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    a memorable setting in the novel “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck and explain how it helped me understand an idea in the text. The memorable setting in this text is the ranch in California during the 1930s where the main protagonists, George Milton and Lennie Small, worked during this novel. The idea that it helped me to understand is loneliness, the dominant theme in this novel. The following essay will discuss this setting in detail and explain how it helped me to understand the idea of

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    a c h e r’s n o t e s level E 1 2 Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck 3 4 5 6 ELEMENTARY S U M M A R Y eorge Milton and Lennie Small are two ranch workers, who dream of owning a small farm one day. George acts like a father to Lennie, who is physically large but intellectually slow. Lennie loves animals and soft things, such as mice and rabbits. But his physical strength causes problems, so George has to watch out for him. The two men have been traveling together in California and

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    the novel ‘Of Mice and Men‘ by John Steinbeck an inspirational read as it has made me aware of the importance of dreams. It is also a story of defeated hope, which illustrates the idea that dreams can be beneficial, but unrealistic dreams just lead to disappointment and grief. The story concerns two migrant workers who go to work on a ranch. They have aspirations of acquiring their own piece of land on which to make a living but sadly their failure is almost destined. Steinbeck creates the idea

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    Steinbeck emphasizes the theme of dreams throughout the book. George aspires to be independent , to be his own boss and most importantly to be a ‘somebody’ and not just another unemployed bum. Lennie aspires to be with George on his independent homestead, and to quench his fixation on soft objects. Candy wants to reassert his responsibility and influence which was lost when Carlson killed his dog and also security on George’s ranch. Loneliness is a significant figure on most of the characters

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    for them to gain any attention in society at all. In John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men, he used the characters to display this thought with great originality. Steinbeck used his story to drive his point into the minds of his audience and make a lasting imprint. With a character like Lennie the reader couldn’t help but be drawn in by his loveable personality. The characters in the John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men signified the people of the 1930’s during the Great Depression. In the story the

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    How does John Steinbeck use language to  John introduced us to a character called Curley's wife, she plays a complex and misfit character as she got so many different sides to her, as sometimes the reader feels sympathetic and unsympathetic about her. John Steinbeck's novel of Mice and Men is an example of how the reader's perception of a character can change without the character actually changing. Steinbeck uses many different techniques to present Curley's wife such as colour imagery, appearance

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    he aint got nobody. Dont matter no difference who the guy is long as hes with you. I tell ya a guy gets too lonely an he gets sick. A major theme in Steinbecks novel, Of Mice and Men is how people suffer from loneliness. The characters, Crooks, Candy, and Curleys wife each suffers the severity of their own seclusion. Crooks, the stable buck, is a black man that experiences isolation in terms of racism. For example, he is forced to live alone in a separated room, in the barn. [Crooks] had his bunk

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    In the 1930s America, women were seen as inferior to women. They were deprived of many rights and their default position was thought to be at home. Married women were by law forbidden to work and those unmarried were reduced to the worst jobs of society. In Of Mice and Men which is essentially a poignant tale about the friendship between two men, Steinbeck presents to us an unvaried sample of women. One of which actually speaks and appears for herself in person and another who although appears to

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    so he shoots him in the back of the head. George is the "brains" behind this operation – a smart guy who does all the talking when it comes to finding and keeping work. Lennie is physically strong, yet mentally slow. While both George and Lennie are good workers, they can’t hold down jobs for long due to Lennie's childlike mentality and odd fetish for petting things, which includes mice, rabbits, puppies, and…women. Good fortune (of sorts) smiles upon them briefly when they get work at a

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    English ‘Of mice and men’ essay draft The name ‘Of mice and men’ originated from a quote which was taken from a famous poem ‘the best laid plans of mice and men often go wrong’ which is the English translation by Robert Burns. The name was then taken by; John Steinbeck who created the tragic novel ‘Of mice and men’. The book is set in Salina’s valley near Soledad: which means loneliness. Loneliness is a key theme in this novel as it portrays how life was for people during the depression

