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    EST1 Task 1 A. Evaluate Company Q's current attitude toward social responsibility. The company’s current attitude toward social responsibility isn’t responsible at all. The fact that they are willing to allow food to be threw away that could be given to a food bank illustrates the company’s unethical approach to social responsibility. Placing profits above people isn’t socially responsible but is rather sociopathic and a microcosm of the larger problem that entails the current Capitalistic system

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    EST1 Task 1 James Duffield Western Governors University I will be evaluating the following information given from your company on its attitude toward social responsibility and giving your company recommendations as I see fit: Your company is a small local grocery store chain located in a major metropolitan area. You have closed a couple stores in high crime areas of the city. You also report the closed stores were losing money. After years or requests your company is stocking a small amount of health

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    EST1 Task 1 The importance of Social Responsibility amongst businesses has become a matter of public discussion in today’s environment. So many companies are riding a fence between what is socially responsible behavior and what is blatantly turning a back on the local communities they serve. Many organizations seem to understand that, as a community member, they have an obligation to do whatever they are capable of doing to maximize their impact on their local communities in a positive way

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    Task 1 Evaluation I am extremely pleased in how well my ethos was conveyed in my leaflet by the use of the traditional colures which were black/grey and white. The leaflet was with out a dought believable this therefore brings a sense of professionalism to the table which was also a counter part of my ethos. Through out the leaflet there are a number of pictures of high quality goods which also helps to convey the idea of distributing high quality goods and being a market leader in what they do

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    Social Responsibility EST1 Task 1 Company Q's current attitude toward social responsibility can best be described as nonexistent. While a business's ultimate goal is to create profit, businesses should enlist community friendly practices to strengthen both the company and the community as a whole. Three areas that Company Q needs to reevaluate are as follows; (1) closing down stores because of the crime rate in that specific part of town; (2) only offering high margin items that are health conscious;

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    EST1: Ethical Situations in Bus(V1 UG-0213)-PA Objective 310.2.3-08: Develop an ethics program for Company X Company X Ethics and Compliance Training A. Standards and Procedures Company X is fully committed to honoring our promises to our customers and employees by complying with the laws, regulations and policies that govern our work. Company X expects all employees to embrace this commitment and act with integrity in the performance of their job responsibilities. Not only is ethical

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    EST1: Task 310.2.1-05 Opportunities for Company Q to lead in the area of social responsibility After reviewing the excerpt given on Company Q’s attitude toward social responsibility, Company Q’s current stance has had a large impact on the recent down turn and loss of money in their stores, ultimately resulting in the closing of two stores in urban areas. Company Q’s attitude toward social responsibility needs to be improved. In this paper I will identify some of the possible consequences of

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    ESTI: Ethical Situations in Business – Task 1 * Part A After evaluating Company Q’s current attitude toward social responsibility in my opinion is that Company Q has a negative attitude. Changing the negative attitude towards social responsibility into a positive one could have a positive effect on Company Q. The company seems to be driven by profit because of the two stores being in high crime rate areas and obviously lost revenue. Management’s idea towards this type of loss seems to be to

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    EST1 310.2.1-05 Company Q has made several key choices as it relates to social responsibility. This viewpoint will highlight the decisions, the Authors personal opinions on the matter, and recommended actions taken to improve its stance towards positive social responsibility. To begin, we must look at the initial decisions that led to the consequent actions in question in this discussion. To begin, Company Q made a decision to targets major metropolitan areas, which ended up being in areas with

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    BMA1 – Task 304.1.3-04 Steve Perryman Western Governors University Social responsibility is a concept that many businesses take seriously because it has a direct effect on the consumer’s perception of the company and the bottom line profitability of the company. Social responsibility is the company’s obligation to maximize its positive impact and to minimize any negative impact in a community and its consumers. There are four aspects of social responsibility: Economic

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    EST1: 310.2.1-05: Ethical Issues in Business  I am responding to the statement concerning Company Q and your current attitude towards social responsibility. In my opinion, it seems your company has unfortunately shown an overall negative attitude towards its social responsibility and I would like to provide feedback on areas where you can improve. Company Q is known as a small local grocery store chain. Recently, due to financial losses, you chose to close two stores which were stated to

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    Social Responsibility Company Q seems to currently have an economic attitude toward social responsibility. An economic model is based on the traditional concept of business. If the business is providing a quality good or service, showing a profit and providing jobs then it is successful. Company Q is more concerned with profits and lost revenues then maximizing a positive impact. They have shown this by closing a few stores in a higher-crime-rate area because they were losing money, by only

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    company ethics policies to enforce them; or they do not have a fully robust ethics program in place to address to ongoing issues. PART B Company Q can take some immediate steps which I believe would turn a downward trend in to positive results. 1) First, the company CEO should meet with the store manager and conduct an in depth reviews the ethics program. During the review they should focus on core values for the company, customer service and employee behaviors. If they’ve identified areas

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    Competency 310.2.1: Ethical Issues in Business Social Responsibility of Company Q Company Q has recently closed two stores in a high-crime rate area of the city because they were consistently losing money. The company has met its ethical responsibility to its stakeholders. However, by closing the two stores they failed in its attempt to provide social responsibility to the community in which the stores were located. A company's first priority is to make a profit for its stakeholders, but they

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    EST1 Task 310.2.1-05: Ethical Situations in Business Western Governors University February 2, 2013 EST1 Task 310.2.1-05: Ethical Situations in Business Companies have four levels of social responsibility: 1) economic, 2) legal, 3) ethical, and 4) philanthropic. A company has to balance its duty to shareholders to make a profit with its contract with society to make socially responsible decisions. In order to increase profit, a company must understand the needs of the stakeholders and

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    Chris Black EST1 - Task 1 It can be a daunting task surviving and flourishing as a small business. Challenges can be overwhelming and seem to have limited resources. When faced against big box stores, small stores seldom have the upper hand; they do not always have name recognition and buying power. Therefore, it is important to look closer at connecting with the community through social awareness and responsibility. Company Q’s examples in operations shows a definite disconnect from its social

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    EST1- TASK 1 A. Evaluation After reviewing and evaluating the information regarding Company Q and their current attitude towards social responsibility, I find that Company Q has not made the commitment to operating socially responsible. Social responsibility means that a company operates in a manner that accounts for the social and environmental impact created by the business. It also means that the company operates in a way that is not solely focus on profits but it is actively in compliance

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    EST1 Task 2 The following ethics program applies to all employed by Company X. This program helps employees to be aware and understand Company X’s policy on ethics as they are all required to follow the program. The ethics program here at Company X is in place to define acceptable behaviors, to promote high standards of practice, to establish a framework for professional behavior & responsibilities and to grow occupational maturity. Part A – Standards & Procedures 1. All employees shall

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    Kimberly Blagg EST1 February 23, 2015 WGU Ethics Program Company X has a code of ethics guides with all managerial decisions, creating a common framework upon which our company finds all decision. Company X will contribute to creating a cohesive understanding of the boundaries of the enterprise. Company X will provide a well-communicated code of ethics that will help to protect the company’s reputation and legal standing. Company X has four acceptable standards and procedures. 1) Responsibility-You

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    000268995 Maines EST1 Task 310.2.1-05 Evaluation Company Q, having closed two stores in a higher-than-average-crime area due to consistent loss of money, appears as if it is concerned mostly about profit and less about the needs of their primary stakeholders. The closures affected the community by decreasing the number of available jobs, minimizing shopping options, and reducing taxes collected from its stores that could be beneficial to the area. While profitability is an important aspect