Funniest Moment In My Life Essays

  • Why Comedy Is Important

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    Comedy has been a philosophy of life for millennia. It has been said that “Laughter is the best medicine.” It opens up ideals and standards for happiness, chemically and physically. Comedy is an important aspect of life, and should always be appreciated. Henri Bergson refers to comedy as “strictly human” and I agree entirely. Comical moments surround us everywhere. Laughter is one of the first ways we communicate with our parents as infants. Socially, it strengthens our relationships and helps

  • Sherman Alexie And The Inherent Humor Of Genocide

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    Josh Nguyen ENGL 1102 September 16th, 2011 Spenser Simrill Sherman Alexie and the Inherent Humor of Genocide “The two funniest tribes I’ve ever been around are Indians and Jews”-Jackson Jackson A police officer wakes Jackson (who was sleeping on railroad tracks) up from his drunken coma. The officer tells Jackson that he is taking him to a detoxification clinic, in which Jackson replies, “No man, that place is awful. It’s full of drunk Indians.” They both share a laugh at this comment. Officer Williams

  • The Restaurant at the End of the Universe Review

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    Universe Douglas Adams Douglas Adams was born 1952 and died in the spring of 2001. He lived in Cambridge, UK. Adams is most known for writing ”The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy” but that´s only the first book in the five-book ”trilogy”, he also wrote “Life, The Universe and everything”, “So long, And Thanks For All The Fish”, “Mostly Harmless” and a few other books. Adams seems to only write twisted comedy and satire. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe is the sequel to “The Hitchhikers Guide

  • Short Biography: Da Dooch Socci

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    Socci’s favorite philosophy that he lived by on an everyday basis. My interview with his sister Jenifer Socci, was a great privilege for myself. She is very wise, a remarkable memory and the smartest woman I know. This interview turned out to be more informative than I could’ve hoped for. Da’dooch was always fond of telling stories or explaining those who have passed. I figured my Aunt would be the perfect one to explain my grandfather’s life. Twenty two questions were asked about hobbies, stories, memories

  • Laughter Runs Wild In 'Run For Your Wife'

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    play I have been to it opened me to new experiences entertainment wise. The actors all did a wonderful job in bringing the characters to life; the set was well designed and easy to understand. Run for your wife perfectly illustrates the definition of farce. Run for your wife is a comedy about bigamy where a dull man turns out to have a hyperactive romantic life, London taxi driver, John Smith (played by Nick Valdes) who has two wives: Mary(played by Joyce Alayon) and Barbara (played by Mariandrea

  • The Restless Outsider

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    The restless outsider. Thanks to my mom, I've known how to read and write since I was 3, so my mom insisted that I skipped 1st grade. When I was in 8th grade, I was 12 years old, and that was the year discovered why people don’t recommend that kids skip grades. When the school year started, I found out shocking news. All my girlfriends didn’t like games anymore, all they cared about were boys, clothes, and makeup. I wasn’t in sync with them. I was still trapped in conversations about video

  • The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian Literary Analysis

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    characters of Rowdy and Mary (Arnold’s sister). The novel depicts the Indians living on the reservation as people who have lost their culture, and resorted to drinking and promiscuous activity to cope with their forgotten traditions. There are moments in the book that show their inner feelings and reflexes their culture has taught them, such as sharing their hardships as a community: “For about two minutes, [they] all sat quiet. Who knew what to say? And then [Arnold’s] mother started laughing

  • Go Back For Murder Play Analysis

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    I attended a production called "Go Back For Murder" at the Riverside Community Players and it was a great experience. This was my first time ever attending a play, so i was kind of nervous not knowing what to expect. I kept on asking myself questions such as "Was this production going to have a feeling of a movie?" or "Was I going to be at the edge of my seat wanting to know what is going to happen next?". As I am entering the theater I noticed it was small building and was wondering how

  • Ruby Moon Play

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    How do Australian dramatists present characters and their situations on stage in a way that engages the audience to reflect on the issues and concerns of our society? The two Australian plays “Ruby Moon” by Matt Cameron and “A Beautiful Life” by Michael Futcher and Helen Howard use theatre as a way of reflecting the issues and concerns of society while engaging the audience at the same time. ABL for example, uses comedy to highlight the issues and concerns regarding the brutality and torture by

  • Personal Narrative: Six Flags Magic Mountain

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    really know what adrenaline was; I thought it was just plain fun. Now that I have grown up, I understand what that rush of being on the rides really was. The pure adrenaline and need for speed that some people live their lives for. I never thought that my best friends, who I knew were not afraid of anything, felt that going to Six Flags Magic

  • Theoretical Journal 'Looking For Alibrandi'

