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    Genetic Disease Decision Contemporary Nursing Issues April 21, 2012 Tay-Sachs disease is a rare neurological disorder that progressively destroys nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Signs and symptoms of Tay-Sachs become apparent during infancy, the infant may appear to be developing normal, about three to six months old the infant begins to show common symptoms slowing development, weakening muscles, and loss of motor skills. As the disease progresses the infant may develop increased

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    Decision analysis encompasses a range of academic disciplines and frameworks. Inevitably the focus of each of these disciplines and the frameworks which they contain vary. For something as complex as decision-making by individuals and groups no one discipline or framework can possibly explain everything. In highlighting one aspect another is ignoring or underestimated. Strengths are also weaknesses. There can be no one explanation of decision-making, and consequently the aim of policy analysis is

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    in a positive yet strict way that their actions were not pleasing, they perceive the information so much better than when being yelled at. Just like with my own children, I always reassured my classroom children that even though they made a bad decision, I still love them. The challenge didn’t come from my own classroom, the challenges came from the guardians. Through our program, we had to have several “workshops” with the guardians each year. It was always hard to try to teach a grown person

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    Ras el hanout or Rass el hanout (Arabic: is a blend of spices from Morocco but also used in other countries in North Africa. The name is Arabic for "head of the shop" and implies a mixture of the best spices the seller has to offer. Ras el hanout is used in many savory dishes, sometimes rubbed on meat or stirred into rice. There is no definitive combination of spices that makes up ras el hanout. Each shop, company, or person may have their own blend. The mixture may consist of over a dozen spices

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    transaction at the register takes an average of five minutes." "The pilot team looking at customer service standards put together a list of questions they need answered." She hands a copy of the list to you. Shuzworld Mall Store Customer Service Standards 1. How many customers will be in the system (waiting in line or being served), on average? 2. What is the average time a customer will spend in the system (waiting in line and being served)? 3. How many customers will be in line on average? 4. How

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    day old food. Secondly, the company should increase the amount of health-conscience and organic food as requested by the customers. Lastly the company should re-open the stores that they have closed in the areas of high crime rate. Recommendation #1: Give day old food to the food bank. Rather than throwing away the day old food the company should be giving the food to the food bank/soup kitchens to help the less fortunate people in the area who may not have the means of having a meal every day

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    create their product in a cost efficient and productive manner. This will enable Shuzworld to increase productivity, while ensuring the quality that consumers have grown to be accustomed to. Shuzworld will be able to accomplish this by equalizing the task times at the company’s work stations in order to ensure that employee time is maximized to its full potential. This can be accomplished by organizing employees into work cells that focus primarily on the product they are working on. By focusing on

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    1. An oil drilling company is considering purchase of mineral rights on a property for Rs.100 lakh. The price includes tests to indicate whether property has type A geological formation or type B geological formation. The company will be unable to tell the type of geological formation until the purchase is made. It is known, however, that 40 per cent of the land in this area has type A formation, and 60 per cent type B formation. If the company decides to drill on land, it will cost Rs.200 lakh

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    INTRODUCTION For the purpose of accomplishing this Icelt task of evaluating myself as a language teacher I chose a group of high-beginning adult learners. The lesson I prepared aimed at different but interrelated aspects of language learning. One aim was to promote in learners a sense of autonomy, or self-directed learning, and also to develop decision making actions with respect to their lesson objectives both as a result of individual and team work. Another aim was to provide for a context, such

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    and weaknesses of our financial status with comparison to the competition Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 Company’s Strength & Weaknesses 4 Horizontal Analysis 4-6 Vertical Analysis 6-8 Trend Analysis 9 Ratio Analysis 9-13 Summary 13-15 Working Capital 15-17 Improving Working Capital 18 How to use Excess Working Capital 18 Internal Controls (IC) 18 Correcting and Mitigating

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    in 2009. The author did a good job in describing why this study was being done by citing several other studies in his introduction.| Discussion ofMethodology|The authors stated that they used the quasi-experimental design for this study.| Data Analysis|The researchers used the statistical package SPSS (13.0) for Windows, descriptive statistics were used to summarize the characteristics of the sample, and baseline data and sample characteristics for both groups were analyzed to determine the comparability

