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  • Customs and Courtesies

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    Customs and Courtesies As soldiers we are taught to live the seven Army values defining the basics of what a soldier is all about. One of those being respect. Relying on the golden rule, “How we consider others reflects upon each of us, both personally and as a professional organization.” I believe this is an extremely important value to live by each and every day. As a soldier I pledged to treat others with dignity and respect while expecting others to do the same. Respect is what allows us to

  • Customs And Courtesies

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    CUSTOMS AND COURTESIES FM 7-21-13 Chapter 4 The Army is an organization that instills pride in its soldiers because of its history, mission, capabilities, and the respect it has earned in the service of the Nation. A reflection of their pride is shown in the customs and courtesies the Army holds. Customs-are established practices which consist of: positive actions, things you do and things you avoid. Now Army customs consist of: never going over the head of superiors, don’t jump chain of command

  • Professionalism, Tact and the Customs and Courtesies

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    and the customs and courtesies inside the Marine Corps; why these traits are important to possess while serving in the Marine Corps. Marine Corps customs and courtesies are extremely vital to how the Marine Corps works. They are meant to strengthen discipline and the chain of command, demonstrating how Marines should treat their superiors. Also, they strengthen the solidarity and union of the corps. This is one the few things that has made this brotherhood what it is today. Marine courtesies include

  • Military Customs Essay

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    Military Customs are regular and usual ways of acting and behaving in a given circumstance. They are expected actions that have been repeated again and again and passed from one generation to the next. It has been practiced for so long it has established a force of law. The Army observes a number of customs that add to the interest, pleasure, respect and graciousness. Army customs are considered common law which is considered a system of law based on custom and court decisions. Military courtesy means

  • Proficiency Without Professionalism Equals Mediocrity

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    arrival he was not shown the proper customs and courtesies (i.e., hand salute). It was only after the general told the Marines to render the proper customs and courtesies that anyone rendered the general a hand salute and valediction. When taken individually, these are microcosmic events within the Marine Corps; however, the behaviors are not limited to Camp Lejeune alone and indicate a growing antipathy toward authority and disrespect for customs and courtesies. The Marine Corps should reexamine

  • French & American Cultural Courtesies

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    French children will have acquired the basic social courtesies by the age of four (Platt),meanwhile, American children at the age of four are, “little monsters” giving their parents little to no privacy when entertaining, being rude to strangers or even elders, and exemplifying the idea that it’s there way or the highway. In Raymonde Carroll’s Cultural Misunderstandings Carroll recounts a time where she is engaged in an interesting conversation with an American, and the Americans child comes over

  • Respect In The Military

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    Respect, a Middle English term that originated in the 1300’s. What does this word mean? It has many different definitions and uses but the original meaning is, “The action of looking back, consideration, regard. “ But what does that really mean. In different situations, settings, cultures, and even households, this small word could have so many different views on how to correctly put the word to use, as well as many methods to putting this noun into an action, such as, respecting others, respecting

  • Combat Leadership Vs Garrison Leadership

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    inspections checking haircuts, uniform cleanliness and serviceability, I.D. tags and cards, general military knowledge questions were usually asked. You were expected to demonstrate a high level of military discipline and you exercised military customs and courtesies at all times. The garrison adage was look like a Soldier, act like a Soldier and you were a

  • Respect to Ncos in the Army

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    civilization itself, could exist as we know it today without the ongoing application of respect, in its many forms. This fact is most obvious, and can not be illustrated any further, than by looking at the worlds militaries, and by observing customs, courtesies, and policies of different military organizations, past and present. If one researches ancient armies and navies, it would not be hard to see, that while it took many hundreds of years for some civilizations to come into contact one another

  • Research on Three Different Countries Culture

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    this paper is to share some insight on three different countries cultures. Culture is the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social ethnic, or age group. The key element of culture includes language, religion, values, attitudes, customs, and norms of a group or society. Language is perhaps the most important key to understanding culture in general and the specific values, beliefs, attitudes, and opinions of a particular individual or group. The first country I choose

