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  • Degrading Women In Rap Music Essay

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    Joe Dellaquila Eng 116L-124 Prof Neilson 11/4/11 Rap and Hip-Hop in Today’s Generation Rap and hip-hop artists glorify music and its people in a very different way than any other country or rock and roll artist can. Instead of singing about getting together with friends, having a good time and not having a care in the world, all rap artists sing about are trying to get with every girl in the club, smoking dope, getting shot at and watching their friends die or predicting their own death

  • How Are Drugs Portrayed in Music Essay

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    How Are Drugs Portrayed In Music? I) Introduction Many people think that music is nothing but an entertainment to help people relax and kill stress but that is not all music can function in our society today. Music is not only an entertainment but it is also used as a tool for communication. According to some hip-hoppers and rappers and other artists, their music is connected to philosophy, religion and other things that exist in our society. It is a commentary. Music artists are serving as

  • English Paper

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    Theater Michael Lynch’s Stage Adaptation | Step 1: Observe |  I observed part of the plot in this scene. It shows how Lady Macbeth is being haunted in her dreams for the deeds that her and her husband carried out. It also shows theme by darkness is dangerous because in the night time, Lady Macbeth lets out her dark secrets. I also saw characterization because it showed how Lady Macbeth did have a conscious.    |  She is wearing a white dress to show innocence, but her hair is black to show the

  • Exit Through the Gift Shop Essay

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    renowned street artist Banksy, but actually has been completely turned around by Banksy into a film about Thierry. Thierry is an extremely peculiar French “filmmaker. “ Thierry has an obscene obsession with recording everything he does and through a very lucky series of events, ends up right in the middle of the emerging world of street art. He constantly follows his cousin, who is famous street artist Space Invader,” and immerses himself more and more into the culture and artists surrounding street

  • Homage to Raphael Soyer by George Briddle, 1947 Essay

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    to Raphael Soyer by George Briddle is a representational piece that was painted in 1947. This painting portrays a partially nude woman sitting in a chair seemingly taking a break from posing for the artist, who is presumably Raphael Soyer. This introspective portrait portrays the process that an artist must go through to reach a final product. The casual array of images scattered throughout the painting show the gradual progression from the casual sketch on the bottom left, to the more detailed drawing

  • Renaissance Essay

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    Renaissance Art The French term Renaissance emerged in the 19th century and was used to describe an entire period of rebirth, occurring between the 14th and 17th centuries. Artists of this time looked back to those before them while incorporating a greater sense of light and color through new mediums. Creating a sense of space was also a major innovation of the time, as was perspective, a clever device that causes your eye to see in three-dimension. Art during the Renaissance was mostly made for

  • Comparison Of The Crucifixion Essay

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    The crucifixion has been portrayed in art a countless amount of times through the centuries, and in a myriad of different ways; with Gruenwald and Perugino’s paintings as just one example of this. Although the two works do have some obvious similarities in portraying the same subject, the emotions and tones of both are not at all the same. The tone of Gruenwald’s is very dark and gruesome; while the tone of Perugino’s is much lighter and peaceful looking. How is each artist representing the subject

  • Monocular Cues Essay

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    Italy was the birth place of the Renaissance and in turn some of the most well known minds in history. Florence is one of the most artful cities in world, which is appropriate because the Renaissance was full of new art as well as new artists and art techniques. Some of these techniques were monocular cues including relative motion, relative size and linear perspective. They create depth formation when viewing scene with a single eye. Relative clarity is an idea stating that

  • Suzanne Lacy Essay

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    Suzanne Lacy describes her role as an activist artist on page 54 of this chapter as she discusses her collaborative project with Leslie Labowitz, In Mourning and in Rage. The artist states: “The art is in making it compelling; the politics is in making it clear. In Mourning and in Rage took trivialized images of mourners as old, powerless women and transformed them into commanding seven-foot-tall figures angrily demanding an end to violence against women.” What did Lacy mean by this statement? Is

  • Culture Essay

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    to a “cult of the body.” Greek was obsessed with fitness since it portrayed the wealth and strength of society. The male body was portrayed through the kouros (117). The Greek artists tried to represent the human body as real as possible due to the spirit of competition that was so dominant in Greek society. The last example is the portraying of gods and goddess in literature and art. In Homer’s Iliad, the Greek gods were portrayed like human (110). Zeus, the leader of all gods, was an adulterer