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    Of mice and men To begin the tale of two men, Steinbeck begins the story in a gentle, calm and untouched brush where the Salinas River drops in close to the hillside bank and runs deep and green. From among this gentle yet lifeless serenity, George and Lennie emerge. From the very first glimpse we see that both are very similarly dressed but as we look further into their relationship we realise how different they are and how these differences draws them together. George is described as being

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    In the novella Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, George and Lennie have a special relationship. George and Lennie are nothing alike. George is smart, little, and makes responsible decisions for himself and Lennie. Lennie, however, is huge in size, strong, irresponsible, and is unintelligent. Although they are complete opposites of each other, a difficult situation results in the two becoming friends. Lennie’s Aunt Clara passes away and George agrees to take care of Lennie. Even though George is

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    How does Steinbeck explore different attitudes to black people in the novel? Steinbeck explores 1930s America through out his novel and revels the different attitudes toward black people show by different social classes, he achieves this by using one of his characters named “Crooks” as a device through out his novel and shows the different emotional effects of the racism treatment people had to endure on everyday life bases. The first thing which we are informed about is the fact that

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    Of Mice and Men essays In what ways can this novel be seen as a picture of a group of lonely people with dreams in America in the 1930’s? In this essay I will be looking at the hopes and dreams of the characters in the novel. I will also be looking at the America that Steinbeck wrote about and how that reflects on what happens in the novel. In America in the 1930’s it was the time of the great depression where there was mass unemployment and poverty throughout all of America. Steinbeck

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    QUESTION: Explain the ways the relationship between george and lennie is represented in  'Of Mice and Men' WHAT TO INCLUDE: A POINT ABOUT THEIR RELATIONSHIP AND QUOTE FROM BOOK. -EXPLANATION OF LANGUAGE DEVICES AND WHY THEY HAVE BEEN USED INCLUDING THE INFERENCE. TALK ABOUT THE STRUCTURE, Include any patterns from chapter one (foreshadowing, tension, juxtaposition) -Link this to the theme steinbeck is making eg; the american dream , man vs nature ambition and or friendship. Remember to

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    Mock Exam – 'Of Mice and Men' – In the novel, 'Of Mice and Men', John Steinbeck presents Curley as a mean and unkind character, who likes to show his authority on the ranch. This is especially shown in the extract. In the extract, Steinbeck presents Curley as someone who wants to follow in his father's footsteps – to be in control of the ranch. 'Like the boss, he wore high-heeled boots.' This shows that Curley wants to separate himself from the other casual ranch hands. This quote also shows

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    Of Mice and Men In John Steinbeck’s novel, Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck writes to show the reader it is comforting to know there is someone that is always by your side and there to talk to. The main characters are George, Lennie, Curley, Curley’s wife, Candy, and Slim. In the story, Steinbeck emphasizes that without the love and friendship of others, a person lives a life of emptiness. George and Lennie travel together in the story. At the end of the book, George kills Lennie with the gun that Lennie

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    In the John Steinbeck’s novel “of Mice and Men” he introduces us to the character of Curley’s wife. She could be interpreted as a mis-fitting character in the novel as no one relates to her. Steinbeck relates her to how women were powerless during 1930’s and makes her seem desperately lonely and isolated from the others on the ranch. She has sexual power which she uses to get to the men on the ranch and she just needs someone to talk to. She dislikes her husband and had a desire to become a movie

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    Of Mice and Men The novella Of Mice and Men was written by John Steinbeck. The title originates from a Robert Burns poem: The best laid plans of mice and men go awry. This means that everyone is destined to fail no matter how hard you work. In the 1929 the Wall Street Crash, this led to the Great Depression in America. Farmers couldn’t grow crops as there wasn’t any rain, this period of time became known as a dust bowl; the soil had turned to dust. Farmers decided to migrate south; this brings

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    How does Steinbeck present and develop the theme of exclusion in 'Of Mice and Men'? In the novel, there's a strong link to the theme of exclusion within the characters. Steinbeck presents this by describing the character in a certain way to make the reader aware of the social ranking and judgement, and does this by also giving the reader of how characters refer to each other and why this may portray exclusion and how. An example of a character which is highly excluded and isolated in the

