items mythic? The nation's flag is acknowledged to represent our country in a way that is full of pride and valor. It is an emblem of our country and it also stands for its harmony. The stars on the flag symbolize the states and the stripes stand for the first 13 colonies. The narrative is that a woman named Betsy Ross embroidered the

  • The Sun Essay

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    studying the Sun The star that is nearest to Earth shines down on people every day. This star is the Sun. It is the brightest object visible from Earth. The Sun provides Earth with light and heat. There would not be life on Earth without the Sun's energy. In ancient times, people believed that the Sun was a life-giving force. They knew that this glowing object in the sky gave life to plants, animals, and humans. The Sun looks like a solid ball from Earth. Scientists have leamed that the Sun

  • Constellations Essay

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    Mount Olympus, Ganymede served the gods by bringing them water whenever they needed it. He also served as cup bearer to Zeus. He was honored for his service by Zeus, who placed a constellation called Aquarius, which means water carrier, among the stars. Aquila – The Eagle In Greek mythology, the eagle was associated with Zeus (Jupiter), either as a servant who carried Zeus’ messages down to humans on Earth or as a disguise taken by Zeus in order to avoid his wife Hera when he was up to some

  • 5 Keys to Writing a Summer Blockbuster Essay

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    in the top money-making films. Technique 1: The Myth Genre The first blockbuster story element has to do with the genre you use to tell your story. A genre is a particular kind of story, like detective, action or comedy. When Hollywood was selling primarily to an American audience, executives thought that movie stars were the key to a hit film. But in the last ten to fifteen years, the vast majority of blockbuster films have had no movie stars. Instead the emphasis has changed to genre films

  • World on the Turtle's Back Essay

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    determining where the text leaves matters uncertain. RL 2 Determine two or more themes or central ideas of a text and analyze their development over the course of the text, including how they interact and build on one another to produce a complex account; provide an objective summary of the text. Iroquois Creation Myth Background a confederacy empowered to negotiate treaties with foreign nations and to resolve conflicts among the five nations. In 1722, the Tuscarora, from North Carolina, joined the

  • Mythology Essay

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    Honors Literature 10 September 2012 A myth is a story that explains objects in the natural world as resulting from the action of some supernatural force or entity, most often a god. Many cultures have mythological stories in which they attempt to explain the unexplainable. In most cases they have three similar characteristics: they tell a story, they explain the unexplainable, and they have a moral. “Echo and Narcissus” is a myth in which an attempt is made to explain echoes and the flower that grew

  • The Scientific Revolution Essay

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    explanation began to take the place of the many ancient Greek myths and ideas that had previously consumed the minds of early Europeans. It is during this time, the mid 16th century, that ideas in astronomy and physics, as well as many other sciences were first introduced. To this day, scientists continue to work hard in an attempt to use science to explain many of the mystery's that remain unexplained, such as finding a cure for cancer, or explaining how the earth and it's atmosphere was created. Galileo Galilei

  • Indian and African Methology Essay

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    when civilization, and culture were developed across the world each of them created their own mythology. According to Elizabeth Hallam, a medieval monastic historian, the world mythology was full of deities dedicated to each, and every aspect of their culture to ensure continuity of birth, death, regeneration of their crops, as well as the passage of the sun and moon through the heavens. She said that there were as much similarities among these myths as there were differences. Their deities had

  • Jackie Robinson Essay

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    game, it became a business. It was the emergence of the superstar, and players were making a living off of being a professional baseball player. Babe Ruth became more than a player he became an idol that was more noticeable than the President of the United States. Other superstar players emerged along with Ruth in the twenties, such players as Lou Gehrig, “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, and Ty Cobb became players that were in a way bigger than the game. They became the superstars of the league, partying

  • Elohim: the Watchers Essay

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    to increase on earth and daughters were born to them, the divine beings saw how beautiful the daughters of men were and took wives from among those that pleased them. The LORD said, ’My breath shall not abide in man forever, since he too is flesh; let the days allowed him be one hundred and twenty years.’ It was then, and later too, that the Nephilim appeared on earth - when the divine beings cohabited with the daughters of men, who bore them offspring. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown

  • Babe Ruth Essay

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    fascination with the story of the boy from Baltimore who grew up to take the world by storm. There isn’t a man alive who actually knows how the real story goes. The only person who ever knew the whole truth about Babe Ruth’s life is the man himself. Thousands of researchers have spent nearly a century trying to piece together an accurate biography of the legend. When they were alive, everyone who knew the Babe was eager to tell the world everything about him. Hundreds of interviews exist from his family

  • Eavan Boland Essay

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    Boland’s poetry has many appealing qualities. Some of these are how her poetry links with her life, its perceptiveness of Irishness, history and myth, its treating of the suburbs as a suitable locale for her poetry and its use of language and imagery. The poems I am studying are The War Horse, Child of Our Time, Love, The Pomegranate, This Moment and The Shadow Doll. As said, one of the appealing qualities of Eavan Boland’s poetry is how it links with her life. Boland includes a personal perspective

  • "Beauty Myth” And The Standards Of Beauty Essay

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    Beauty Myth” and the Standards of Beauty The world today defines beauty based on outward appearances alone. You are not beautiful if you are not physically attractive. According to the world’s standards, beauty means being thin and tall. A clear complexion, shiny hair, straight teeth, radiant skin, and correct proportions are all elements of beauty. Women cannot find strong role models in today's society without getting a false impression. Too often the role models are of women with unrealistic