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    and kiss parents or familiar people they regularly spend time with. * Don’t like sharing toys and may say no, push,kick and grab to keep hold of toy. * Will like playing alone and like to explore. | * Child has reached their first milestone at 1 year old and will start to want to have their own way and have more frequent mood changes. * Will have tantrums when frustration becomes too much. * Give signs of jealousy when attention is given to another child. * Shy with strangers

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    Task 1 Introduction: For most businesses, a main priority can be the profit brought in at the end of the day. A small fish in a big pond can be a good description to how a small grocery store chain could be in the world of big business against large national chains. Small and large, with the consumers help, businesses of these sorts are urged to consider the goals of organization, structure, and social responsibility as well. A business in search of success has the knowledge of the market and

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    the plant. 1.  Justify your recommendation through a quantitative analysis, utilizing the appropriate decision analysis tool. a.  Submit a copy of the output from your decision analysis tool of choice. i.  Explain why you chose the decision analysis tool you used. It is recommended that Shuzworld reduce the number of workstations for the production of the rugged wear workboots from 8 to 5 workstations. Tasks will be broken up accordingly: Station 1 will be responsible

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    JGT Task 2- Kyle Dickerson The Transportation model finds the least cost effective ways to ship supplies to different destinations. “Transportation modeling [is] an iterative procedure for solving problems that involve minimizing the cost of shipping products from a series of sources to a series of destinations" (Heizer & Render, 2010, p. 718). In this case there are three warehouses to which Shuzworld will be moving goods to. The factories are named Shanghai Shuzworld H and Shuzworld F.

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    provide a more efficient process. The current efficiency is only 57.5%. For your convenience I have included my calculations below. I determined the efficiency by using the following formula: Efficiency = Sum of the task time / # of workstations × Largest task time. The total task time for the work boot assembly is 46 minutes. The actual numbers of workstations are currently 8 and the largest cycle time is 10 minutes. Therefore Efficiency = 46/8x10 46/8 x 10 = 0.575 x 100 = 57.5% To improve

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    GRT1  Task  1   Transmission  of  informa/on  within   the  cell  and  the  role  of  DNA  and  RNA   in  replica/on.   Process  of  DNA  replica/on  at  the     biochemical  level       Enzymes   •  DNA  Polymerase-­‐finds  correct  base  and  bonds   to  the  original  strand   •  DNA  Helicase-­‐unpackages  the  organism’s   genes   •  Primase-­‐a

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    machine operator 1 perform job 1 and machine operator 2 complete job 2. Then we will have machine operator 3 perform job 4 and machine operator 4 perform job 3. This helps minimize the overall production time and will decrease company expenses. We chose the assignment tool to accomplish a cost effectiveness analysis for the 4 machines and the 4 jobs because it will determine which machine would perform which job and provide the lowest cost to the company. By performing this analysis on each job or

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     JIT Task 1 | | | | Help on this PageDirections SUBDOMAINS: 325.3 - SOLVING PROBLEMS & MAKING DECISIONS 326.3 - EVALUATING ECONOMICS OF MANAGEMENT DECISIONS 326.4 - MANAGING ENTERPRISE RISK & CONTINUITY 329.5 - USING INFORMATION SYSTEMS FOR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE  Competencies: 325.3.4: Problem Solving - The graduate applies the problem solving process to solve organizational and team problems, and develops strategies to avoid decision-making pitfalls. 326.3.1: Decision Analysis -

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    Task 1 A1. The current workflow can be improved by using the assembly line balancing process. Assembly line balancing obtains outputs at each workstation on a production line so delay is minimized. Assembly lines put the fabricated parts together at a series of workstations. The goal is to create a smooth, continuing flow along the assembly line with a minimum of idle time. By using the Assembly line balancing analysis I established a cycle time for each workstation, number of workstations needed

