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  • How A Bill Becomes A Law Essay

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  • How a Bill Becomes a Law Essay

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    How a bill becomes a law There is a specific process that takes place to turn a bill into a law. Bills can come from many different sources but mainly from members of congress. “However it is brought to the attention of a member, it must be submitted for consideration by the member. In the House, Representatives need merely drop a copy of a bill into a bin specifically placed to receive new bills. In the Senate, the bill is given to a clerk at the President's desk.”(Constitutional Topic). Bills

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    How a Bill Becomes a Law When a senator or a representative introduces a bill, he or she sends it to his clerk, who gives it a number and title. The committee may decide the bill is unwise or unnecessary and table it, thus killing it at once. They may also decide the bill is worthwhile and hold hearings to listen to facts and opinions. After members of the committee have debated the bill, a vote is taken. If the vote is favorable, the bill is sent back to the floor of the house. Members of the

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    A bill as described by (1997) is a “proposed statue presented to a legislature, but not yet enacted or passed and made law.” The general process on how a bill is made into law is laid out in the Constitution. (2008-2012) explains, “Creating legislation is what the business of Congress is all about. Ideas for laws come from many places — ordinary citizens, the president, offices of the executive branch, state legislatures and governors, congressional staff, and of course

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    Making a bill into a law is briefly described in the United States Constitution. A bill is a well written document that is presented in hopes of becoming a law. Special interest groups promote ideas to improve the way of life and can submit proposals to Congress to help enforce these needs. Bills are reviewed all the time by committees of our representatives. The Constitution only describes a basic route a bill may take but does not explain much on how a bill may be defeated. They have to go through

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    Advocacy Tips: How a Bill Becomes a Law Being an effective advocate on legislative issues also means understanding how Congress works. We have reprinted a cartoon that depicts the legislative process as a board game. When we first looked at it, we thought it was poking fun at the process. Actually, it's a very accurate guide. It takes you step-by-step through the rules under which Congress operates. We hope it will be useful to you in understanding how a bill becomes a law. A piece of legislation

  • How a Bill Becomes a Law Essay

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    6/4/12 Government Final Period 9 How a Bill Becomes a Law A bill starts out as an idea for a new law. The idea is to change or do away with an existing law. There are hundreds of bills enter the legislative process in West Virginia each time the Legislature meets. Two of the groups that elected citizens are 34 senators and 100 delegates that study, discuss and vote on bills, and in doing so act for the people of West Virginia. Bills that enter the legislative process either through

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    How a Bill Becomes a Law For a bill to become a law, it has to go through a law-making process. This process can either start in the House of Representatives, or in the Senate. The only subjects that cannot be introduced in the House of Representatives are the money bills. The first step of this process would be the bill getting drafted. Being drafted means the members of the congress, the Executive Branch, and even outsiders will be can write or draw up the bills. Once a bill is drafted, it

  • How a Bill Becomes a Law Essay

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    The process a bill takes to become a law is a long and sometimes tedious task. There are 10 possible steps along the way to becoming a law. Many bills don't make it past the first couple steps dieing along the way. After a bill is drafted, which anyone can do, it must be presented to congress by a member, know as the bills sponsor. Once presented it is referred to a committee, where it dies or changes are made. If the bill does not die, in many cases it does, it is referred to a subcommittee

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    Bills are can be drafted by a member in the House of Representatives or the Senate. Bills are written to create new legislation or mend existing legislation. Once the member has finished their bill it is submitted to the “hopper”, where it is assigned a number. Then, the bill is submitted to a committee where members of the House or Senate respectfully will take a first look and provide an initial opinion. The committee will then hold hearings so that the public can testify about their views