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  • Efp1 Task 2

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    EFP 1 Task 2 It is amazing to see how our world is changing. With the advancements in technology, travel, and communication we have taken on a whole new identity than what they had even 15 years ago. We are seeing this in how cultures are crossing borders and diversity is being accepted as a new and excited part of our everyday lives. In our small organization of The American Falls Theatre Guild, we are seeing these same changes. According to the United States Census Bureau, the number of

  • EFP1 Task 2: Diversity And Culture Awareness

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    EFP1- Task 2 Diversity and culture awareness Carella Clark Western Governors University Blaine School district supports 6 schools in Blaine, WA. The 6 schools are Blaine primary with grades K-2 and the developmental pre-school, Blaine Elementary with grades 3-5, Blaine Middle school with grades 6-8 and Blaine High School with grades 9-12, Point Roberts and Home connections. The city of Blaine is located on the border of USA

  • Ef1 Cultural Studies And Diversity Task 2 Paper

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    Running head: EFP1 CULTURAL STUDIES & DIVERSITY TASK 2 1 EFP1 Cultural Studies & Diversity Task 2 Cody O’Dea Western Governors University Running head: EFP1 CULTURAL STUDIES & DIVERSITY TASK 2 2 Opening Statement With the ever changing cultural landscape that is the National Football League, it is our jobs in the front office to keep this league up