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    Forecasting Why forecast? Features Common to all Forecasts • Conditions in the past will continue in the future • Rarely perfect • Forecasts for groups tend to be more accurate than forecasts for individuals • Forecast accuracy declines as time horizon increases Elements of a Good Forecast • Timely • Accurate • Reliable (should work consistently) • Forecast expressed in meaningful units • Communicated in writing • Simple to understand

  • General Patton Leadership Essay

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    General George Patton “Leadership Principles” As commander of the 3rd Army, General George Patton, a.k.a. “Blood and Guts” achievements on the battlefield during W.W.II were unparalleled. He was able to get his troops to overcome amazing feats and gain the respect of his enemies. Patton was able to win throughout France and Germany. He exposed himself as a clever warrior, an exceptional strategist, an inspiration to his troops, a great motivator and a gifted leader. It would be hard to find a

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    Duaine Carter 1 2 General S. Patton Jr. George S. Patton Jr. was a man of great accomplishments. He was a leading U. S. Army General in World War II. He was admired by his troops for his great determination and played a major part in shaping the outcome of World War II. General S. Patton Jr. was born November 11, 1885 in San Gabriel California what is now known as the city of San Marino. Growing up listening to stories of heroics

  • Forecasting And Inventory Essay

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    Quite many companies provide their forecasting accuracy while some do not provide financial results of their accurate forecasting. These companies agree the critical role being played by forecasting and its impact on number of business areas; financial planning, production planning, inventory control, distribution planning, marketing planning and customer management (Kenneth B. Kahn, 2003, pp. 21). Due to economic development and globalization, forecasting is not limited to financial impact but has

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    Industry Forecasting Industry Forecasting Industries offer products in hopes of being unique and obtaining consumer’s relationship. An industry is a group of businesses that offer similar products and/or products that could substitute for the other. Some industries may offer the same product as another company, yet it may be marketed in a different way that would make consumers want to purchase products from them rather than the other company. Whatever product an industry produces, they

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    News Stories 6 3. Forecasting company data – prior research 8 4. Forecasting company data – empirical evidence 12 4.1 The Data 12 4.2 The models 12 4.3 The error metric 13 4.4 Model Forecasting – Liner Trend Model 13 4.5 Model Forecasting – Quadratic Trend Model 15 4.6 Model Forecasting – S Shaped Curve Model 16 4.7 Model Forecasting – Random Walk Model 18 4.8 Model Forecasting – Money Supply Model 19 4.9 Model Forecasting –RWM Vs Regression Based

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    Sales forecasting is an area of management. Businesses are forced to look far ahead in order to plan their launch new products and services, investments, and decide when to cut off products and services (tutor2u, 2012). The sales forecasting process is important to most businesses. Key decisions that are made from a sales forecast include things like, employment levels, promotional mix, and investment in production. There are two major types of forecasting, which can be put under macro and micro

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    George S. Patton George S. Patton was one of the famous American general in the U.S. He was born on November 11, 1885 in San Gabriel, California. He graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He served with the U.S. Tank Corps in World War 1 and got promoted to lieutenant general in March 1943. U.S. Army officer who was an outstanding practitioner of mobile tank warfare in the European and Mediterranean theatres during WW2. General Patton married Beatrice Ayer on May 26, 1910.

  • Forecasting Models Essay

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    Diebold, F.X. and Li, C. (2006), ARTICLE IN Term Structure of Government Bond Yields," "Forecasting the PRESS Journal of Econometrics, 130, 337-364. Journal of Econometrics 130 (2006) 337–364 Forecasting the term structure of government bond yields Francis X. Diebolda,b, Canlin Lic,Ã a Department of Economics, University of Pennsylvania, 3718 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6297, USA b NBER, 1050 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02138, USA

  • Patton-Fuller Business Systems Essay

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    Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Networking Project - Business Systems Analys CMGT554 It Infrastructure February 21, 2010 Professor La Shanda Perry Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Networking Project - Business Systems Analysis Patton-Fuller Community Hospital (hereafter known as PF), a 600-bed full-service hospital, continues to balance rising health costs while maintaining quality health care, even as the faced the impact of the economic downturn resulting in a decrease in investment income

