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  • Electronic Health Records

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    completion of this chapter the reader will be prepared to: 1. Discuss terms and definitions associated with the electronic health record (EHR) 2. Describe the essential components and attributes of an EHR 3. Define Meaningful Use in the context of EHR adoption and the impact on health practitioners 4. Examine EHR applications used in the clinical setting 5. Analyze the benefits of an EHR related to cost, access, quality, safety, and effectiveness 6. Evaluate stakeholder perspectives and key issues

  • Applied Linguistic and English Language Essay

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    Four Language Skills edited by ´ Esther Uso-Juan ´ Alicia Martınez-Flor Mouton de Gruyter Berlin · New York Mouton de Gruyter (formerly Mouton, The Hague) is a Division of Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin. Printed on acid-free paper which falls within the guidelines of the ANSI to ensure permanence and durability. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Current trends in the development and teaching of the four ´ ´ language skills / edited by Esther Uso-Juan, Alicia Martınez-Flor