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    TMA 01 Part 1 a Problems at the Ottershaw Branch To: Mr. Chris Pike From: Subject: Zinn’s Burgers and Pizza, Ottershaw Branch Date: Dear Mr Pike, As per you recent request I have carried out a review of the Ottershaw branch and found a number of problems that need to be addressed in order to improve performance. I have detailed these in the table below: Problems Indentified From Case Study Effect Competitors outlets nearby Decrease in market share Recent trend towards healthy

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    The following issues I have identified are: Staff training and Procedures There is currently no training taking place within the store as it is seen as a waste of money. This is causing low staff moral and is showing in staff attitudes. The procedures booklet issued by head office is almost redundant and is unused by the store. Structure of Staffing The business seems to be top heavy with little or no respect for night Managers. It seems though the manager and assistant are not seeing

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    Part (a) In this report I will focus on external and internal strengths and weaknesses (section 2.4 of book 1 p.30) to assist Chris Pike with current problems at Zinn’s and offer advice to help improve matters at the restaurant. There are many external factors that are having a negative impact on the internal environment. • Rival international brands in local vicinity • Out dated equipment, fixtures and fittings • Healthy eating trends • Rising costs • Falling sales

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    Exploration 1 My hands are cold: no matter what the temperature around me is, my hands are always freezing. To add, I have a terrible circulation. Thumb is too big: thumbs of my both hands are extremely flattened and fat. This has caused me much embarrassment, because it is very ugly. Snap my fingers: Sometimes when I'm doing nothing, I usually snap my fingers. Might because my fingers look like are bent or it’s just a bad habit. Dry hand: my hands are always dry, flaking or even cracking,

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    Assignment Number: TMA 01: PART 1. Module: B120: An Introduction to Business Studies. INTRODUCTON. This is a detailed assessment explaining to Mr Chris Pike (Manager of Zinn’s Burgers and Pizzas at the Ottershaw branch), about on-going codes of conducts which are having an adverse effect on the business and jeopardising their reputation as a strong presence in the fast food industry in an area which has seen. I have made propositions to improve the situation with

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    PART 1 Part a I was invited along to an interview with the office manager which would last approx. I spent a lot of time preparing for the interview. But it was not a very good start. The office manager and his partner was asked me just some normal question like they wanted to know about myself, my weakness, and why I want to do this job? And his behavior was like my job is not a high position so he didn’t show me enough attention. That I was not expected so I was quite surprised and then the interview

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    Zinnn’s burger and pizza “Zinn’s burger and pizza” In this short report we are looking at ottershaw branch of zinn’s burger and pizzas chain finding sales falling down and cost rising up .We are going to look on common issues and how to improve current situation. PART(A) After having completed a study of the ottershaw branch I try to identify problems within zinn’s burger and pizza I’ll be focusing on external environment and it’s huge effect on the business: = Decoration and furniture

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    In this essay I will be explaining how we use managerial processes in our everyday lives. For this I will be using an example of an activity that I have undertaken during my leisure time. I will be referencing the different management models from the course to support the argument, ‘Even in Our Leisure Time We Are All “Managers” Now’. Henri Fayol (1841-1925) can be seen as one of the most influential contributors to the modern concept of management, having first proposed his Five Principles of Management

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    Hospital was in fact “Lennox Castle Mental Defective's Institution" Word count 1103 References Goffman 1961 from Understanding Health and Social Care 2nd edition Johnson& De Souza Howard Mitchell k101 DVD The Book Of Lennox Castle 1936 TMA 03 Part B Barriers to communication Please read the guidance for Part B in the Assessment Guide. |Types of barrier |Barriers to communication, as Evelyn, Mary and Douglas |Ways to overcome barriers, as Evelyn, Mary and Douglas would

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    has become a focal point to British Society on the high street. The aim of the supermarket in society can be considered controversial, and it is argued that supermarkets limits choice in a consumer market. (Evidence in Social Sciences, 2009, Track 1). There is an opposing view that supermarkets provide economic regeneration to areas by creating jobs and also offering choice to consumers. To consider the view that big supermarkets both provide and limit choice firstly we need to have an understanding