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    Looking For Alibrandi Looking For Alibrandi Entry 1: My first impression of Josephine Alabrandi is that is she’s lost, she attends to St Martha’s high school which sounds like a very rich school for smart gifted students. What I’ve noticed about Josephine is that she worries and stresses about her issues such as peer pressure, relationships with teachers and boys. Jose talks about being in a school which is dominated by rich people and feels very insecure because she is an outsider, she has the

  • Los Lunes Al Sol

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    Los Lunes al sol (Mondays in the Sun) (2002) 113 min. Lions Gate. Directors: Fernando Leon de Aranoa, Fernando León de Aranoa. Cast: Javier Bardem, Luis Tosar, Jose Angel Egido (II), Nieve De Medina, Enrique Villen. The poster for Los Lunes al sol (Mondays in the Sun) proclaims, "This film is not based on a real story. It is based on thousands." Inspired by a major layoff at the boatyards of Gijón which led to the rioting shown under the opening credits, writer-director Fernando León de Aranoa

  • Unpolished Gem Essay

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    Written by Laura Gordon 1. Tell us a little about the experience of writing your first novel Unpolished Gem? What was the inspiration and what did you find the hardest? Growing up, the only kind of literature that involved people who were from my kind of cultural background seemed to be Oriental Cinderella stories and migrant narratives of success. Instead of inspiring me, they actually made me feel like an abject failure. When will I ever accumulate enough suffering to be a real writer? I wondered

  • Emma vs Clueless

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    superficial level, there is a germ of truth to that argument. However, the true greatness of Jane Austen's work lies not in the basic stories but in the ironic and occasionally bitchy cultural observations that suffuse those plots and bring them to life. Scriptwriter and director Amy Heckerling has followed admirably Jane Austen's example by making a film that, on the surface, seems like another mindless teen flick but is actually a multi-layered social commentary. She took Austen's novel Emma, the

  • Ellen Degeneres Biographical Case Study

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    values with, and also keep up my interest through this whole session. I finally came to choose a woman that uses her fame and clout, to achieve many good things for people around our country, and supports several causes that I myself find dear to my heart, Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen has used her notoriety and prowess, to accomplish many great things. From helping the everyday average working mother that is trying to make it through school, to helping animal rescues. In my opinion, there are many ways

  • Analysis Of Andrew Lytle's For The Union Dead

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    When I was twenty years old, I became a kind of apprentice to a man named Andrew Lytle, whom pretty much no one apart from his negligibly less ancient sister, Polly, had addressed except as Mister Lytle in at least a decade. She called him Brother. Or Brutha—I don’t suppose either of them had ever voiced a terminal r. It was maybe an hour before midnight at the Avalon Nightclub in Chapel Hill, and the Miz was feeling nervous. I didn’t pick up on this at the time—I mean, I couldn’t tell. To me he

  • Dark Romanticism in Hemingway, Poe, and Irving

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    Dark Romanticism in Hemmingway, Poe, and Irving Abstract This study aims to highlight the characteristics of two of the subgenres of American Romanticism. The dark romanticism has been the most well known one unlike the Light romanticism. It is assumed that a comparative exploration of some works of both genres will help readers of literature to have a clearer overall idea for these two genres of the movement. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter and Edgar Allan Poe’s The Fall of the House

  • Why Dogs Make Us Happy

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    To Jack, Ralph, Bear, Snoopy, and Snow Contents A Note to Readers Introduction 1 Dogs Have Personality 2 Dogs Provide Visible Love 3 We Feel Better in Minutes 4 Dogs Are Nonjudgmental 5 Dogs Make Us Look Positive 6 Dogs Take Us Walking 7 Life Is More Enjoyable 8 Dogs Help Us Show Affection 9 We See Dogs as We See Other Humans 10 Dogs Understand Math 11 We Truly Live Together 12 Dogs Learn Words 13 It’s Hard to Be Fussy 14 A Bond on Many Levels 15 Dogs Feed Our Creativity 16 Dogs Are Not

  • Why Does Steinbeck Use Death In Cannery Row Essay

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    girl as dead, even though he didn’t have a lot of money? 2. How does Steinbeck use death in Cannery Row; does he treat it with respect, flippancy, or a mix of both? How does he use death in Cannery Row to ultimately expound on the fragility of life?  3. Steinbeck portrays social ostracism happening to four characters - William, Frankie, Doc, and Mack - at different points in the novel; how does William and Frankie’s endings differ from Doc and Mack’s? Why do they differ? What is Steinbeck

  • Three Men in a Boat

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    Project Gutenberg Etext of Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome Please take a look at the important information in this header. We encourage you to keep this file on your own disk, keeping an electronic path open for the next readers. Do not remove this. **Welcome To The World of Free Plain Vanilla Electronic Texts** **Etexts Readable By Both Humans and By Computers, Since 1971** *These Etexts Prepared By Hundreds of Volunteers and Donations* Information on contacting Project Gutenberg