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    In Steinbeck’s novel: ‘Of Mice and Men’, Lennie Small is one of the foremost characters. He is important throughout, as he allows Steinbeck to develop key themes through the novel. As readers we first come across Lennie whilst he is walking into the clearing along with George. Straight from the off, he is described as being physically massive; his size is emphasized by Steinbeck’s use of adjectives. Animal imagery is used to describe Lennie’s size, he is often compared to a bear to

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    English Essay - Of Mice and Men In this essay i will write about how Steinbeck uses the recurring theme of loneliness throughout the novel 'Of Mice and Men ' . I shall write about the different characters in the novel and how they have this one trait in common , Candy , Crooks ,Curley's wife and George are all effected by loneliness and is shown as a destructive force . I will also write about how the setting represents loneliness by the language that Steinbeck uses to create effect . In the

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    Draft assessment – Of Mice and Men Question – How does Steinbeck present the characters of Crooks and Curley’s Wife? In what way are these minor characters shown to be significant throughout the novel? Steinbeck’s novel ‘Of Mice and Men’ is the idea of an American dream and the need for companionship which is shown through the plight of the itinerant workers. He uses the minor characters in the novel such as Crooks and Curley’s Wife to represent issues in 1930’s America, for example – racism

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    In the opening extract of ‘Of Mice And Men’ Steinbeck uses many linguistic techniques to present nature as positive: as if it was better untouched and without humans. “The golden foothill slopes curve” This is an example of how in the first paragraph Steinbeck uses adjectives to portray how beautiful nature is. The word “golden” could symbolise the clarity and beauty of the colour of the hills and how the colour (like gold) stays unchanged no matter how old or weathered it becomes. It could also

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    Of Mice and Men Lennie Small and George Milton are two of the main characters in ‘Of Mice and Men’. They are also two of the many unfortunate population in America struck by the depression in 1929, on the road looking for work. Steinbeck opens the story with Lennie and George nearby a river. The river has great significance to the story. Steinbeck describes it as a beautiful safe place where there is a sense of peace, calm and nature. Surrounded by wild animals, mostly hunted which links to Lennie

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    Loneliness is a dominant theme in Of Mice and Men. Most of the characters are lonely and searching for someone who can serve as a companion or just as an audience. Discuss the examples of character loneliness, the efforts of the characters in search of companionship, and their varying degrees of success. Outline I. Thesis statement: In his novel Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck depicts the essential loneliness of California ranch life in the 1930s. He illustrates how people are driven to find companionship

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    Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men shows multiple lessons that show the precedent of the time. Lennie shows that he is resilient even with his mental disability through speaking with his dialogue and the style of the way he talks. Characters within Of Mice and Men show what they think about Lennie and show that they judge him because he has a disability. Lennie's description also builds his character throughout the story as he is depicted as multiple animals. People can tell a lot about Lennie in Of Mice and Men

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    How does Steinbeck present Curley as a villain in ‘Of Mice and Men’? Steinbeck presents Curley as the antagonist in this novel as he is cruel to his wife and also the ranch workers, he often gets into fights, especially with men that he feels threaten him, like Lennie, as they are taller than him and Curley also gets in the way of the other ranch workers dreams. However, Steinbeck doesn’t present Curley as a “traditional villain” in the novel as Curley doesn’t murder anyone or steal anything and

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    John Steinbeck’s; Of Mice and Men Author Information; John Steinbeck the author of many novels in the 1930’s was married to Carol Henning in which his “1939 novel Grapes of the wrath.” Was dedicated too. John Steinbeck was a well-known and well redound author who wrote many books such as; Of Mice and Men, Grapes of Wrath, and many more. In his books he highlighted the problems of common people in his “naturist novels.” As he approached the second half of the twentieth century his life went

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    Of Mice and Men Essay Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is one of the best novellas I have ever read. It is about two men named George and Lennie who traveled from job to job and ran away from trouble. Lennie was a disabled man who was always getting into trouble. Well, Lennie did something tragic at the end of the story and something tragic happened to him. Most people felt sorry for him. But, I felt sorry for Crooks. Crooks was the negro stable buck that was isolated from the other ranch workers