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    Running  head:  Task  1   Issues in Behavioral Science Task 1 Rita B Reutter Western Governors University Task  1     Western nations can have a direct or indirect influence on under-developed societies 2   through the concepts of globalization and modernization. Modern advancement for nonWestern countries seems intrinsically positive, but in many instances the effects of globalization have a negative impact on the culture, lifestyle and progress of underdeveloped

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    calculations for standard values and standard deviations. In this task we are presented with a schedule for the construction of the new store. Project management can be a difficult task, but can be quite simple. The first things that must be done is to determine the activity time for each task. For this project I used the project management tool in the POM application. After input the data into the POM application (Decision analysis tool) that was given, such as the optimistic, most likely, and pessimistic

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    1.  Evaluate the company’s operational strengths and weaknesses based on the following: A1a. Horizontal Analysis When discussing the horizontal analysis of Competition Bikes Inc. I will compare three different years which will be years six, seven and eight. Using the horizontal analysis worksheet, we see that Competition Bikes had an increase in net sales between years six and seven by 33.3%. Then in years seven and eight Competition Bikes Inc. saw a decrease in net sales by 15%. Net sales in

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    situation. As a teenage mother I have gained responsibility at an early age which has helped me to know how to take on multiple tasks on a daily basis. These abilities allow me to work in an environment where I put my duties ahead of my needs or wants. As head of the committee, these traits help of taking on many challenges that come with the job. It helps to have patience with the task at hand as well as organizing them. The responsibilities of being a single teenage parent have helped me with being head

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    prepared for you is how the customers liked the products introduced to the market last quarter. You will receive this information in a form of a brand judgment indicator assigned to each brand and sorted by each market segment. Start your market analysis by reviewing customer satisfaction with your brand designs. The brand judgment measures how well a market segment likes the design of a brand. The score ranges from 0 to 100, where a score of 100 indicates complete satisfaction. In quarter 3, a good

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    Summary Report JET2 Financial Analysis, Task 1 May 27, 2014 Introduction Formed in 2001, Competition Bikes manufactures high grade bicycles for professional and other accomplished riders who compete in bike races, biathlons, and triathlons. The purpose of this report is to provide an evaluation of the company by analyzing its operational strengths and weaknesses, working capital and internal controls. A1a. Horizontal Analysis: Horizontal analysis is an evaluation of a company’s

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    Task 1 Local business A local business is a business which provided goods to the local population in the area, where the shop is. An example of a local shop would be an off license shop in Redbridge; Nisa Local. Advantages | Disadvantages | | Small businesses usually have a lower budget than large companies; therefore they are less able to put money towards advertising their business. This limits their visibility. | Small businesses rely on word-of-mouth to help advertise their businesses

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    you can increase the efficiency rate of the assembly line to 92% and reduce idle time to 4 minutes. This will greatly improve the work flow in this section of your factory and keep production within budgeted costs. Table 1 shows the table generated by the POM program, and Figure 1 shows the original diagram for the workstations where I have circled the stations that should be combined to increase the efficiency of this department. By combining stations B and C into one station and stations E, F, and

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    Student WGU Email: Mentor: Course JGT Task 1 JGT Task 1 Western Governors University WGU JGT Task 1 SUBDOMAIN 326.3 - EVALUATING ECONOMICS OF MANAGEMENT DECISIONS SUBDOMAIN 327.3 - DEVELOPING & MAINTAINING QUALITY SUBDOMAIN 329.4 - MANAGING OPERATIONS Competencies: 326.3.1: Decision Analysis - The graduate analyzes risks and values and uses a variety of decision analysis tools and decision theory to evaluate alternatives during decision-making processes. 327.3.2: Metrics and

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    Performance management project Submission details Candidate’s Name | | Phone No. | | Assessor’s Name | | Phone No. | | Assessment Site | | Assessment Date/s | | Time/s | | The assessment task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor. Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details. Performance objective The objective of this assessment is to enable you to

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    Financial Statement (JET2) Task 1 Victoria Magoonbarker Western Governor’s University Financial Statement (JET2) Task 1 A. Summary Report 1. Evaluate the company’s operational strengths and weaknesses based on the following: a. Horizontal analysis results Competition Bikes, Inc. is a great company with some financial strengths and weaknesses. The horizontal analysis shows the strengths and weaknesses in the company. The horizontal analysis shows that the strength