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    network systems in use The current network system that Patton-Fuller is using is a network that is One GB, using Cat 6 and single Mode Fiber which gives greater speeds and trusted reliability. The technologies that are in place also have an intelligence built into them that alerts the network operations center when any malicious intend to the system is being done. The network also has a build in redundancy to prevent collision. Patton-Fuller has been using a CISCO System 7609 Router and a CISCO Systems

  • Patton-Fuller Network Components Essay

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    Patton Fuller Community Hospital IT network currently consist of two major sections. First, there are the administrative and operational areas of the hospital. These areas include the Information Technology Department, Admitting/Discharge, Facilities department, Human Resources, Hospital Senior Management, and Finance. The second section of the hospital is the clinical areas. This area includes the Emergency Rooms and Operating Rooms, Pharmacy, Labs, Radiology, Doctors personal offices, Wards

  • Fuller Case Essay

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    Sniffing Glue Could Snuff Profits Case The H.B. Fuller Company is a leading manufacturer of industrial glues, coatings, and paints, with operations worldwide. Shoemakers and leather workers are the main customers of Fuller’s Resistol brand glue. However, a large quantity of its Resistol glue is being abused by some of its customers. Fuller derives most of its profits (27 percent) from Central America but unfortunately that is the country where tens of thousands of homeless children are addicted

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    Chapter 4 Forecasting © 2006 Prentice Hall, Inc. 4–1 Learning Objectives When you complete this chapter you should be able to: Understand the three time horizons and which models apply for each use Explain when to use each of the four qualitative models Apply the naive, moving average, exponential smoothing, and trend methods Compute three measures of forecast accuracy Develop seasonal indexes Conduct a regression and correlation analysis Use a tracking signal 4–2 1 4–3 “Disneyland

  • W.C. Patton Essay

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    I am applying for the W. C. Patton Humanitarian Scholarship because it will allow me to continue my education by pursuing a double degree in Music Performance and Computer Science. I have been accepted to such colleges and universities as University of Dayton, Brown University, University of Rochester and Eastman School of Music, Oberlin College and Oberlin Conservatory of Music and The University of Alabama. After completing my undergraduate studies, I plan to continue my education by attending

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    his riding boots and ivory handled revolvers General Patton cut a colorful and charismatic figure. Yet beneath the showman lay a military man dedicated to battle and to success. His was a brilliant strategic mind informed by the generals and battles of history. Here was a fighting man so immersed in study and theory that he could, at any one time, draw upon events from Roman History, Napoleonic battles and the Civil War. At the same time Patton was an expert cavalryman and perhaps the creator of

  • Gandhi And Patton Essay

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    Patton and Gandhi Patton was one of the most famous American generals of World War II. He stood out from the crowd, possibly in part due to his military accomplishments, which for people who know or care about these sorts of things were presumably pretty impressive, but, more likely than not, he also stood out due to his unavoidable personality. Unlike the other generals and other backroom people involved during the war, Patton did not play by the rules. He merely followed his fanatical instinct

  • Forecasting with Indices Essay

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    Forecasting with Indices Forecasting is a significant tool for businesses to employ. This tool predicts the future behavior of the business based on the relationship of the variables. There is a diverse group of forecasting methods; therefore it is important to select the best method-based the intent of the output. Time series analysis has two main goals: identifying the pattern type of the occurrences over time, and predicting future values. Once the pattern is established from the data a model

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    University of Phoenix Material Patton-Fuller Income Statement Worksheet Review the income statements for 2008 and 2009 located in the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Virtual Organization. 1. Click on the Virtual Organization link on the left column of the student website. 2. Click on the Healthcare tab and access the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital. 3. Click the Chief Financial Officer link under the Corporate Officers tab to access the financial statements. Complete the