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    In this report I will be advising by assessing and giving my opinion regarding a Medium sized chain of restaurants named, Zinns Burgers and Pizzas. I will be outlining were I feel the business is failing and how I perceive certain results can ascertained by implementing new procedures introduced from personal experience and using the S.W.O.T Analysis to perform (Ref 2.4 book one, What is a business.) After reading the case study on Zinns Burgers & Pizzas please find as follows. Strengths

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    Rosenberg (1979), cited in ‘Research background: developmental sequences in self-descriptions’ TMA 04 (practical). Available from : http://Learn2.open.ac.uk/mod/oucontent/view.php?id=25330&printable=1 Harter (1983), cited in ‘Research background: developmental sequences in self-descriptions’ TMA 04 (practical). Available from : http://Learn2.open.ac.uk/mod/oucontent/view.php?id=25330&printable=1 Geertz (1984), cited in Miell, D. and Ding, S. (2009) ‘The early development of identity’.

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    B120 An introduction to business studies, TMA 1 After carefully reading and analysing the issue related to Zinn’s Burgers and Pizza, it clearly emerges that the main problem causing the business falling down is related to the lack of organisational culture within the company and their employees. As stated “night managers” and employees don’t receive any formal training so no one does not have any pattern, history, beliefs and expectations to share ( Schwartz and Davis, 1981, p.33) and pass to

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    the Social Sciences, Part One: Learning Companion 1, Milton Keynes, The Open University. ‘The Street’ (2009) Making Social Lives [DVD], Milton Keynes, The Open University Self-reflection I have enjoyed watching the street film it really opens your mind to your own streets very interesting, really enjoyed watching the new series on BBC 2 and have sent away for the booklet. What I have found difficult is managing my time. I just hope the TMA was O.K. Word Count 50

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    I am applying Study Session 3 Business Structures (B120, Book 1) to the case study for TMA 0.1. Part (a) I. Removing (and then reinstating) some of the formal structures and rules within the business has left employees without direction and unclear of the objectives of the organisation. II. Offering autonomy to the café managers has led to an inconsistent approach to a number of the fundamental concepts of the organisation which is leading to contention between managers of different branches

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    Title - TMA02 Part 1 Contents page Executive Summary Part A – Description of the problem Part B - An analysis of the problem using HRM concepts Part C – Recommendations Part D - Useful information from the internet regarding the HRM issue References Appendix Executive Summary The purpose behind this report was to get to the underlying reason for a sales agent sickness and de-motivation and to put forward recommendations to resolve the issues. Using concepts from ‘An introduction to

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    To: Patrica Lodge From: Date: Subject: Report of The Lodge Bistro Chain Problems currently faced by The Lodge Bistro; 1 Business is facing a distinctly different environment from when first formed, the concept is seen as dated and therefore reflected in the type of customers dining at the bistro. Due to the ongoing recession customers are no longer willing to spend money how they used to. 2 The opening of multiple fast-food chains, coffee bars and independent

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    TMA 04 Part 1 Ice hockey players must possess a combination of speed, balance and co-ordination, power, agility and anaerobic endurance. These components of fitness are vital to the success of a good ice hockey player. On average players perform for 20-25 minutes of a 60-minute game. A typical interval on the rink lasts 30-80 seconds with a 2-3 minute rest interval between shifts. These shifts tend to be anaerobic in nature with short, intense bursts of high speed skating and aggressive

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    TMA 01 PART ONE The table shows results for five conditions explored by Bandura et al. The results from the control group, which had no model, indicates clearly that the boys showed almost double the amount of aggression shown by the girls. The boys level of imitative aggression was highest with a live male model, lowest with a filmed male model. The results also show that boys overall displayed much more aggression than the girls, but only very slightly more after viewing a film male model

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    Question 1 a) The purpose if the profit and loss statements are to report on the income the business has gained and expenditure that has occurred during the period of the report for the business, it will inevitably tell you whether you have spent more on the goods required rather than on the sales generated or if you have a greater income than what the goods have cost. It is generally used to identify the amount of profit or loss for a specific period of time i.e. the end of year financial

