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    and so looks for other company; therefore flirting with other ranch workers such as Slim. For dislike the way Steinbeck describes her the constant use of 'red' portrays quite an evil image as well as when she stands in the doorway and blocks the sunlight; this may relate to being dark rather than light, creating a negative image of her. 
 Curley is hurting her physically when steinbeck states that the glove of valeline, he isnt empling it is used as for sexual preference. he uses vaseline to

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    How do the other characters treat Curley's wife in the novel and what does this show you about the society in which she lives? The issue of sexism was very present in the 1930s compared to how it is now. Steinbeck’s use of the character of Curley’s Wife is the only female character in the novel. Steinbeck uses different methods to show the unimportance of Curley’s wife. Steinbeck never gives Curley’s Wife a name. This is to show that she does not have any identity or position on the ranch

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    question next to the correct paragraph 1 How far do you think that Steinbeck presents dreams as futile in Of Mice and Men? 2 How does Steinbeck present loneliness and isolation in the novel? 3 Choose two characters from Of Mice and Men, say why you think they are important in the novel and how Steinbeck presents them. 4 “I never seen no piece of jail bait worse than her” (George). What is the reader supposed to think about Curley’s wife? 5 Hopes and Dreams are important in ‘Of

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    this essay I will explore how Steinbeck presents the characters Curley and Curley’s wife in the novel ‘Of Mice and Men’. We are introduced to Curley in the beginning of the novel; Steinbeck portrays Curley as “young man... and a head of tightly curled hair... He wore high-heeled boots.’ From this quote we can deduce that when Steinbeck writes ‘high heel boots’ the boots signify his elevated position on the ranch and their importance over the other men. Also Steinbeck portrays Curley through the

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    How does John Steinbeck use language to  John introduced us to a character called Curley's wife, she plays a complex and misfit character as she got so many different sides to her, as sometimes the reader feels sympathetic and unsympathetic about her. John Steinbeck's novel of Mice and Men is an example of how the reader's perception of a character can change without the character actually changing. Steinbeck uses many different techniques to present Curley's wife such as colour imagery, appearance

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    In the John Steinbeck’s novel “of Mice and Men” he introduces us to the character of Curley’s wife. She could be interpreted as a mis-fitting character in the novel as no one relates to her. Steinbeck relates her to how women were powerless during 1930’s and makes her seem desperately lonely and isolated from the others on the ranch. She has sexual power which she uses to get to the men on the ranch and she just needs someone to talk to. She dislikes her husband and had a desire to become a movie

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    Analyse the extent to which Steinbeck succeeds in presenting a complex character in Curley’s wife. Throughout the novel Steinbeck feeds us two different aspects of Curley’s wife. One being the dangerous and flirtatious women and the other being is broken, weeping mess. All through mice of men our opinion changes direction, however in this essay I will analyse the way Steinbeck presents Curley’s wife as a multifarious character. We first hear of Curley’s wife in chapter two, Candy feeds George

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    Explore the way in which Steinbeck creates sympathy for and dislike of the character of Curley’s Wife in Of Mice And Men. John Steinbeck creates both sympathy and dislike for the character of Curley’s wife in Of Mice and Men through her physical description along through the use of a number of literary techniques such as metaphor, juxtaposition and imagery – ‘’heavily made up’’ and ‘’the ache for attention were all gone from her face’’ – revealing a redemption of the pejorative description giving

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    Curley’s wife essay Throughout the novella, Steinbeck slowly presents the character of Curley’s wife in such a way that our opinions of her change. As Steinbeck fist prepares the reader for the entrance of Curley’s wife he is very begins to prepare the reader for her entrance. He begins to prejudice Curley’s wife making you thing she is a “floozy”. Steinbeck uses this this to introduce the ideas of America citizens at the time and the sexism of ranch workers in the 1930s. Her mannerisms do

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    a) In this passage, what methods does Steinbeck use to present Curley's Wife and the attitudes of others to her? Refer closely to the passage in your answer. Steinbeck uses colour imagery to portray and foreshadow the dangerous nature of Curley's Wife. Steinbeck describes Curley's Wife's 'fingernails', 'mules' and the 'ostrich' feathers on the shoes as 'red', classically symbolising danger. This also foreshadows the death that is to come, shown further by Lennie's fascination with her; he 'watched

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    Saturday night, where Candy, Lennie and eventually, Curley's Wife visit Crooks' room while the rest of the ranchers had "Went into town". Steinbeck's presentation of Curley's wife in this extract is one that is vulgar, menacing and violent. Steinbeck most succinctly conveys the character of Curley's Wife to the reader through their use of language. The extract shows Curley's Wife at her worst. Her behaviour is very threatening and out of character for the flirtatious young woman. This is presented

