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    Task 1 Hand Hygiene Compliance Task 1 Hand Hygiene Compliance Sharon Elfenbaum Western Governors University EBT1 Task One A1. Article A2. Graphic Article | Kowitt, B., Jefferson, J., & Mermel, L. A. (2013). Factors Associated with Hand Hygiene Compliance at a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital. Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, 34(11), 1146. doi:10.1086/673465 | Background Information | The stated purpose of the article was to identify factors associated with hand hygiene

  • Ebt1 Task 3

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    EBT1 TASK 3 Research Integration and Outcome Evaluation Deborah Tyrrell-Turner Western Governors University A1. Procedure Studies have shown that the procedure of shaving a surgical site prior to surgery increases the likelihood of postoperative surgical site infections. Studies have indicated that shaving the surgical site before surgery can cause a change in or loss of protective skin flora at the incision line, as well as micro trauma of the area increasing

  • Ebt1 Task 2

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    Task 2 EBT1 Task 2 Western Governors University A. Review Sources of Evidence EVIDENCE | A1) Source Type: Filtered, Unfiltered or General | A2) Appropriateness of Source Evidence | A3) Classification of Evidence: primary research, evidence summary, evidence-based guidelines, or none of these. | American Academy of Pediatrics and American Academy of Family Physicians. (2004). Clinical practice guideline: Diagnosis and management of acute otitis media. | The source of this evidence

  • Ebt1 Task 1

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    TASK 1 The research obtained in this particular study does support the conclusion. When all five area’s were studied, it verified that the incidence of ventilated associated pneumonia was decreased when oral care and dental care was performed onto these mechanically ventilated patients. The background information that was provided was direct, to the point and relevant to the impact of today’s heath care. Millions of dollars are being spent every year for incidences within hospitals that can be

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    Evidence Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research EBT 1 Task 1 Chris Collier #000321915   A Critique of a research article A1 Article Hegarty, J., Walsh, E., Burton, A., Murphy, S., O'gorman, F., & McPolin, G. (2009). Nurses' knowledge of inadvertent hypothermia. AORN Journal, 89(4), 701. doi:10.1016/j.aorn.2008.09.003 A2 Background or Introduction According to the authors inadvertent hypothermia affects between 60-90% of patients undergoing surgery. The authors used a core temperature

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    EBT1 Task 1 Jane Smith Western Governors University A1. & A2. Article | Johnson, M., & Cowin, L. S. (2013). Nurses discuss bedside handover and using | | written handover sheets. Journal Of Nursing Management, 21(1), 121-129. | | doi:10.1111/j.1365-2834.2012.01438.x | Background Information | The authors were very clear and precise in defining the reason for conducting a study, reflecting on the fact that handover reports play a crucial role in patient

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    EBT1 Task 3-Research Integration and Outcome Evaluation A1- Preoperative Hair Removal As a circulating nurse a daily and very routine practice is preoperative hair removal for several types of surgical cases. Preoperative hair removal is a common source that contributes to postoperative surgical site infections. Currently hair removal is done to prevent interference with the surgical wound, closure of the surgical wound, surgical tapes and dressings, and to prevent patient discomfort when removing

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    Preoperative Shaving EBT1 Task 1 Skye Sauls Western Governors University Critique of a Nursing Research Article A1. Article Adisa, A., Lawal, O., & Adejuyigbe, O. (2011). Evaluation of two methods of preoperative hair removal and their relationship to postoperative wound infection. Journal of Infection in Developing Countries, 5(10), 717-722. A2. Graphic (A2)  Background Information The stated purpose of this article was to evaluate the correlation between two methods of preoperative