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    * Assessment Task 4 - Of Mice and Men Essay * Question – Hopes and Dreams help people to survive, even if they can never be realised. Discuss this statement as it is explored by Steinbeck in Of Mice and Men. * Many Americans naively assumed that California was a place where one could start anew and own land. ‘Of Mice and Men’ is a novel that was written, during the Great Depression of the 1930’s. This dream for land and

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    alone,we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone.”- Orson Welles. John Steinbeck's book Of Mice and Men causes us to ask ourselves, is man destined to be alone? One of the greatest insecurities of humans throughout the generations has been “does anybody care?” Is there anyone who will stand and protect us in the face of danger? Would anyone shed a tear if we suddenly disappeared? Every now and then (and sometimes more

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    In the first paragraph in 'Of Mice and Men' John Steinbeck has described California as a 'paradise' he does this by using the word 'golden' by using this word it creates the impression that this place cannot get any better so we the reader will get a clear image of what this place is like and that it is beautiful. Throughout the first section we get the impression that this area is like the Garden of Eden by using words like 'deep' 'green' 'yellow sands' 'sunlight' this give the impression that everything

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    “OF MICE AND MEN” The novel of “mice and men” by John Steinbeck, is set during the great depression of the 1930’s. It is about two lonely farm workers wandering from ranch to ranch in search of work. Steinbeck’s characters revealed the loneliness of their lives and a dream which keeps them going on. This essay will discuss the loneliness and the emptiness of their lives in a society which is prejudiced towards those who are less able, black and female. At the start of the novel Steinbeck uses

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    Have you ever been falsely accused of something or even wonder how it feels to be judged by the color of your skin? Well Brent Staples discuss all this in his essay “Black Men and Public Space”. Brent Staples attempts to introduce people to something most all are guilty of, but pay little attention to. Using accounts from his own and others’ experiences, Staples essay portrays the racist tendency of people to assume black men are potentially violent and dangerous. Staples discovery of this comes

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    on the ranch is a symbol of life in general developed in ‘Of Mice and Men’? ‘Of Mice and Men’ is set during the Great Depression and it demonstrates the live of America through the life of the characters living in the ranch. During the Great Depression, normal middle-class men moved from ranch to ranch in order to find a job..The ranch can be viewed as a microcosm of America. Through the characters you can see the state of America during the 1930’s as the novel explores the themes of poverty

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    Steinbeck presents the character of Curley’s wife in a complex and complicated manner. Steinbeck uses her as a literary device to show what it was like for a woman in 1920s America during the depression through Curley’s wife. Steinbeck uses Curley’s wife as a vehicle to show the gender prejudice and discrimination a woman had to face. He wanted people to change the way society thought of people such as women by showing that they are actually lonely and vulnerable even if they don’t seem it at first

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    Essay The novel “Of mice and men,” tells a story of loneliness. How the toxic condition can cause a man to be broken. Throughout the novel, the readers are introduced to multiple characters that are suffering from loneliness, all for different reasons. We meet Candy, lonely because he only has one hand and is unable to work, Curley’s wife, lonely, as she is a woman living in a male dominated world and Crooks, a black man living in a white dominated time in Southern America. Throughout the novel

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    How does Steinbeck present society in Of Mice And Men? Steinbeck uses sexism to present ideas of society in Of Mice And Men as this was an important issue during the 1930’s. In section 2 in OMAM Curley’s Wife is introduced and is presented as a tart by the other workers. “She’s gunna make a mess. They’s gunna be a bad mess about her. She’s a jailbait all set on the trigger. That Curley got is work cut out for him. Ranch with a bunch of guys on it ain’t no place for a girl, specially with a bunch

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    friends at the ranch. 2. curley doesnt seem to appreciate her and uses her for sex (glove full of Vaseline) 3. she is always on her own. 4. she always seems to seek attention from the men. 5. she is described as a whore and has a wondering eye. 6. in the time this book is set, women were seen as objects to men, they could show off their wives for being beautiful etc. they were used mainly for sex... and when a woman spoke to another man it was instantly presumed she was flirting etc... 7. when