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    Explore the ways Curley’s wife is presented and developed in ‘Of Mice and Men.’ Steinbeck presents Curley’s wife in a negative and unflattering way in the novella ‘Of Mice and Men.’ She is an important character who is perhaps the loneliest person on the ranch. As a result of this she behaves in ways that other characters disapprove of. I shall show the ways Curley’s wife is presented and developed by showing how she appears, how she acts around other characters and what they say about her. Even

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    How does Steinbeck present and develop the theme of exclusion in 'Of Mice and Men'? In the novel, there's a strong link to the theme of exclusion within the characters. Steinbeck presents this by describing the character in a certain way to make the reader aware of the social ranking and judgement, and does this by also giving the reader of how characters refer to each other and why this may portray exclusion and how. An example of a character which is highly excluded and isolated in the

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    How does Steinbeck use details to reveal the character of Curely’s Wife in this passage? Steinbeck presents Curley’s Wife in this passage through a variety of themes. In this passage we see Curley’s Wife finally being able to express her story and have the freedom to talk to someone on the ranch. Firstly Steinbeck presents Curley’s Wife through the theme of loneliness. We can see this demonstrated when Steinbeck says “She went on with her story quickly before she could be interrupted.” This quote

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    This chapter introduces all of the other characters to feature in the novel. One of the characters we meet in Chapter 2 is Curley's wife.  In chapter two, Candy specifically tells George and Lennie about Curley's wife. On the ranch there is a well-known woman merely referred to as ‘Curley’s Wife’. Her lack of identity could imply she is not woman but rather a possession of her husband. She is shown to represent the loss of identity after being associated with something or someone. That is why

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    How does Steinbeck use details in this passage (pg. 88 and 89.) to show the relationship between Curley’s wife and men? On pages 88 and 89 Steinbeck uses many details to help portray the relationship between Curley’s wife and men on the ranch. Steinbeck represent Curley’s wife as a pessimist, she is a women in the 1930’s and so she would never be treated like an equal. Curley’s wife struggles to come to terms with this, “Think I don’t like to talk to someone ever’” this shows that Steinbeck is using

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    a) How does Steinbeck present Curley’s wife in the novel ‘Of Mice and Men’? Use details from the text to support your answer. Steinbeck presents Curley’s wife’s life on the ranch as being a miserable one, and a life she didn’t expect to lead with her aspirations of being a movie star. She evidently isn’t ready for life on the ranch, as Steinbeck describes her as a “girl”, suggesting that she’s young, immature, and possibly quite quick-tempered and impetuous as she “flared up”. This suggests that

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    How does Steinbeck present the character of Crooks? In the novel “Of Mice and Men”, the character of Crooks is used by John Steinbeck, the author, to symbolise the marginalisation of the black community occurring at the time in which the novel was set. Crooks is also significant as he provides and insight into the reality of the American Dream and the feelings of the people in the ranch; their loneliness and need for company. Steinbeck presents Crooks as a victim of racism and throughout the book

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    out to discuss the recurring theme of loneliness evident in "Of Mice And Men" by John Steinbeck. I shall be writing about some very different characters, who all have this one trait in common. Loneliness affects many of the characters, and Steinbeck seems to show that it is a natural and inevitable result of the kind of life they are forced to lead. Every character in the story exhibits loneliness. Curley's wife seeks the attention of the farm hands as a substitute for the lack of attention from

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    goes on. One of the most significant characters in John Steinbeck's novel "Of mice and men," is Curley’s wife, as she is known to the audience. The only women on the ranch she is the wife of the boss's son. She does not have a name because she does not have her own identity. She is just Curley's wife, she belongs to him. She has no real sense of purpose. She does not fit in with the ranch workers. She lives a lonely existence. She has no friends. Curley's Wife is portrayed through her appearance

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    How does Steinbeck present Curley as a villain in ‘Of Mice and Men’? Steinbeck presents Curley as the antagonist in this novel as he is cruel to his wife and also the ranch workers, he often gets into fights, especially with men that he feels threaten him, like Lennie, as they are taller than him and Curley also gets in the way of the other ranch workers dreams. However, Steinbeck doesn’t present Curley as a “traditional villain” in the novel as Curley doesn’t murder anyone or steal anything and