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    89:/490710050703.08,3/490703;7432039,;0.4397-:90/94 90743/0;0452039 %07080,7.,88439,931:03.08.,329,3/ 03,-0/0;0452039 ,3/,50784384310050703.0,84,110.990 31:03.09,990,;0431:9:700307,9438    3974/:.943  %74:985740.93;089,9090945.411085,3/0;0452039  0,23340.,304;07,10920,3/5,79.:,744:7507843,9 /0;0458 4:784.,3907,.9438 .439;0.,308,802

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    TMA 04 Development of self-categorisation and the locus of self-knowledge. Abstract The purpose of this investigation was to categorise the responses from the participants to the question who am I? There are 4 pre coded categories which are used from Rosenburg et al theory. The two participants were both female and were aged 8 years old and 16 years old. The children were asked to write down ten points to describe themselves, each statement begins with I. The interviewer then went through the

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    TMA 01 Additional Guidance The TMA comes in 2 parts; I will address Part I first: Part I When I mark your work, I am looking to assess the skills you show; analysis and application are the ones that gain the most marks: • Analysis is about making sense of what you see happening and using business theory to support any arguments you present. • Application is about making sure that you are discussing the burger bar and that your work is not simply repeating text book theory.

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    TMA 01 - Part 1: - Part A:- Having analysed this case study, I have identified potential issues, primarily relating to the external environment which, I believe, has had a greater detrimental impact on the business than any other factors. Using the STEEP analysis model, I have outlined these factors under 5 headings; Sociological, technological, economic, environmental and political, to try to surmise the key reasons for the companies woes. Sociological:- * High turnover of new staff

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    throwing bottles and food from a window. This is causing alarm and distress to Mr. Jones who lives next door. Barry is 15 years old. The minimum age for a person to be issued with an A.S.B.O is 10. This is stated in Section 1(1) of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998. Section 1(1)(a) of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 refers to if the person has acted in an anti social manner that caused harassment; alarm or distress to one or more persons not of the same house hold. Barry having gang members drinking

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    B120 TMA 01 Part 1 Part (a) Dear Patricia, Following your request to analyse why Lodge Bistro is in its current situation, please see my findings. Current problems at Lodge Bistro include falling standards of quality and service, resulting in a down turn in customers. As identified by some of your own managers, Lodge Bistro is losing its brand identity, and therefore losing its core customer market, due to the increased autonomy given to managers. Looking at the East Cheam site there is

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    TMA 1 Part 1 In this report I will be writing identifying the problems that have been arising in the East Cheam Bistro and how the Lodge Bistro Chain could address these problems in the future. The problems that are arising is the staff and manager of the East Cheam Bistro, as there is a high staff turnover, this could be a result of many reasons such as they have been given poor training, even a weak team leadership can result in high staff turnover because if the management doesn’t make the

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    “Is that people I can see swimming over there?” I ask the skipper as he lowers the cage into the shark infested waters. “It looks like it,” he dispassionately replies, before returning to skewering a fish head to his hook. “How far are we from shore?” I enquire. “About a mile.” I glance back to the beach and watch in amazement as about twenty people frolic carelessly in the waters. Our skipper is throwing buckets of fish blood into the water now and the cage is almost submerged, only

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    Motivation in Domino’s Pizza Contents page 1. Executive summary 2. Problem description and analysis 3. Problem description and analysis 4. Recommendations 5. Information 6. References 7. TGF 2.1 summary A. Executive summary While working for Domino’s Pizza as a manager I had to responsibility of motivating staff to achieve the goals set by the employer and the company, the majority of the staff that work for Domino’s Pizza are under the age of 20 and motivating

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    TMA 01 Question 1 a) The term environment refers to the surrounding conditions in which organisms including humans live in. The surrounding conditions for example, include light, air and temperature which all influence the development and growth of organisms. However, the environment has become a complex issue due to the negative effects of human activity which has led to serious environmental issues on living organisms both locally and across the globe. Local environmental issues involve the

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    the business I decided to use concepts from ‘An Introduction to Human Resource Management in Business’ to allow me to then make my recommendations as to what should be done next. The concepts which I found most relevant in this case were from Session 1: ‘Why do people go to work?’. Douglas McGregor’s (1960) Theory X and Theory Y model of motivation in business and Steers and Rhodes (1978) theory of absenteeism both have relevance in this case. Problem Description and Analysis Part A – Description