  • “Savages”: An Unmerited Misnomer

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    era, Indians were prejudiced, treated unjustly and discriminated. They were called savages because their customs differed from those of the Europeans, when at times they proved to be exactly the opposite. Indians were patient, understanding, and very civil, sometimes showing more courtesy than the Europeans themselves. However, because their culture and beliefs diverged from European customs, Indians were labeled as a lesser race and treated unfairly. In his essay, “Remarks Concerning the Savages

  • The Joy Luck Club

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    many customs and traditions that are built into everyday activities. Food- the way in which the Chinese eat, drink, and serve one another meals- is one of the most important activities that portrays these common customs. In the Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan uses four families and their interactions between eating and one another to show her concern over Chinese ethnicity in American society. In the novel, Tan represents the culture clash between Chinese tradition and contemporary American customs through

  • German Culture Essay

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    Introduction Deutschland, or Germany, has an ever changing cultural landscape. Old names of territories such as Bavaria, Brandenburg, and Saxony still carry pride and prestige among Germans while also being used for political and commercial gains (Every culture). Though some parts of German culture remain strong, many parts have been re-evaluated. Germans have had to Vergangenheitsbewältigung, come to terms, with many parts of their cultural past like the Third Reich which had been a large part

  • When Afghanistan Was At Peace

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    nothing worse than uneasy glances." Although women are not allowed into the all-male teahouse, they allow Atwood to enter because she is a guest. Atwood says that "the law of hospitality toward visitors ranked higher than the no-women-in-the-teahouse custom." Also, when Atwood goes to the market to buy a chador, "a jovial crowd of men gathered around [and] offered advice about color and quality." The Afghan men are described as amiable and polite, and

  • Interview Questions Essay

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    Interview Questions SM 347 System Linkage and Applications During an interview unlawful questions may arise. It is the responsibility of the interviewer and the interviewee to have a structured interview based off of factual information. In addition to a structured interaction, information is exchanged in an ethical manner during which communication takes place. The interviewer must maintain ethical beliefs and values with moral principles to determine what is right or wrong. Furthermore

  • Photographic Memories Essay

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    Photographic Memories There is nothing like a picture to help remember that special moment. They say memories come and go but a picture will last forever. Ask the little girl who lost her mother to cancer how much she treasures those pictures for years to come. Talk to the bride who has album after album from her magical fairy tale wedding. Sit down with Great-Grandma and let her unfold a generation of stories triggered by each picture starting from black and white, and reminiscing when

  • Equality in Dementia Care

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    Understand equality, diversity and inclusion in dementia care. 1.2 Every person has unique needs and preferences. A person with dementia may have the early onset so will have different needs to those in later stages. You need to be aware that they may not be able to express themselves and do things they used to. They may find it difficult to carry out physical tasks due to sensory loss. A person is unique and may have had different life experiences which means the way dementia affects them is

  • Personal Values In Business Ethics

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    1. Mission Statement My personal objective is to give my family and my friends millions reasons to smile. In order to achieve this objective, I will use my talents and skills to be a successful and loving working mom and a wife and to inspire others to be their best. I will treat other people as I treat myself with honesty, trust, consideration, and objectivity. 2. Goals 1. Make my family enjoy each of the days to their fullest. 2. Have at least 3 kids. 3. Become a professional

  • Frankenstein vs Blade Runner Essay

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    One becomes more intrigued by the relation between Frankenstein and Blade Runner when one considers the difficulty of their forms. The parallels in Frankenstein and Blade Runner are quite distinct such as their social and historical contexts, humanity motif and their differences in form. There is a notable similarity in their social and historical context, in Frankenstein as Europe moved away from a world dominated by superstition and religious faith to one of empirical scientific research and logical

  • Uniform of the Air Force

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    Jordan Francis English 1100 Reflection Essay September 29, 2012 Uniform of the Air Force Air Force uniforms are neat, attractive and perfectly designed to impressively show off the Airmen that fight for our country. Those who wear the uniform demonstrate great pride. My Granddad is one of those people that represent the uniform with twenty-eight years of experience and service to his country. When my Granddad wears his uniform, it represents a bigger idea than business attire or a tuxedo; it