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    Shuzworld Analysis: Workflow, Cost, Staffing JGT2 Decision Analysis, Task 1 Introduction: Shuzworld is a national retailer based in Omaha, Nebraska that focuses on selling shoes, boots, and sandals. In addition, the company produces its own line of products that include work boots, sandals, rubber boots, and rainwear; along with sport and adventure footwear (MindEdge, 2014). The purpose of this report is to provide recommendations based on several analyses involving the company’s workflow

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    Shuzworld Analysis: Distribution, Reliability, Ordering, Waiting Lines JGT2 Decision Analysis, Task 2 Introduction: Shuzworld is a national retailer based in Omaha, Nebraska that focuses on selling shoes, boots, and sandals. In addition, the company produces its own line of products that include work boots, sandals, rubber boots, and rainwear; along with sport and adventure footwear (MindEdge, 2014). The purpose of this report is to provide recommendations based on several analyses involving

  • Wgu Jgt2 Decision Analysis Task 3

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    Shuzworld Analysis: Output, Forecasts, Quality JGT2 Decision Analysis, Task 3 Introduction: Shuzworld is a national retailer based in Omaha, Nebraska that focuses on selling shoes, boots, and sandals. In addition, the company produces its own line of products that include work boots, sandals, rubber boots, and rainwear; along with sport and adventure footwear (MindEdge, 2014). The purpose of this report is to provide recommendations based on several analyses involving the company’s volume

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    Shuzworld: Operations Analysis JGT2 Decision Analysis, Task 4 Introduction: Shuzworld is a national retailer based in Omaha, Nebraska that focuses on selling shoes, boots, and sandals. In addition, the company produces its own line of products that include work boots, sandals, rubber boots, and rainwear; along with sport and adventure footwear (MindEdge, 2014). The purpose of this report is to provide recommendations based on several analyses involving the company’s retail store planning

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    Financial Analysis Task 1 Financial Analysis Task 1 Competition Bikes, Inc. is a company that makes bicycles for professional riders who compete in bike races, biathlons, and triathlons. They have had an extraordinary success rate among competitive bike riders due to effective sales promotions and word of mouth advertising. In order to evaluate the company’s operational strengths and weaknesses we must evaluate the company’s financial status using horizontal analysis, vertical analysis, trend

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    FROM: BERNICE KOKO, OPERATIONS CONSULTANT DATE: FEBRUARY 2015 Decision Analysis: Task two Distribution pattern The company current distribution pattern states that Shuzworld H shipped 300 units to Warehouse 1, 200 units to Warehouse 2 and 1800 units to Warehouse 3, and Shanghai shipped 1300 units to Warehouse 2. Shuzworld F shipped 2200 units to Warehouse 1which resulted in an Optimal Transportation Cost of $13,600. The updated production plan also states that Shanghai plant production increased

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    Transportation Analysis Tool to determine if this is the best course of action to continue. By using this tool to analyze the data Mr. Wu has provided, we have kept in mind your business objectives to remain flexible for future growth while seeking the lowest transportation costs and shipping plans as viable alternatives. Due to the flexibility that your organization has expressed as an important component of the long range business objectives, it was essential to combine a second Decision Analysis

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    Task:   Note: Be sure to submit a copy of your Excel workbook when submitting your JET2 Task 1 work.  The evaluator will need a copy of your data to ensure correct evaluation. A.  Prepare a summary report in which you do the following: 1.  Evaluate the company’s operational strengths and weaknesses based on the following: a.  Horizontal analysis results b.  Vertical analysis results c.  Trend analysis results d.  Ratio analysis results Note: Multiple strengths and multiple weaknesses

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    Emily Wadman Financial Analysis Task 1 Competition Bikes, Inc. is a company that makes professional bicycles for races, biathlons, and triathlons. In this report I will be creating a summary based on the evaluation of the company’s operations. 1a. Horizontal analysis compares the financial amounts throughout the years of a company. I have compared the income statements and the balance sheets for the past three consecutive years. We are going to look at year 6,7, and 8. The net sales