  • B120 Tma 01 Essay

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    (2006) An Introduction to human resource management in business:Wookbook 2, Milton Keynes, The Open University http://www.cipd.co.uk/ accessed on 25th November 2013 http://www.acas.org.uk/index.aspx?articleid=2927 accessed on 25th November 2013 TMA 02 Part II The discussion on the tutor group forum which I was most interested in was Culture and Values. All agreed in the importance of culture and values within a business and how HRM is closely linked. Perceptions on how large and small companies

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    THE OPEN UNIVERSITY TMA Module E859 Chosen Set 1 The key leadership and management issues addressed in Beattie M article: - Holistic leadership: the author denotes the emotional, moral and aesthetic aspects of leadership and its association with the intellectual and social aspect of both teachers – leaders and students – learners. Holistic leadership is an inclusive, connective and collaborative type of leadership, which is driven by emotion, compassion and a sense of

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    order to illustrate the impact of which medicalisation has upon the experience of dying, a definition of medicalisation will be given and illustrated by attributes from Seymour. This will be highlighted by various case studies provided throughout block 1 unit 4 (The social context of death and dying) Finally, the ways In which various sociologists view medicalisation will be discussed in order to criticise the increasing use of medicalisation in the modern western world. Medicalisation is defined

  • Dse212 Tma 02 Essay

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    1000 Miell, D. , Phoenix, A. & Thomas, K (Eds) . (2007. Mapping Psychology (2nd ed). Milton Keynes: The Open University Part 2 Question 1 Q1, (a) Average hours of study per week, Score in exam Q1, (b), (i) Q1, (c), (ii) Q1, (d), The correlation between average hours of study per week and score in the exam is 0.84. A correlation of +1 would be a perfect correlation so 0.84 suggests that the relationship between hours of study a week and score in the exam is strong. Q1, (e), (iii)

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    would need to be developed for him to see the toothbrush and also his neural development to help him understand what his Mother is expecting him to do. His proto-conversation skills would also be required as it is not clear from the scenario in Option 1 exactly how much information Alex’s mother is giving him verbally. When Alex correctly starts to copy his Mother, this indicates that his motor skills will have been put to use as well as all of the above that was needed to hold it. As his Mother had

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    self, it is an idea of singularity, but people have identities that are correlated to the belonging to social life, these would be our social identities, that ‘derives from membership in groups and social categories’ (‘studying identities’, 2009, track 1) This togetherness of personal and social identities is produce via a process of identification, so all identities become part of one self. Included in the Social identities are the group identities, the belonging to different social groups are given

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    TMA 02 – Ready to Eat Part A There are a number reasons why people leave jobs and staff turnover can be high. The main points could be, that they no longer feel motivated, moral in the work place could be having a negative effect, the job they are doing is not what was advertised and my not be happy with the management style. This is just a few factors to take into consideration when people leave jobs resulting in high turnover. One example in the recruitment process that maybe used is,

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    | | Points to remember: • Differences/physical differences/social differences • Ethnicities/inequalities Beginning, main and conclusion TMA 01 Essay Outline how some benefit and others lose on a street that you know In light of the materials I have studied, I have been able to analysis the differences and similarities between the street of my choice, Sutton High Street/St James Road

  • Tma 01 - Part 1 Written Exercise Essay

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    how people of different genders, age, class and race are compared An example of difference on City Road in Cardiff would be the outlook of the people using certain shops or facilities. The Mackintosh Centre The Life and Times of the Streets: Part 1 (The Open University 2014a) is a prime example, how class perception affects how people think. The centre now a sports club, was the home of a wealthy family and the stigma still remains in the minds of the local people when looking in through the fencing

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    females and two males, with differing opinions on homework. The children involved in the focus group were: Child 1 – Year 3, male Child 2 – Year 4, female Child 3 – Year 5, male Child 4 – Year 6, female Gathering and Examining the Data There were 50 responses to the questionnaires, which highlighted the following: • 72% of children thought homework was important. • Only 1 child said they learnt ‘nothing’ from homework. • The most common subject ‘learnt’ from homework was maths