  • Patten Fuller Essay

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    Financial Data Analysis Patton – Fuller Community Hospital is a stock corporation that owns the hospital and its related functions. This report analyzes the financial performance of Patton-Fuller hospital for the year 2009. The financial performance of the year 2009 has been compared with performance in 2008. Both the statement of revenue and expenses and balance sheet has been compared. The amount of change and percentage change is computed. Significant changes between the years in Balance

  • Forecasting Essay

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    Forecasting is used for everything from global warming to the number of times a person might cough to the total sales a company will record in the next year. Forecasting can be used in just about every facet of business, and often steer the organization down the path of success or failure. Business forecasting has evolved over the years from primitive methods to very sophisticated models. Choosing the appropriate model or method to achieve the goals of the forecast is crucial to obtaining useful

  • Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Networking Project Essay

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    * Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Networking Project Zack Abedali CMGT554 September 23, 11 Randy Shirley Facilitator

  • Forecasting Considerations Essay

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    Forecasting Considerations Forecasting is neither a science nor an art but instead is a combination of the two and in varying mixes dependant on situation. Finding that balance is the key to effective forecasting. Human nature, it seems, believes that to effectively forecast, we need to take a complex approach. Goldstein and Gigerenzer refer to this as a Distrust of simplicity and this very belief can lead to the mind-set that the only way to forecast is by advanced statistical techniques. In

  • Patton Fuller Community Essay

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    Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Network Frederica Davis CMGT 554 December 12, 2011 Carol Eichling Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Network Patton-Fuller Community Hospital (PFCH) has been a non-profit medical hospital since 1975 that focus on providing eminence health care for their patients and employees throughout the community. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital was one of the first within Kelsey, and provides a variety of network structure programs that support health and wellbeing of the local

  • Hb Fuller Essay

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    USERS AND OWNERS OF THE TEXTBOOK, BUSINESS ETHICS: CONCEPTS AND CASES BY MANUEL VELASQUEZ. CASES FOR DISCUSSION H. B. Fuller and the Street Children of Central America The article was one of many published on street children in Latin American cities during the early 1990s. The issue on which it focused was one that children’s advocates had brought to the attention of H. B. Fuller Company repeatedly over many years. The article read: On a sidewalk in San Pedro Sula, Honduras ... a lanky, dark-haired

  • Margaret Fuller Essay

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    Margaret Fuller In the 19th century, women did not have rights outside of the household. Gender roles were strict upon women in the 19th century. Women were believed to possessed virtues of religiousness, goodness, tenderness, maudliness, and simplicity. These virtues were held highly, and outcasts were also ostracized from family. Magaret Fuller's upbringing hindered her social popularity, but allowed her views of life to be unchained from the gender roles of the 19th century. In the early

  • Forecasting Essay

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    Urban sprawl and congestion has been a problem in the GTA for a while for many different reasons. Some of the negative results of urban sprawl and congestion are rise in pollution, rise in the amounts of traffic, growth of the city, taking away precious farmland, and need for more city facilities. Right now, the GTA population is growing at an amazing 155,000 people per year. Rising populations require a growing city. At our current rate, 260,000 acres of rural land will be urbanised into Toronto

  • Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Project Essay

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    Ensuring Patton-Fuller Community Hospitals’ Patient Privacy With any information system, information security needs to be taken into consideration simply for the fact that information is a commodity that has value, either monetary or for mischief and Patton Fuller Community Hospitals’ information is no exception. Information resources are distributed throughout an organization and beyond because Internet and wireless technologies extend and connect organizational boundaries. Patton Fuller is a plethora

  • How Sales Forecasting Works Essay

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    HowStuffWorks "Sales Forecasting Methods" How Sales Forecasting Works by Dave Roos Browse the article How Sales Forecasting Works Introduction to How Sales Forecasting Works Managing a business is a little like running a ship. As the ship's captain, you need to keep your eyes on the horizon to plan your next move. If there are storm clouds gathering, you must secure the ship's cargo and warn the deck mates to take cover below

  • Demand Forecasting Essay

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    Demand Forecasting * General considerations: 1. Factors involved in demand forecasting 2. Purposes of forecasting 3. Determinants of demand 4. Length of forecasts 5. Forecasting demand for new products 6. Criteria of a good forecasting method 7. Presentation of a forecast to the management 8. Role of macro-level forecasting in demand forecasts 9. Recent trends in demand forecasting 10. Control or management of demand * Methods of demand forecasting