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    Processes 5 Data Collection Instruments 5 Discussion of Data Collection Instruments Used 5 Sources of Data 5 Discussion of Sources of Data 5 Table 1 – Training Survey 6 Table 2 – Exit Interview Survey 6 Data from Other Sources 7 Summary of Results 7 Data Analysis Techniques 7 Data Results 7 Table 3 8 Table 4 8 Findings of Needs Analysis 9 Goal Statement 10 Appendix A 10 References 10   Discussion of Instructional Problem In my corporate training environment, I have the privilege

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    numerous private and public colleges. It is also home to a state university. It has numerous hospitals to treat the population, such as Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Medical, UC Davis Medical Center and Dignity Healthcare. Each organization has more than 1 hospital and plenty of medical offices that have family practice offices to specialty office. UC Davis Medical Center is always a certified trauma unit. The City of Sacramento has a triple A minor league baseball team, The Sacramento River Cats.

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    This Shuzworld Shanghai production facility will be able to improve current workflows via workflow changes in plant operations, cost analysis associated with a new line of products, and staffing strategies for the plant. Cynthia Crowninshield states, "It's very important that when you make recommendations that you provide both the output of your analysis along with the reasons for the course of action you've recommended (Case Study, 2015).” Assembly line issues The Shanghai management

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    Task: Prepare a memo by doing the following: A. Recommend how to improve the current workflow in the plant as explained in section 2 (“A visit to Schuzworld’s Shanghai production facility”) of the Shuzworld case study.. 1. Justify your recommendation through a quantitative analysis, using the appropriate decision analysis tool. Note: The recomme ndation should include how the activities are organized and the appropriate efficiency metrics. a. Submit an accurate copy of the computer-generated

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    Presentation of Analysis and Recommendations for Schuzworld Western Governors University Decision Analysis JGT2 Task 2 The following report consists of recommendations made for Schuzworld, a fictitious manufacturer and retailer of various types of footwear. Table of Contents A: Distribution Pattern to Minimize Total Shipping Costs..........................................................3 A1: Copy of Computer-Generated Output................................................

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    production process to five work cells with suitable tasks in each work cell to produce the desired work boot. A1. Justification Using Assembly Line Balancing the 8 tasks can be organized into 5 work cells. The cycle time for the longest task is 10 minutes with several tasks taking less than 5 minutes there is a lot of idle time, which equals inefficient operations. Looking at the assembly tasks, tasks B & C can be combined into a work cell as well as tasks E, F, and G combined into a work cell. The

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    new equipment for the Shanghai facility to produce the shoes or outsource the manufacturing to a facility in China. We have been asked to determine which option would be most cost efficient. We have been given some information to use during our analysis. It is estimated that to recondition the current equipment at the Shanghai plant would have fixed costs of $50,000 and variable costs of $1,000, for each unit of 1,000 sneakers. Buying new equipment would have fixed costs of $200,000 and variable

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    it. However, the owner can close the company, sell of the assets to a new owner and then have the new owner reopen the business as their own, under their own unique name. * Control: The owner has complete and total control over all business decisions. * Profit Retention: Any money made by the business is profit for the owner. What the owner decides to invest the money into is entirely up to them. * Location: Since sole proprietorship is really just an extension of the owner, it is legal

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    Task 1 Chelsa Murrell Western Governors University I am a clinical nurse specialist with a Post-Masters Nursing Informatics Certificate, currently working in a 100-bed community based hospital. My training as a Informatics Nurse Specialist, personal experience with multiple electronic record systems, and my vast work experience in a wide array of specialties, the hospital has asked me to lead a multidisciplinary team of hospital professionals to explore and recommend a new Electronic Health

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    Decision Analysis Task 1 JGT2 Decision Analysis Task 1 A.) Recommendation on how to improve current workflow. It is my recommendation that Shuzworld change their facilities layout to create a better workflow. You can accomplish this by breaking the current structure and reorganizing the workstations to accomplish tasks in a more time efficient manner and maximizing an employees’ time spent on the product. Utilizing the Case Study we can surmise that each eight hour shift must produce forty-eight