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    that Steinbeck influences the reader’s feelings about Curley’s Wife. To what extent do we sympathise with her? How do our feelings change? Focus on Chapters 2, 4 and 5. Curley’s Wife is a complex character that is mentioned in the novella ‘Of Mice and Men’. In the beginning of the novella we feel sympathy and negativity towards Curley’s Wife. We feel sympathy because Curley’s Wife has no name. This shows that she is not of importance and that she is no more than an object. The characters in the

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    finger nails were red.” Showing her physical description. • “Lennie watched her fascinated” this is showing how pretty she is. • “Jesus what a tramp” showing how George doesn’t approve of her. • “ I could get you strung up a tree so easily it aint even funny”, this is showing how she has a higher status than crooks and she is racist. • “ I get awful lonely sometimes “ showing how the other people stay out of her way and don’t like her. • “ But your kinda nice fella, jus a big baby” showing

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    essentially a poignant tale about the friendship between two men, Steinbeck presents to us an unvaried sample of women. One of which actually speaks and appears for herself in person and another who although appears to have some moral values is “dead” and only appears through Lennie as a figment of his imagination. Curley’s wife is the only women who is given a voice, but however hasn’t been granted a name. She is simply referred to as: “Curley’s wife” over the course of the novel. Her anonymity itself reflects

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    How Steinbeck presents Curley’s wife in this passage above? Intro: In of mice and men, Curleys Wife is presented in many numerous ways. Steinbeck depicts Curley’s wife not as a villain, but rather as a victim. Like the ranch-hands, she is desperately lonely and has broken dreams of a better life. She's the only female character in the novel, and she's never given a name and is only referred to in reference to her husband. The men on the farm refer to her as a “tramp,” a “tart,” and a “looloo

  • Heroes and Villains: Explore the Ways Sympathy for and or Dislike of a Character in the Text You Have Studied Essay

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    Throughout the novella ‘of mice and men’ John Steinbeck uses portrays Curley’s wife in many different ways, through the use of various language techniques and imagery. In this essay I will look at how the reader’s attitude towards Curley’s wife changes based on her portrayal, and how she is perceived by other characters. Curley’s wife is portrayed in various ways in of mice and men. Before her first appearance, she is talked about behind her back to Lennie and George. The other workers decide to

  • Explore the Significance of Curley's Wife in 'of Mice and Men' How Is Curley's Wife Presented in of Mice and Men. Essay

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    Explore the Significance of Curley's Wife in 'Of Mice and Men' How is Curley's Wife presented in 'Of Mice and Men'? In this essay I will be discussing the significance of Curley's wife and outlining the main issues during the time era used in Steinbeck's novel. I will also be giving a brief look into the emotional turmoil of Curley's wife and why she was forced to mingle with others in hope of maybe achieving her version of the 'American dream' which ultimately is proven as useless since it leads

  • How Does Steinbeck Show the Power of Dreams and Dreaming in of Mice and Men Essay

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    How does Steinbeck show the power of dreams and dreaming in the novel?-- Draft Dreams are an important part of life and are represented through many characters in ‘Of Mice and Men’, showing it to be an important theme in the novel. All the main characters have a dream, and during the time that the novel was set, the American Dream had the power to shape lives and change these migrant workers’ decisions. The ‘American Dream’ is that everyone in America has equal opportunities and can be successful

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    Exploring Cultures John Steinbeck: Of Mice and Men Question 21- In this passage, what methods does Steinbeck use to present Curley’s wife and the attitudes of others to her? John Steinbeck uses many ways to represent the newly introduced character of Curley’s Wife in ‘Of Mice and Men’. In this passage, George and Lennie have just moved into the ranch and are at the bunkhouse. They have met Candy, the boss, Curley and now, his wife. Having already heard of Curley’s wife from Candy, they are given

  • Of Mice and Men: the Theme of Lonelines Essay

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    is portrayed through characters seen as “outsiders”, otherwise known as those with a personality that doesn't fit in with the flow of the society. Steinbeck’s novella takes place in America during the Great Depression. Loneliness is apparent in the barren environment that is created, and the scarcity of successful people living in America-many people were struggling to make end’s meet, and many were traveling around looking for work. Steinbeck, through the story of Curley’s Wife and Crooks, teaches

  • How Does Steinbeck Use Curley’s Wife in the Whole Novel to Convey Ideas of America in the 1930’s? Essay

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    In ‘Of mice and Men’ Curley’s wife is deliberately not given a name, Steinbeck does this to try and say that she is worthless, irrelevant and purely the property of her husband. Curley’s wife is used as an archetypal for the ideas of America in the 1930s. Other names she is called by the men on the ranch are ‘tramp’, ‘jailbait’ and ‘bitch’; Steinbeck has purposefully used these derogatory terms to show how men saw women at the time. Candy’s in particular is very prejudiced towards her as he says

