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  • Chet Anderson Essay

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    Chet Anderson Characters Chet Anderson Leader of outlaw gang, rough and rugged. Age 35. Falls for Laura Baker. Laura Newberry Average day debutant, lonely. Age 28. Sam Newberrys wife. Cash Childers In outlaw gang, wants to be the leader, naive and wet behind the ears. Age 20. Second in command in the gang behind Chet. Samuel Newberry Corrupt sheriff, abusive to his wife. Age 32. Laura’s husband. Brock Crowley Sheriff’s deputy, typical you say jump and he’ll say how high

  • Malik Essay

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    spirit as free and confident as Zora Neale Hurston could envision the true nature of Janie’s triumph in her victory walk through town as the men gawked and the women talked on the porch when she returned from burying the dead at the beginning of Their Eyes Were Watching God. Janie is no longer a young girl, but her body still attracts attention from the men. She has been a wife three times, far beyond wearing that “great rope of black hair swinging to her waist and unraveling in the wind like a

  • A Tragedy Of Hope Essay

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    Behind every tragedy, there was a hope. Hope and tragedy is one of the main concepts in the book Of Mice and Men. George, Lennie and Curley’s wife have experienced hope and tragedy first hand. These characters in Of Mice and Men have encountered hope and tragedy which affects their life greatly. George has experienced a lot of tragedy in his life but has also encountered hope. Firstly, a tragedy that George experiences is that he to kill his best friend, Lennie, by shooting him in the head. As

  • Adam - Just Another School Shooting Essay

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    Just Another School Shooting Jimmy Clay and Brendan Baker are your average teenage outcasts. Jimmy, a sophomore in high school, is considered an “uncool loner” by most of the kids in his grade. Brendan, a senior, is considered a “creep” and “one messed up motherfucker” by the majority of the kids in his grade and the grades below him. Brendan and Jimmy aren’t best friends, but they’ve put together a plan that only the closest of friends could execute properly. Brendan and Jimmy are tired of being

  • did he have any other choice Essay

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    the police men what was wrong with lennie and he could have explained that lennie was mentally insane and could be a big baby at-times so that they don’t treat him meanly. Another thing George could have done is that he could have ran away with lennie this is something he should be used to by now, as we can all remember they both ran away from weed due to the fact that lennie scared a woman. So tell me what was stopping him from running away again with lennie and hidden away from the men that were

  • Of Mice And Men Alt Ending Essay

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    hallucination, and in his hands was a dead Curley. “What’cha got there, Lennie?”, George whispered. His face was dripping with sweat and clothing was heavily soiled from the dirt. Lennie turns around in shock and starts to cry,” I did it again George, I did a bad thing again. First the purty lady now the small meanie. I’m a bad person George and I should just go up into the mountains and never bother you ever again.” George attempts to console Lennie. “Now, now don’t you be doing nothing, I need you

  • How Does Alfred Noyes Create Tension and Mood in the Highwayman? Essay

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    T he highwayman by Alfred Noyes tells a story about two people, The Highwayman and his love Bess, and how Bess kills herself for the Highwayman’s life when King Georges’ men come to kill the Highwayman who is a thief. The Highwayman does not know that he is about to be killed when he arrives to pick Bess up. Bess pulls the trigger of a nearby gun to warn the Highwayman, but it is too late because one of the redcoats shoots the Highwayman. In this essay, I shall try to show how the poet creates

  • Ignorance Is Deadly Essay

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    grew up in quickly get destroyed by the men on the hills. This causes some to change their identity, and even lose the person they use to be. In Steven Galloway's The Cellist of Sarajevo, ignorance is a dangerous cause of for physical, mental, and emotional suffering for the characters during the war. Arrow is a courages, powerful, and dangerous character but when she's ignorant she causes problems to herself, making her suffer. She got killed by the men she refused to help. This is an example

  • Emily and Norman Essay

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    gasping for air and confused, tries to shout his wife’s name again. “Jo, Jooodie! Jodie!” Alex starts searching the rest of the house for his family. Now in a very light voice, he calls for his wife and daughter. “Jodie. Kali.” Still, there is dead silence as you could hear a pin drop. Alex continues to investigate his house to uncover some answers. In the midst of things, Alex hears a noise coming from the basement. He heads that way cautiously, not knowing what could be ahead of him. Alex,

  • Agent Essay

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    “Where am I going this time,” I asked? “Somalia. You and Agent 65 will have to go to the mansion of the warlord and take his wife. His wife is a valuable asset,” she said. “So, if her cover is blown or if she gets killed, you will hope that I don’t find you. You leave at 2400 hours,” said Ashley. So, I went looking for Agent 25. He liked to mess around when he wasn’t working. The first place I looked was at the bar. He was there with his girlfriend or fiancé. Nobody can know what we do