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    Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck John Steinbeck is very well known throughout the world for his literary accomplishments. He was the winner of the Pulitzer Prize in fiction in 1940 and the Noble Prize in literature in 1962 as well as many others. Born John Ernst Steinbeck Jr. February 26, 1902 in Salinas, California. His father was the Monterey County Treasurer and his mother was a school teacher. It was from his mother that he gained is love and passion for reading and writing. Steinbeck

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    The significance of Crooks in of mice and men The significance of Crooks in of mice and men is clearly prevalent throughout the novella, from the start when all the characters name him as ‘the stable buck’ to the end where we see his reaction towards Lennie and are presented with his own room. Crooks is clearly an important character, as Steinbeck utilises him and other ranch workers opinions of him to portray to us a clear image of the racial prejudice in America in the 1930s. At the start

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    How do the other characters treat Curley's wife in the novel and what does this show you about the society in which she lives? The issue of sexism was very present in the 1930s compared to how it is now. Steinbeck’s use of the character of Curley’s Wife is the only female character in the novel. Steinbeck uses different methods to show the unimportance of Curley’s wife. Steinbeck never gives Curley’s Wife a name. This is to show that she does not have any identity or position on the ranch

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    English GCSE Essay Of Mice and Men Question: With reference to the way that Steinbeck presents life on the ranch, show how far you would agree that the character seek but fail to find friendship? The novel, “Of Mice and Men,” is filled with lonely characters who attempt, in vain, to connect with other people in a meaningful way. The gloomy and pessimistic economic backdrop of the era, the Great Depression, led to masses of migrant workers wandering the land in order to earn a living and survive

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    How does Steinbeck present Lennie in the first chapter of of Mice and Men? Lennie is one of the first characters to appear in this novel, and as the book progresses you will see just how much of an important character he is. Lennie’s character is unique and so innocent. Steinbeck describes Lennie in animal forms, just to give the reader more of an idea what his character is like. On the second page Steinbeck describes Lennie by saying “…he walked heavily, dragging his feet a little, the

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    How Does Steinbeck Present Slim in his Novel “Of Mice and Men”? Slim is a very important character in this novel, and Steinbeck presents him as such. The first words Steinbeck uses to describe him are “A tall man stood in the doorway” the word “tall” has connotations of a high stature, immediately alerting us to his presence. It then becomes clear that this man is not like any of the others on the ranch: “he moved with a majesty only achieved by royalty and master craftsmen” this description far

  • How Does Steinbeck Present the Power or Lack of Power of the Characters in “of Mice and Men”? Essay

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    How does Steinbeck present the power or lack of power of the characters in “Of mice and men”? Steinbeck presents power as well as lack of power in all the characters in “Of mice and men”, for instance; Lennie Small is granted the power of strength but declined the power of authority. With Lennie, Steinbeck has created a character that is not fully aware of his physical capabilities and we can see that right from the very beginning when he is petting the mouse a little too roughly and this just

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    The day was dark and dreary. There were two men talking, having a peaceful conversation by the river. Birds were flying above the skies calling out a cry of sadness. The short man was telling a story of a beautiful dream. The dream consisted of a dream that they would have some day: rabbits and a farm and “living’ off the fatta the land”. The big man smiled and looked at the mountains listening and dreaming of that fantasy. He knew it was going to come true some day. Then, all of a sudden, the short

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    led by those who were black; one of the characters that embodies this theme in the novel is the character of Crooks. Other themes of the novel are the American Dream; which is never achieved by any of the characters, this suggests that Steinbeck believed that the dream was unbelievable. This is the same belief which Crooks has. Friendship is another important theme, as the reader sees the desperation Crooks has for friendship and the affect of loneliness has had on him. Steinbeck set the novel in Soledad

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    1. John Steinbeck – a short biography John Steinbeck was born in 1902, in Salinas, California. Adjacent to the Salinas River, much of the towns’ commerce centred upon shipping and agriculture, specifically vegetable farming. Early in the century, many people were migrating to California, and many were trying to succeed in farming. Steinbeck was accepted to study at Stanford University in 1919 however his attendance there was quite sporadic. He spent the summer working as a labourer and doing other