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    Steinbeck is interested in the way hardship and the environment shape character. Discuss with reference to “of mice and men”. You must discuss, in detail, at least two characters. In this novel Steinbeck explores how the unforgiving social environment and hardship of the depression changed the way that people lived. He critises a Government that does not look after society and suggests that many people were unable to adapt to these harsh circumstances and could not survive. Lennie, whose childlike

  • Quaiyum: Explore How Steinbeck Presents the Theme of Power and Powerlessness in the Relationships Between Characters in ‘of Mice and Men’. Focus on the Events in Chapter 4. Essay

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    Wednesday 21st November 2012 Quaiyum Miah Explore how Steinbeck presents the theme of power and powerlessness in the relationships between characters in ‘Of Mice and Men’. Focus on the events in chapter 4. The theme of power and powerlessness in chapter 4 of ‘Mice and Men’ is presented by Steinbeck in various ways. For example power is displayed though imagery, characterisation and dialogue. The main theme of power in Steinbeck’s novella

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    Question ‘a’: What methods does Steinbeck use in this passage to present Curley? Steinbeck uses various different methods to present Curley in this passage. Firstly, He describes Curley as a thin young man which could suggest quite a weak person; however, he then begins to describe Curley’s body language, which instantly suggests an aggressive and threatening nature. For example “his hands in closed fists” and "...slight crouch.  His glance at once calculating and pugnacious.". He

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    chapter one (foreshadowing, tension, juxtaposition) -Link this to the theme steinbeck is making eg; the american dream , man vs nature ambition and or friendship. Remember to include different characters in explanation and any parallels (similarities) and how they effect George and Lennies relationship. Take this bond away and it will create a difficult and almost impossible journey for the two men in this novel. John Steinbeck portrays Lennie and George as having the greatest friendship in the world

  • ‘of Mice and Men’: in a Letter, John Steinbeck Wrote of Curley’s Wife: ‘She Is a Nice, Kind Girl and Not a Floozy.’ Discuss and Explain Your Own Impression of Curley’s Wife.

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    that Steinbeck’s idea that Curley’s wife is a ‘nice, kind girl and not a floozy’ presented to us is only accurate to a certain extent. I feel that the theme in the book of dreams and the view on women is a way that help back his point at portraying her as ‘nice’, however the consequences to her actions lead to create a negative image of her. Steinbeck uses techniques such as symbolism and dialogue (gossip) to present the character of Curley’s wife. A way that Steinbeck contradicts his statement

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    Explore how Steinbeck presents Curley’s wife throughout the novel ‘of mice and men’ The novel ‘of mice and men’ was written in 1937 by John Steinbeck. ‘Of mice and men’ was probably seen to be John Steinbeck’s most successful novel; it is studied today in schools at a GCSE level and is seen as a classic in many authors’ eyes. In this essay I am going to be looking at how Curley’s wife is presented to the readers and how Steinbeck wanted her to be seen throughout. She is an interesting character who

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    To what Extent does Steinbeck present Curley’s Wife sympathetically? In the novel of Mice and Men, there is a woman merely referred to as Curley’s Wife. Her lack of identity could imply that she is not a human, but rather a possession of her husband. This attracts the readers sympathy as she is not given a name of her own, thus showing she is overpowered by her husband. Steinbeck presents Curley’s Wife in different perspectives. The sympathy which she attracts is immense. She explains that she

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    Reread the first paragraph of the novel. How does the passage function? What purpose does Steinbeck fulfill by beginning the novel in this way? The novel begins with a rich description of the setting. Steinbeck uses descriptive language to indicate that the area is a place of rest. The specific colors, foliage, and animals that are mentioned create a respite, even for those boys and men from the ranches who beat a path to the water. For example, Steinbeck uses the following images to suggest that

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    Lennie has the mind of a child? 3. How does the writer convey the impression that George can get easily annoyed with Lennie? 4. Why did George and Lennie leave their last place of employment? 5. How can we tell that George feels responsible for Lennie? 6. Why does George instruct Lennie to familiarise himself with the clearing they are staying in? 7. What are George and Lennie’s hopes for the future and how do these reflect the American dream? 8. How can we see evidence of the theme

  • How Does Steinbeck Present the Character "Curleys Wife" in "Of Mice and Men"? Essay