  • Western Stereotypes Essay

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    western society, stereotype is commonly placed onto what Anglo-Saxons believe that they are not normal to their culture. Fundamentally, the media also play a part in how people "think" and generalise a group of individuals, based on the other's gender, race, religion, hair colour and so forth. This essay will discuss the stereotype that is reinforced in specific print and broadcast media representations, concentrating on three examples of gender-roles, blondes, and African-Americans, and what it

  • Iwt Task 1 Essay

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    people and their way of living in an attempt to depict to the viewers a near exact replica of what the artist physically seen (Snyder). A2. Impressionism developed in France in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries by a small group of artists who named themselves “The Independent Group” (Impressionism in the Visual Arts, n.d.). Impressionists based their art on the perception of how the eye saw things, or the first impression. First rejected by the Salons, Impressionist art was termed

  • Lyrics of Rappers Degrade Women Essay

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    Today many rap protagonists argue that since the explosion of hip hop in the 1980s, the rap game has changed tremendously. With the transformation of how "old school" songs covered topics such as politics and empowerment to now discussing more materialistic things such as money, cars and women, rap legends like Jay-Z and Nas say that the power of rap music has died and will never be the same. One of the most common and chief complaints of today's rap lyrics is the constant degrading it gives

  • Deyoung Report

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    Northern America and their affiliation with the American Government during this period. In gallery twenty were laid beautiful silver chalices, beakers, and jars from the Spanish-Colonial period. The designs on these silverwares were exquisite, showing how creative art was in the olden days. I got the sense that these silverwares were used as gifts, decorations, and as awards or honors. I came across a silver Indian Peace Medal designed by John Reich. These silver medals came in three sizes and following

  • Art in the Baroque Era Essay

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    at the times of the seventeenth century and the rebirth of modern philosophy which represents continuation and transformation of ideas. The art during these times had an essence of tension, emotion and expression that was portrayed through the many paintings by several artist that used detail and light to create there personal mastererpieces of art during this era. Baroque Art is art that deals with line, color, tone and texture where light seem to bring painting alive. The first piece of art

  • Rap And Rock Display The Same Messages In Their Lyrics Essay

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    music has changed the way artists portray them. Two types of music that heavily express these themes are rap and rock. Rap music has a poor reputation due to the artists’ use of drugs, violence, and the way they portray female sexuality in a derogatory way. Rap music is associated with African Americans who dress in baggy clothing, wear big gold chains, wife beaters, and tend to speak in slang. Rock music, on the other hand, has a more positive reputation. Rock artists are closely associated with

  • Art History Essay

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    The Fabulous Artwork of Vietnamese Female Artists I recently viewed an exhibition of art from an unlikely yet extremely talented source, Vietnamese women. The exhibition, Changing Identity: Recent Works by Women Artists from Vietnam, was held at the Weisman Art Museum. It was a very nice exhibition and the layout definitely helped to highlight the works of art. First and foremost, the walls were all white in order to make the paintings and sculptures appear more colorful and more vibrant. Also

  • Earth Misunderstood Essay

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    This work of art is a drawing by Cecilia D. Salinas , Earth Misunderstood, 17.5” X 25.5”,2011. I selected this particular work of art because I liked the blend of colors that the artist used, as well as the feeling she portrayed through the eyes of the woman that was used to allude mother earth. It is very interesting how she can imagine or portray the look of something that is really an abstract to society. The work of art is a woman portraying mother earth , the woman is painted only from

  • renaissance Essay

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    humanists main practices—known as civic humanism, which also was portrayed through Renaissance art. The ability to acquire knowledge of the Greco-Roman times has shown a great prominence in the lives of many humanists, which also gave influence on many Renaissance artists’ and their work. Throughout the time of the Renaissance, many aspects of humanism life and values shed great influence upon the production of many Italian visual arts and artists in Italy. Through a humanist education, known as studia

  • Farenheit 151 Essay

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    odd encounter, his personal life begins to unravel because he realizes that books are not dangerous after all. The main message from Ray Bradbury is that good literature gives a strong insight into the human experience and Tim Hamilton, the graphic artist in the authorized adaptation emphasizes this by portraying classical books that are burned throughout the story. Books in general were never a preoccupation for Guy Montag until one fateful night when he has a conversation with a young girl. In the