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    experience. This report will, provide the UWA with a recommendation whether or not to habituate a new group of mountain gorillas in the national park for tourist viewing. The report will look at the four objectives set out by UWA and will consider; 1. The health and welfare of gorillas 2. The biodiversity of the forest environment. 3. Increases to tourist revenue. 4. Spreading the benefits of tourism development, among local communities to reduce poverty. The report is in four main parts and

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    Question 1 a) * public transport: I spend an average of 5,5 hours on public transport, mostly on trains. Depending on the train it is either a 6 or 9 minute commute to the central station, one way. The reason why I had to make a guess is, I normally walk, or rent a bike from the station to my workplace, but depending on the weather, and me personally, I take the bus. The bus rides take me to roughly 5.5 hours on public transport * air travel: The answer is based on the flights I took this

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    Length: 387 words Views: 279 Popularity Rank: 40250 12345 1 rating(s) Report this Essay Save Paper Related Essays B120 Tma01 B120 Tma01 B120 Tma01 B120 Tma01 B120 Tma01 B120 Tma01 B120 Tma01 B120 Tma01 B120 Tma01 B120 Tma01 B120 Tma01 B120 Tma01 B120 Tma01 B120 Tma01 B120 Tma01 B120 Tma01 B120 Tma01 B120 Tma01 B120 Tma01 B120 Tma01 Open Universtiy B120 Tma 01 Tma01 B120 Tma01 B120 Tma01 B120 Tma01 B120 Tma01 Tma 01 B120 Ou B120 Tma1 120 Tma01 Tma01 Citations MLA

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    Question 1 (I) Factors: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 15, 17, 18, 30, 34, 45, 51, 85, 90, 102, 153, 170, 255, 306, 510, 765, 1530 Prime factors: 2 x 3 x 3 x 5 x 17 (ii) 7/9 – 1/6 + 8/12 Additions first =1/6 + 8/12 = ((1*12) + (8*6) / 6*12) = (12+48) / 72 =60/72 =5/6 Then Subtractions Therefore =7/9 – 5/6 = ((7*6) – (5*9)) / (9*6) = (42-45) / 54 =-3/54 =-1/18 (iii) 3√14 / √42 =3√14 / √3 √14 =3/√3 =√3 (b) (i) Total students = 255 Students who took test = 225 Students

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    TMA 2 – Part A: Question 1: 1. 1700x12=£20400 16827/12=£1402.25 1700/100=17x2=34+1700=£1734 1734x12=£20808 17104/12=£1425.33 1402.25x6=£8413.50 1425.33x6=£8551.98+£8413.50=£16965.48/12=£1413.79. Piper’s average net monthly income over one year would be £1413.79. 2. Net income Average month £ per month. Earnings: 1413.79

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    To: The Ministry of Defence From: Samantha Gibbons Date: 02/06/15 Title: I am writing to address some issues I have found with your new recruitment plan. Question a: Opportunities and dangers. I am sure you are aware that recruitment process is a two way process and should be about the applicant finding out whether the Army is for them as well as finding out if the applicant is deemed acceptable for the Army. I would like to highlight some main opportunities and dangers to be considered by

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    Green To: Simon Speers Date: 27th July 2014 Contents Page Introduction …… 3 Findings …… 4 Conclusion …… 5 Referencing ……. 5 TGF Forum …….6 TMA 04 Part 1 Q1A Introduction Bottle Green was bought out in March 2007 by Simon Speers at the time the company was a cash-rich business with a turnover of £9m. After three poor summers this has not helped the company now carrying debt just under £10m

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    TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA 04

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    2014 Contents Overview iCMA skills test TMA 01 Part I Part II Guidance notes TMA 02 Part I Part II Guidance notes TMA 03 Part I Part II Guidance notes EMA EMA task Guidance notes 3 of 15 4 4 4 5 6 6 7 8 9 9 10 11 11 12 12 13 14 Thursday 24th July 2014 Overview Overview Assessment in B122 comprises an interactive computer-marked assignment (iCMA), three tutor-marked assignments (TMAs) and an end-of-module assessment (EMA). In order