  • Quotes on Greek Gods Essay

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    by explaining why or how some spiders are called Arachnids. It’s not a very rare term but I have heard it before. 4. -“But he simply threw them away without killing them, and they made there way into the world. From them have come the camel, the hippopotamus, the giraffe, the donkey, and the zebra.” It completely makes sense that these animals were “mistakes” in the mythical world. All of these animals look similar to a horse in there own way. It’s a great example of how these animals came on

  • "In Country" And The Vietnam War Essay

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    April 2009 In Country (1989) Vietnam Myths It’s difficult to have a discussion about the Vietnam War without invoking statistics. The fact that it was our longest military conflict and almost 60,000 Americans died there is common knowledge. The four to six million Vietnamese and Laotian deaths are not as well known. Unfortunately, other bits of common knowledge are erroneous and have even solidified into damaging myths: most American soldiers were addicted to drugs, guilt-ridden about their

  • The "True" History of the World Essay

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    reseeded from an "ark" in orbit, after some predicted catastrophe wiped out the planet. A short outline of a history we were most definitely not taught in school, making the case that there was at least one advanced civilization that preceeded ours. Eric Armstrong Contents The Case for an Advanced Civilization Legends from India "Invisible" Stars Mayan Prophecy Pyramids and other Stone Wonders Vertical Striations Artifical Light

  • Sphinx Essay

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    on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon, and on three legs in the evening?” Oedipus answers correctly but the encounter raises the question of where did the Sphinx come from? But also what exactly is the Sphinx and what is it purpose? And how was the Sphinx used by different cultures in history. Common knowledge says the Sphinx came from Egypt and was originally created. While ancient Greek civilizations use the Sphinx in their tales and plays. Due to the many appearances of the Sphinx

  • Critique Of Metropolis

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    hands must be the heart. 4. What symbols were used? The five pointed star was a symbol used throughout Rotwang’s lab. We see it on several doors that Freder tries to open when he is trapped and there is a very large one on the wall behind the robot, drawn upside down. The five pointed star is an occult symbol, usually used to symbolize magic, or freemasonry. Wiccans today use this symbol in the same way that Christians use a cross. When right side up the star, or pentagram, is used in positive, or

  • Japanese Creation Story Essay

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    from heaven. They were on a mission to create the land of the earth and give life. The two gods in their creationist endeavor stood on a floating bridge of heaven, stirring and churning with a special jewel-ordained spear, the brine which made up the prehistoric ocean. The piling up of drops of brine driping from the spear head formed the first land, an island christened Onogoro. When they descended to the island, Izanagi and Izanami became husband and wife. The two gods, were beckoned and commanded

  • Creation of Pandora Essay

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    Creation of Pandora Creation myths explain the origins of things. This myth, Creation of Pandora, is a natural myth that explains the origin of evil. This paper shall identify each character and discuss the recreation of earth; the betrayal and reaction; creation of Pandora and the results of her defiance; and discuss Pandora from the perspective of society relating to today's similar myth. Main characters The main characters involved were Zeus, Epimetheus, Prometheus, Hephaestus, and Pandora

  • Abuse Essay

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    different tribes and cultures throughout America. American Indians believed they were created from earth, water and stars. 10 – 90 million Native Americans inhabited America at the time of the European arrivals. The Indian man was hunter and warrior, while women took care of the children, cultivated and harvested crops, ground grains for making flour and maintained the tents. The main crops of the American Indians were corn, squash and bean, but all the tribes collected forest products. Today there

  • Philippine Essay

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    Creation of the World INTRODUCTION Creation! A mystery that is difficult for humans to understand. By the word of His mouth, God created all that we see. The sun, moon and stars, the animals and plants. Many hold the Creation account of Genesis to be a fable. Yet, as the open minded individual studies the wonders of nature, the unfolding of a flower, the pink glow of a newborn's hand, the planets in their precise order, one can not help, but have a greater appreciation of who God is and the

  • The Green Tara Essay

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    * It is hard to imagine how the people in the very beginning of this world lived and from where did all these different ideas about life came from. These people had to answer questions that in our contemporary lives we kind of neglect like “why am I here?”, “where did all of this come from?” * Myths came along to answer the questions that did not have any answers. It was a story they told themselves about themselves. Myths were to make people more fully aware and conscious of the spiritual

  • The Number 13 Essay

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    third manned mission to the moon, Apollo 13. Two days later, April 13th, at exactly 13:13 Central Standard Time, one of the oxygen tanks exploded, resulting in a power shortage and failure of the two remaining oxygen tanks. The space shuttle never made it to the moon and the mission was deemed a failure. Many people believed that this was a result of the mission being numbered 13. A number considered by many to be unlucky. The superstition surrounding the number 13 has been around for a long time

  • Indian Literature Essay

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    that were passed on from generation to generation. The Native American Indians had many different views on creation legends, the government, and relations with others. Together these stories, “How the World Was Made,” “From the Iroquois Constitution,” and “Offer of Help” made it possible for us to discover what their input was. The Native American Indians had many different views on how the world was made, which they called creation legends. In “How the World Was Made” all the animals were above