  • The Stranger Essay

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    Daughdrill English 1A 8 Feb. 2012 Roles Portrayed by Females in The Awakening Roles portrayed by the females in Kate Chopin’s The Awakening are those of wives, mothers, and artists. Most women in the novel are content with their roles in life. However, the main character Edna Pontellier struggles with all of the roles and is never satisfied with any of them. She is not happy with her present role as wife and mother, so she attempts to be an artist by painting. She is satisfied with this for

  • Calypso And Bachata Essay

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    dominance over women. Throughout the Caribbean societies and music world, artists and composers would choose to write their songs about male-females relationships because it is a topic that they can relate to in everyday life. Many song artists especially Caribbean song artists express their emotions, or love in their songs because they it is the only way they know they can get their point across to a person. Caribbean artists like to feel like they are stronger than women that they have more dominance

  • The B Part Enquiry Essay

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    In this essay I would be looking at how far these representations agree about the way in which people in the USA reacted to the Vietnam War. The nature, the origin, and the purpose are very different in both sources. R1 is very informative, unbiased and very educational but on the other hand R2 is more biased and insulting to some people at the time. R1 is a written account however R2 is a pictorial piece of cartoon. R1 is a secondary source which was written decades after the Vietnam War whereas

  • Ap Euro Arts Essay

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    played a big role in how the Renaissance was viewed. Many different artists such as Michaelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Donatello, Giotto, and others expressed their feelings through their artwork. The artwork created by an artist can tell a person about that artist, the time period they lived in, and their views on life during that time period. Renaissance art tells you how the artist that created it views life in the Renaissance. The different styles of the art can show what the artist believed in because

  • Assessing Visual Art Essay

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    Assessing Visual Art Karen Ramirez ARTS/230 August 29, 2012 Dr. Geraldine Smith Assessing Visual Art Las Meninas or The Maids of Honor is a piece that in my opinion shows the complexity and genius of artist that existed far beyond our time. In my assessment I have analyzed the elements and principles of visual designs. Furthermore, I have taken a deeper look at the historical and cultural value of this timeless piece of work. Las Meninas has coined the phrase of “more than what meets

  • The Relationship Between the Arts and the Growing Body of Scientific Knowledge Essay

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    As scientific knowledge became more and more widespread, paintings became more accurate and complex. Artists like Da Vinci could paint the human body with such amazingly natural looking portrayal of movement, because he studied cadavers and understood how the anatomy of the human body worked. Scientific knowledge greatly affected works of art throughout time. In this paper, I will discuss how scientific knowledge affected art during the Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo periods. The Renaissance

  • Exempler Essay

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    Representation of Artists on CD Covers In Kanye West’s album cover he is topless, wearing only grey jeans. This shows his rebellious, extreme attitudes. His hair is cut and is topped with a crown made of thorns, which is meant to resemble Jesus Christ before his crucifixion. There is a 19th Century feel to the scenery with the woman in their finery of old, rustic white dresses. Kanye West’s stage name is ‘Yeezus’, which is a play on the word ‘Jesus’ and has the white upside down cross to resemble

  • Women of Art Essay

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    Woman of Art “Artworks reflect the ideas and experiences of the artists who create them” Artworks reflect the ideas and experiences of the artists who create them. This is shown through a variety of artists who have turned their experiences into artworks which convey messages. Artists like Tracy Moffett who created such works like  ‘Job hunt’ and ‘Doll birth’ and Artemisia Gentileschi who created artworks like ‘Jael and Sisera’ and ‘Judith slaying holofernes’ both reflect on their experiences

  • Realism Essay

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    had to face to either come up with a wage or make ends meet. 2.What device have both artists used to ensure the anonymity of their subjects? Both artists have portrayed their subjects hunched over with their faces angled away from the painter. In both The Stone Breakers and the Gleaners the angle of sunlight also shadows their face to prevent any recognisable features being distinguished. 3.Why might the artists wish to do so? By making the subjects anonymous they have made the poor universal and

  • Media vs. Hip Hop Essay

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    shows and sketch comedy, the identity of the hip-hop culture and rap artists alike, are exploited through means of stereotyping, social status, and their affiliation with drugs and gang violence. By looking at specific sources, such as sketches from Saturday Night Live, The Chappelle Show, The Boondocks, and excerpts from the cultural hit South Park, this will likely show the negative connotations associated with hip-hop and rap artists from a television standpoint. In today’s society, social media