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    Steinbeck presents the character of Curley’s wife in a complex and complicated manner. Steinbeck uses her as a literary device to show what it was like for a woman in 1920s America during the depression through Curley’s wife. Steinbeck uses Curley’s wife as a vehicle to show the gender prejudice and discrimination a woman had to face. He wanted people to change the way society thought of people such as women by showing that they are actually lonely and vulnerable even if they don’t seem it at first

  • Sympathise Or Condemn With Curley's Wife? Essay

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    How does Steinbeck encourage us to sympathise with and condemn Curley’s Wife? Curley’s Wife is a character who is used by Steinbeck to achieve three main aims in his novel ‘Of Mice and Men’. Firstly, she is a character used simply to advance the plot of the novel. Secondly, her short life story tells us about the reality of dreams that can never be fulfilled and reflects the harsh end to George and Lennie’s own dream. Finally, her marriage to Curley provides the reader with an insight into the

  • Explore the Ways Curley and Curley’s Wife Are Presented in the Novel ‘of Mice and Men’ Essay

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    Explore the ways Curley and Curley’s wife are presented in the novel ‘Of Mice and Men’ Curley and his wife are minor characters in the novel, however their presence in the novel has a far-reaching effect on the other characters and also the reader. The novel is set during the Great Depression in the 1920’s/30’s when racism, migrant workers and the American Dream were at their peak. The author, John Steinbeck, lived through these times and was a native of California where the story is set.

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    Draft assessment – Of Mice and Men Question – How does Steinbeck present the characters of Crooks and Curley’s Wife? In what way are these minor characters shown to be significant throughout the novel? Steinbeck’s novel ‘Of Mice and Men’ is the idea of an American dream and the need for companionship which is shown through the plight of the itinerant workers. He uses the minor characters in the novel such as Crooks and Curley’s Wife to represent issues in 1930’s America, for example – racism

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    Curley's Wife, in John Steinbeck's novel Of Mice and Men, is an example of how the reader's perception of a character can change without the character actually changing. We first hear about Curley's Wife when Candy describes her to George. Candy uses expressions such as "she got the eye" and goes on to describe her as looking at other men before eventually calling her a "tart." Through Candy's words, we develop an initial perception of Curley's Wife as flirtatious and even promiscuous. This perception

  • What Ideas About Society Does Steinbeck Present Using Curley in the of Mice and Men? Essay

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    Part b - What ideas about society does Steinbeck present using Curley in the novel? A way that Steinbeck presents ideas about the society through Curley is shown by how determined he is to prove his masculinity to the other men on the ranch. He has done this by marrying an attractive woman. Throughout the book she is only referred to as "Curley's wife" by all characters in the novel, which emphasizes the idea of Curley owning her as a possession. Curley refuses to let her talk to anyone on the ranch

  • Anaylsis of Curley's Wife Essay

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    Examine how Steinbeck presents the character of Curley's wife in, "Of Mice and Men" refer closely to the text in your answer to support your views. Submitted:Jun 22, 2013 Reads: 30,584 Comments: 2 Likes: 0 Curley's wife is a complex, main character in John Steinbeck's novella, "Of Mice and Men" She is introduced at the beginning and ultimately causes the end of the novella, her naivity and flirtatiousness leading to her inevitable death at the hand of Lennie, confused and scared

  • Explore Steinbeck's Presentation Of Curly's Wife Essay

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    strained American society. Curly’s wife, a character who is detached from the rest of the world, a heart wrenching symbol of the American dream, trying and failing to break down the boundaries of society. This female represents women in the Depression, the lack of freedom and equality that they held, an equality that may still be held from many women to this day . Steinbeck is addressing the struggle for female existence during this period by leaving Curly's wife as the solitary female of the book

  • Of Mice and Men Crooks Essay

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    John Steinbeck wrote ‘Of Mice and Men’ in 1937, during America’s Great Depression (1929-1939). The novel touches a number of important issues affecting the country during the period, many of which remain relevant in today’s society. Steinbeck uses the central story of George and Lennie, two itinerant workers to explore key issues including: The Great Depression; racism and the American Dream. The book represents the lives of thousands of itinerant workers and their belief that no matter how little

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    which Steinbeck presents disadvantaged characters on ‘Of Mice and men’. During the novel ‘Of Mice and Men’ Steinbeck presents disadvantaged characters I many different ways. Although at the start it only seems as though ‘Lennie’ is disadvantaged, as the novel progresses we see how each character has their own disadvantage to cope with, whether it be loneliness or learning difficulties they all have problems to deal with and overcome. In the novel there are many disadvantaged characters Lennie