  • Patton Fuller Network Essay

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    Patton Fuller Community Hospital Network Patton-Fuller Community Hospital provides healthcare services to meet patient's needs since 1975 (Apollo Group, 2011). Technology is needed in order to perform daily functions with efficiency while maintaining strict safety regulations. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital's IT network is used to manipulate, store, and transmit information within the hospital as well as to outside agencies. The Open System Interconnection (OSI) model provides the framework

  • Forecasting Essay

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    Forecasting with Indices Emily Noah QRB/501 Gary White September 3, 2012 Forecasting with Indices Forecasting is important to a company to help budget supplies, hours, staff, and so on for the next year. Inventory, which will be display in charts and graphs for four years with the exact amounts and the following year, will be forecasted. In this paper there will be so charts and graphs to give the visual of the progress of the inventory either by showing increases or decreases in the amounts

  • Patton-Fuller Networking Essay

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    ------------------------------------------------- patton-fuller community hospital Networking project Patton-Fuller Infrastructure Part 2 Dwayne Walton CMGT/554 10/7/2013 Instructor: Dean McIntyre University of Phoenix University of Phoenix Introduction The author of this paper will delve into several topics of discussion involving the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital network systems in use. The purpose of this paper is to identify what may be missing from Patton-Fuller’s current network architecture

  • Facilitate Improvement Essay

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    Facilitate continuous improvement means the continuous improvement of the business. It is the constant effort to eliminate waste, reduce the responsibility and simplify the design of both product and processes. It also helps to improve the quality of customer service. In order to support improvements business need to develop simple systems that ecourage the participation and understanding of everyone; measure what is important for the organisation; support initiative taking on the front line;

  • Demand Forecasting Essay

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    Demand Forecasting Demand Forecasting is a process or a mean for estimation of the demands for the product in question at various prices during the forecast period. Or simply the estimation of future demand for the product. The information regarding the future demand is essential for new firms to expand their scale of production. The information about the future demand is also essential for the existing firms to avoid overproduction or underproduction. Hence, most of the business firms are required

  • Forecasting Essay

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    Economic Forecasting Paper Amador Ferrer ECO/372 January 25, 2012 Robert Watson Economic Forecasting Paper A resource a business can use is the United States Department of Labor specifically the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The bureau collects all forms of data pertaining to the labor market activity of the United States. The agency is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and disseminate economic information for public and private decision- making. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

  • Methods of Forecasting Essay

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    METHODS OF FORECASTING Internet Field Trip: Assignment 2 Math 540 Dionne C. Coleman 11/18/2013 Professor Basil I TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Types of Forecasting Methods Benefits & Applications of Forecasting References 2 © 2010 Wipro Ltd - Confidential Introduction • Forecast is a prediction of what will occur in the future • A variety of forecasting methods exist, and their applicability is dependent on time frame of the forecasting (Taylor, 2011) • Components • Methods

  • Forecasting Electricity Essay

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  • Economic Forecasting Essay

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    Economic Forecasting Many websites are available to gather historical economic data. These sites provide information useful in forecasting things such as GDP, unemployment rates, and interest rates. Information provided can be either quantitative or qualitative data. Each of the sites that are listed below can and did provide valuable information in forecasting data. Library of Economics and Liberty: This site is a U.S. Data Source. The primary sources are government and private agencies

  • Forecasting Essay

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    Methodology of the Monthly Index of Services Annex B: The Holt-Winters Forecasting Method Single Exponential Smoothing This is the simplest form of exponential smoothing and can be used only for data without any systematic trend or seasonal components. Given such a time series, a sensible approach is to take a weighted average of past values. So for a series, y1 , y2 ,…, yn , the estimate of the value of yn+1 , given the information available up to time n, is: ˆ y n+1 n = w0 y n + w1 y n−1 +

  • Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Essay

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    Patton-Fuller Community Hospital CMGT 554 July 18, 2014 Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Patton-Fuller Community Hospital runs their everyday activities to the best of their knowledge. The hospital is equipped with the technology to run the hospital at a capacity that can function between the different departments and to make sure that the patients and employees needs are met. There is always better technology that can improve the flow of everyday activities and the following information will

  • Forecasting Essay

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    FORECASTING FORECASTING   Forecasting  The art and science of predicting future events Forecast  is a statement about the future  takes into account 2 kinds of information  Current factors or conditions  Past experience in similar situations Uses of Forecasts  Plan the System - long-range plans for new products and services  Plan the Use of the System - short-term and intermediate planning Features Common to All Forecasts     Forecasting

  • Forecasting Essay

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    Forecasting for Operations Introduction Forecasting is a vital function and affects every significant management decision. Finance and accounting use forecasts as the basis for budgeting and cost control. Marketing relies on forecasts to make key decisions such as new product planning and personnel compensation. Production uses forecasts to select suppliers; determine capacity requirements; and drive decisions about purchasing, staffing, and inventory. Different roles require different forecasting

  • Facilitate Technology Essay

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    How technology could be used to facilitate cross-cultural communication? Wendy Matthews XCOM/285 Essentials of Managerial Communication March 29, 2015 Shawna Starkey, Instructor One is a system that can in a conference room that can hold international meeting on a flat screen monitor, with an auto-generated translator when you speak into the system. For example: Brazil – Brazilian are people of expression, and that goes for meetings – they can be expressive with emotion. Their non-verbal

  • Patton-Fuller Ratio Computation Essay

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    Patton-Fuller Ratio Computation Names of the Members HCS/405 Health Care Financial Accounting Today is day, 20-- Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Ratio Computation 2009 and 2008 From these computations, taken from the Unaudited and Audited Reports from 2009 and 2008, if any occurred, and address what Patton-Fuller Community Hospital plans are within the next year to five years regarding any changes. In closing this paper will address the reasons that our team agrees

  • Patton-Fuller Essay

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    Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Web Portal In today’s market you must have a Web presence to compete. Hospitals are no longer immune to changes brought about by the intenet and web based transactions. Patton-Fuller must look internally to see what services could be offered through a Web Portal to extend as much information to their patients as possible. Some information that could be delivered to patients electronically are newsletters, viewing of peoples public information that are currently in

  • Forecasting Essay

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    Chapter 4: Forecasting Case Study 1: Forecasting at M&L Manufacturing M&L Manufacturing makes various components for printers and copiers. In addition to supplying these items to a major manufacturer, the company distributes these and similar items to office supply stores and computer stores as replacement parts for printers and desktop copiers. In all, the company makes about 20 different items. The two markets (the major manufacturer and the replacement market) require somewhat different

  • Patton Fuller 3 Year Plan

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    Patton-Fuller Community Hospital 3 Year Plan Patton-Fuller Community Hospital 3 Year Plan Patton-Fuller Hospital performance of IT infrastructure through analysis is illustrated as obsolete system, and should consider upgrading their IT infrastructure. The hospital is implementing a contingency plan that extends, e.g. management processes, infrastructure, hardware, software, upgrades, and replacement either system or computer devices. Upgrading the infrastructure system toward an energy consumption

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    4 C H A P T E R Forecasting DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (d) Providing each expert with the summary of all responses 1. Qualitative models incorporate subjective factors into the forecasting model. Qualitative models are useful when subjective factors are important. When quantitative data are difficult to obtain, qualitative models may be appropriate. (e) Asking each expert to study the summary of the responses and respond again to the questions or problems of interest. 2. Approaches

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    Anthony Penaluna Professor Tatum English 101 12 May 2010 General George S. Patton George was born in 1885 in San Gabriel, CA. At an early age Patton had decided that his sole goal in life was to be a hero. He had several relatives in the Revolutionary, Mexican and Civil wars. Patton went to the Virginia Military Institute for a year then onto the United States Military Academy, where he graduated and was commissioned as a 2LT. and was assigned to the 15th cavalry regiment. He married in