  • Annemarie Garden Visit Essay

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    the artist shows us the hay or straw in the fields and separates the upfront grass in greens with the light yellows and burnt oranges of the hays. The scaling of the painting is very symmetrical. The trees, barn and field are all in the right proportions with each other. When I first view Talbott Dawn (2009) my eyes focused directly to the very intense and vibrant orange yellow red colors of the sunset in the center of the picture. As I started to gaze out of the center I took in how expertly

  • Warhol Essay

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    like other artists during the sixties were beginning to move away from traditional norms of that time and began to show a different side of what mainstream media portrayed to the world about how society was during the sixties. Artists such as Andy Warhol were showing a different and emerging culture of the sixties that questioned the status quo of assigned gender roles, family roles and race roles of previous generations. To understand Andy Warhol’s contribution to the sixties culture and how his environment

  • Black images in media Essay

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    that I viewed on BET. The movies that I have viewed include: Get Rich or Die Trying and N.O.T.O.R.I.O.U.S. Each of these movies is based on the early lives of superstar black rappers, one whom is dead. In watching these movies I was able to see how the media projects this image of the ghetto as a sign of being black or “ghettocentricity” as described in our class. In addition to this there are many instances in which the media portrays the black male in the same ways described in the last section

  • A Comparison of Christian Art in Europe Essay

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    the Renaissance, which was a clear-eyed observation in all artists of this period. Observations like Giovanni’s are what helped kindle the torch of the Renaissance and bring on the changes in medieval ideas and the Enlightenment. Regardless of the changing styles of art, one of the most prominent subjects in European art has always been the church. Whether it is churches and cathedrals or paintings and sculptures, many artists portrayed Christianity in their works. Life revolved around the church

  • Paper Artists

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    them relief and depth. The result of his work is very intricate and has a certain beauty about it due to the detail and original ideas behind it. I looked at Allen’s work and was immediately intrigued by it. I think it shows how relationships were and how they were portrayed through literature in this time period. Thomas Allen Allen was an American painter and illustrator born in Nashville, Tennessee in 1924; he died in 2004. He was well known for his album covers of country and jazz musicians

  • Renaissance and Baroque Essay

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    the best artworks, but it is quite difficult to contend the masters of the Renaissance like Di Vinci, against the greats of the Baroque period, such as Bernini. For this task, one work from each period will be analyzed and discussed in relation to how the periods differ and correlate with one another. Renaissance art was produced in Europe for the duration of about 200 years, from 1400 to 1600, during the historical Renaissance Period (McKay & McKay, 2010). During this period, new discoveries

  • Kkdkdkd Essay

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    popularity had then decreased as the years went by, however, the music remained. In the 1980s, that’s when “money rose to power and talent took a back seat”[2] During that era, it was all about presentation. The way artists looked and portrayed themselves to the public was key and how they kept the fans interested, as well as their creative music. From the 80s to this day, rock music lives on as one of the most popular music genres in the music category. This type of music has always had a

  • English101 Essay

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    In favor of entertainment and ratings, women and minority groups have been portrayed in a less than flattering position in the media. Reality television has portrayed women as gold diggers who are only after a man’s wealth rather than his affection. This type of perception has been going on for decades with shows like The Bachelor, Joe Millionaire, and Flavor of Love. The television show Joe Millionaire mocked women by getting a man with a less than desirable occupation and showcasing him as a

  • Pablo Picasso Essay

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    Janeyda Cruz Ap World History Per.3 January 22,2015 Pablo Picasso Every artist has his or her own unique style and each artist portrays something different in his or her paintings. One of the most famous artist in modern art, in the 20th century was Pablo Picasso he was not only a prodigy in abstract art but also trialed with sculpting and ceramics. Pablo Picasso was born Pablo Ruiz and was Spanish painter who was born on October 25,1881 in Malaga, Spain and he died on April 8, 1973 in Mougins

  • For Ap English Essay

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    in the Innocent Eye test? In the Innocent Eye test, the cow looking at the painting is being tested. He is being tricked to believe that other cows are there with him when they really aren’t. 2) What does the painting say about art criticism? How do the details complicate the answer to who is testing whom? The eye can be easily fooled. What the painting is stating about art criticism is that what you see in front of you may not be what you think it is. The details complicate who is testing

