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    the story. Progression and modernity are his passion, and at no cost is he willing to compromise these ideals. When he first discovers the path he asks a teacher about it who tells him how important it is to the villagers, and how “there was a big row some time ago when we attempted to close it” (43). Obi does not care however, and insists that the path must not be used especially because they are to be inspected by an educational officer the following week. He even mocks the tradition saying

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    1. We may think that this SS is a little old fashioned, as the so-called Colonialism was over some decades ago and the last official colonies finally got their own political independence. As Michael Obi, the main character, we all have our own prejudices up to some extent. Of course that not everybody disrespect the values of other countries in such overt way as him, but some still feel suspicious about the values of countries they barely know. In addition to cultural differences, we can also talk

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    Obi’s Selfishness In Dead Men’s Path, a story is told about a twenty seven year old man, named Obi, who was appointed to become the new headmaster of Ndume Central School. He gladly took up the role, hoping to improve the always-unprogressive school. He, along with his wife, planned on things such as creating gardens to beautify the appearance of the school, and by trying to implement “modern methods” to better it. Obi and his wife’s efforts seem sincere, but their true motives for reforming the

  • Modernity Vs. Tradition In Dead Men's Path Essay

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    Modernity Vs. Tradition in Dead Men’s Path In “Dead Men’s Path” modernity is faced against tradition in several different ways. We see this happen throughout the story in several minor occurrences and one major occurrence. At the very beginning of the story Michael Obi is appointed headmaster of Ndume Central School. At first glance this may seem like nothing more than a man being appointed to a job. If you look at the details with more attention and in regard to modernity vs. tradition you will

  • Dead Man's Path Short Story Essay

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    Omar Terrazas 1/11/12 Dead Men’s Path In the short story of “Dead Men’s Path,” by Chinua Achebe, Michael Obi, a young and enthusiastic man had been appointed headmaster of Ndume Central School. Obi happily accepted this responsibility as a headmaster and had many wonderful ideas. Michael had a sound secondary school education which made him an important teacher apart from other headmasters. “Dead Men’s Path” is the story of a “progressive” African headmaster (principal) who takes on a new

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    his wife, to manage the school well. In his point of view, he also wants teachers to give their time and energy to the school as much as possible. As a headmaster of the school, he wants the rules to be followed strictly, hence the issue of the dead men's path rose. He forbids the villagers to use the school compound and he compromises nothing. Mr Obi is a passion yet immature young adult. His passion leads to his hopes fulfilled earlier and he becomes a headmaster of a school. His passion also has

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    “Dead Men's Path” Chinua Achebe (1930--) Chinua Achebe, a world-class writer of Nigerian descent, writes frequently of the tensions resulting from the clash of cultures produced by European colonialism in Africa. “Dead Men’s Path” is one of his best known short stories; his masterwork is the novel Things Fall Apart, written is 1958—when he was only twenty-eight years old. As you read “Dead Men’s Path,” think about how it is an example of the failure to think critically through the nuances of a

  • Comparison Of 3 Tales By Mandela,B. Head,C. Achebe Essay

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    Comparison of the tales: Robben Island: The Dark Years. (Nelson Mandela’s autobiography) The prisoner who wore glasses. (Bessie Head) Dead men’s path. (Chinua Achebe) W hen we read these stories for the first time we think of them to be very different—different setting, different characters, different endings. Then, how could we make a comparison among such different things? The answer is not to pay attention to the obvious differences but to the inner similarities. I do not mean I will

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    Dead Men's Path is set in Nigeria in 1949, Chinua Achebe’s story Dead Men’s Path is about Michael Obi, a modern and ambitious young man who is appointed headmaster of the un-progressive Ndume Central School. Obi decides to beautify the school. One evening, Obi sees a woman walk on the flower bed and notices a path that leads to the village across. Obi asks a teacher why the villagers are allowed to use the foot-path. Consequently he found out that the path is very important to them because it

  • Cultural Imperialism And Its Negative Nifluences Essay

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    criticism and help me, the reader understand more clearly how foreign influence negatively impacts a culture. In their stories “Dead Men’s Path”, “Fishhooks” and “The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World”, there are interrelated symbols and images that portray cultural imperialism and discuss the reaction of local people towards it. Chinua Achebe’s “Dead Men’s Path” portrays the negative response of local traditional people towards the concept of cultural imperialism. In this story, a newly