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    MGMT E-4000 Henry Tam Case Study October 22, 2011 Henry Tam Case Study Answer 1: Understanding what went wrong during the Henry Tam case requires adopting a holistic systems thinking approach because of the complexity and multi-levels of conflict involved. One person or one facet of the MGI group was not solely responsible for the conflicting tensions that brewed, ultimately threatening the productivity and completion of the project. Instead, a hybrid of strikingly different

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    Henry Tam And The Mgi Team Case Category: Literature Autor: tasha129082 03 February 2010 Words: 1587 | Pages: 7 Henry Tam and the MGI Team Case - Main Managerial Problem On the surface, the seven-member MGI team which comprised of Henry Tam and Dana Soiman – both current HBS MBA Students, Alex Sartakov – a Berklee College of Music student, Dav Clar – a MIT graduate student, and Alexander (Sasha) Gimpelson, Igor Tkachenko, and Roman Yakub – the MGI founders, seems like

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    Henry Tam and the MGI Team Looking to acquire some additional valuable real life experience before the end of his final semester at Harvard Business School (“HBS”) Henry Tam participates in the HBS Business Plan Contest. Together with the members of Music Games International (MGI) team he undertakes an effort to define the strategy of commercialization of the innovative product created by the owners of this start-up company. There are three weeks left before the deadline and the team still does

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    Henry Tam and the MGI team Introduction: A group of 5 diverse and talented individuals have three weeks to submit the annual HBS business plan contest. This group consisted of: - The MGI (Music Games International) founders: Two famous Russian composers: Igor Tkachenko and Roman Yakub, they are not from the business world, they are musicians, so they are bad managers and bad promoters, but they have a lot of creative Ideas, they provide the music skills and also they develop technical skills

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    Question # 1: What is your evaluation of the team’s process, the way they work together? What are the underlying causes of any issues that you identify? The group meetings were disorganized and the team members did not have designated roles. The meetings typically consisted of a lot of brainstorming, but the team had trouble moving into the exploitation stage. Dana and Henry took on many different roles when they joined the team and the workload began to wear on them as the meetings progressed

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    Henry Tam and the MGI Team Case Questions 1. What is your evaluation of the MGI team’s process? What were the root causes of the team’s process problems? Evaluation of the MGI Team’s Process By the end of the case, the team consisted of seven members : Igor, Roman, Sasha, Henry, Dana, Dav, and Alex. Using the five stages of group development (Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and Adjourning), we can evaluate the team’s process. We immediately notice that the Forming stage took place