  • Three Essential Components of a Theatre Performance Essay

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    pyrotechnics. Despite the many technological advances, they serve to only enhance the theatrical experience; they are not the heart. There are three essential components at the heart of theatre, the artist, the audience, and a message, and they work together to achieve a theatre performance. Many artists work to bring a play to life. The actors, playwright, director, costumers, etc, all have a vision and collaborate to make their visions become one. They are all creators. The director must guide

  • Body Through Time Essay

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    “ARTWORKS SHAPE THE WAY WE UNDERSTAND CULTURE” The Body Through time is theme that the art students of Clancy College have been studying. It explores the way the human form has been portrayed through the ages. The human form has been depicted differently by the cultural influences of the time, the works created by the Nomads, Ancient Egyptians and Greeks, all reflect this. It was believed that a large number of female figures portraying features of fertility were found in the Nomadic era (from

  • The Crucifixtion Essay

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    The Crucifixion By. Giotto, 1310 Throughout this Art History class, I have learned more and more about how to effectively analyze artwork. For my third and final reflection paper, I will be writing about and analyzing the Crucifixion painting. Upon reading the lecture, I have also learned of the advances in painting made by the artist named Giotto. He was really one of the first artists to portray emotion in art through the use of facial expressions, landscapes, colors, and overall narrative

  • Sociology Rock and Roll Essay

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    Unit 1 Listening Assignment Chapter 1 1.) Title - "Mood Indigo" Artist - Duke Ellington & His Orchestra Composer - Billy Strayhorn Musical Traits - The beat that the instruments play is what the song actually gets it's title from. Indigo, being another word for blue, is something of a sad, sobbing feeling. The notes the piano, saxophone, and trumpets play give off a "blue/indigo" or sad vibe, creating a blue mood to the song. Topic of Lyrics - There aren't any lyrics, just an instrumental

  • Art Crit Essay

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    interesting is in paintings of Africa, how Western artists depicted the land as both savage and feminine, a product of the colonial mindset. I also found interesting the idea of identifying between the viewer and the subject of a work of art, and how that relates to the difference in power and perception between the two. It also made sense to me how the chapter wrote that commissioned art is a reflection of how the patron, the ruling class, wishes to be portrayed. The example they use in the chapter

  • Response Paper

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    proved to be the most intriguing reading I have accomplished thus far in class. I enjoyed how Gerard portrayed a storyline into the informative facts that have occurred in our great nations history. He was able to pull me in and get me interested as a reader right from the beginning of the reading. Gerard provides in this chapter, the relationship between sound, artists/musicians and war. Gerard explains how one's love for sound and electronics, Walter Manser, led him to profoundly aiding to the

  • Mkt1 Essay

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    using real gold leaf as an accent. The figures in paintings of the era rarely had shadows and possessed narrow faces with solemn expressions. There was no perspective in art of the middle ages; all of the paintings were flat and one-dimensional. Artists of the era made little to no attempt at realism. There was a fair amount of artistic evolution towards the end of the era. Paintings became brighter in color and tended towards more realistic imagery. Perception began to develop, causing images

  • How Does Ideology Operate in Lust for Life? Essay

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    Before answering how ideology operates in Lust for Life, one must first address what ideology is. Ideology is a set of ideas that construct ones ideas, goals, expectations and actions. Not just that but it could also be seen as a set of learnt assumptions and beliefs that sustain opinions. The film Lust for Life is based on the 1934 novel by Irving Stone, which depicts the life of the celebrated but tortured artistic genius, Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890). Whose character can also be seen as a learnt

  • Identity Essay

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    Choose a constructed idea, such as ideal body, beauty, status, craft, celebrity or power. Has the concept been damaging for humanity and how has art and design been implicit in its promotion? Body image is innermost to how we feel, live our lives and interrelate with others. “Physical appearance is often the most readily available information about a person and conveys basic information about that person-most obviously, for example, the person’s gender, race, approximate age, and possibly even

  • Critical Study Essay

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    about a picture of my favourite football player. The title of the picture is ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’, it is drawn in soft pastels and the original is currently for sale at $500.00 It was created by Dimitris Papadatis. He is a Greek, self- taught artist who specialises in portraits using soft pastels from real life or from photographs. He also uses oil colours and acrylics to paint other subjects like murals, landscapes and fantasy art. Dimitris takes inspiration from human nature, the female body