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    A series of counselling sessions begins when the client attends their first counselling session. In this first session the client and counsellor will often meet for the first time and form their first impressions of each other. Hopefully the counsellor will begin to form a rapport with the client through using the core conditions. This will hopefully gain their trust and allow them to feel comfortable enough to embark on a counselling relationship. In the opening session it is important

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    Counselling Skills This illustrates the balance between establishing context (the background to what you are talking about); the verbatim client-counsellor quotes; the identification of skills and theoretical discussion, including references; and reflections on your experience in session of the skills discussed. Note I have discussed three skills in one section, you could discuss just one. Also, I discussed something the counsellor did well, you can write about a skill that wasn’t used well, or

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    INTRODUCTION TO COUNSELLING SKILLS Counselling skills Counselling skills are the communication skills for developing relationships with clients, clarifying and expanding their understanding and where appropriate assisting them to develop and implement strategies for changing how they think, communicate, act and feel so that they can move forward in their lives. Counselling skills are therefore used in the counselling process. The most fundamental skill of counselling is active listening

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    STUDENT DETAILS [pic] ACAP Student ID: 175147 Name: Trudy Ford Course: Graduate Diploma in Counselling ASSESSMENT DETAILS [pic] Unit/Module: Counselling Skills 1 Educator: Felicity Garland Assessment Name: Reflective Essay Assessment Number: 1 Term & Year: Term 1, 2011 Word Count: 2359 DECLARATION I declare that this assessment is my own work, based on my own personal research/study . I also declare that this assessment, nor parts of it, has not been previously

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    COUNSELLING SKILLS ONE ASSESSMENT ONE REFLECTIVE ESSAY WORD COUNT: 1930 The purpose of this paper is to discuss a counselling session with a professional counsellor. A summary and also feelings before, during and after the session well be discussed. The identification of key counselling skills will be identified and reflected upon. Such key skills reflected upon will be paraphrasing, minimal encourages (including his use of positive body language), unconditional positive regard, empathy, concreteness

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    DEVELOPING COUNCELLING SKILLS LEARNING OUTCOME 1 1.1 This assignment will explain the elements involved in developing the helping relationship. Establishing with the speaker their rights and responsibilities during the working agreement discussion also engenders trust and establishes clear boundaries that the helping relationship can operate within. When explaining to the speaker the working agreement the listener would first introduce themselves by giving their name and saying they are

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    Counselling sessions can help us work through a range of personal issues from everyday hardships to potentially life threatening situations. In this reflective essay I propose to put theory to practice by analysing and reflecting upon a one hour session with a professional counsellor. The session is to be recorded so I can refer to particular instances during the session. By discussing this particular experience in detail, I can begin to understand the specific skills a counsellor may use in

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    featuring myself as a counsellor and a class mate as my client. The purpose of this role play is to demonstrate counselling skills that I have obtained from both modules counselling one and two. My partner was advised to discuss a real issue so as I was able to apply the skills in witch I have learnt. The discussion took just over twenty minutes and feedback was offered by other counselling student’s whom were present on the day. My practice partner\client was issued a client\interviewee consent form

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    The Prison Angel Tina Bell-Colford October 31, 2014 The Prison Angel The Prison Angel is an inspiring story about a woman named Mary Clarke, who was later known as Mother Antonia. Raised in Beverly Hills, Mary Clarke was married and divorced twice and the mother of seven children. Throughout the years, Mary volunteered for many charities, one of which was delivering supplies to prisoners at La Mesa Prison in Tijuana, Mexico. When Mary’s second marriage ended, her trips to La Mesa became

  • Listening Skills in Counselling Essay

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    role of listening skills in the process of counselling INTRODUCTION THE PROCESS OF COUNSELLING There may be an initial period before actual counselling sessions begin where the client may be evaluated to see if counselling is the proper treatment to solve their particular issues. This assessment allows the counsellor to determine if their exacting methods of counselling will be of any help to that particular client. Assessments also give the client a view of what counselling involves and lets

  • Counselling Skills 1 Essay

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    REFLECTIVE ESSAY COUNSELLING SKILLS ONE In this essay I am discussing different counselling skills used by the counsellor during our 50 minute session and I am also using theory to explain the significance of each skill, how it facilitates the process of counselling when applied correctly and how it impacts negatively on the counselling process when counsellors fail to apply them adequately. The issue I decided to talk about was my phobia of driving, which I successfully conquered last year

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    copied and pasted on to the title page of each written assessment. You must enter your own details prior to submission. STUDENT DETAILS ACAP Student ID: 167247 Name: Sarah De Pasquale Course: BASSIX ASSESSMENT DETAILS Unit/Module: Counselling Skills 2 Educator: Elizabeth Spencer Assessment Name: Reflective Essay Assessment Number: 2 Term & Year: 3/2013 Word Count: DECLARATION I declare that this assessment is my own work, based on my own personal research/study

  • Using Counselling Skills Essay

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    Understanding the context for the use of Counselling Skills Counsellors are not the only people to use counselling skills as many professions use counselling skills – teachers, church workers, police, doctors, nurses to name but a few. Counselling skills are relevant to any number of paid or unpaid roles where adults interact with other adults or indeed with children. According to Bond (standards and ethics), counselling in its narrowest sense defines a specific role but more generically it can

  • Counselling Skills 2 Essay

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    As part of my study for Counselling Skills two I am required to write a reflective essay on a twenty minute practical session that I undertook to demonstrate an understanding of the relevant counselling skills that I have learnt and implemented within a counselling session. I will discuss and identify certain skills that were present during the counselling session with my study partner Kylai and myself. There were many counselling skills that I have identified and demonstrated throughout the session

  • Advanced Counselling Skills Essay

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    ADVANCED COUNSELLING SKILLS 1.Understand the process of a series of counselling sessions. 1.1Identify the stages of a series of counselling sessions. The counselling relationship should have a clear start middle and an end, the beginning is when the relationship starts and trust is built forming a working alliance for the client to start sharing their anxieties and concerns that have bought them to the counselling room, the middle is when the counsellor explores with the client the feelings

  • Developing Counselling Skills Essay

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    DEVELOPING COUNSELLING SKILLS CASE STUDY In this essay I am going to explain the process involved in a establishing a counselling relationship. How interaction was managed, strategies for problem solving and decision making while working with two peers while conducting role play in class triad work. The scenario involved working for six weeks in a counsellor ,client and observer situation .Each lasting for a limited amount of time each week .The role play involved the counsellor (myself)

  • Counselling Skills and Diversity Essay

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    Unit 4 2.1 2.2 2.3 * Assess how diversity impacts on the counselling relationship * Analyse examples from own experience where you have encountered issues of difference / diversity * Evaluate how awareness of diversity has impacted on own development and application of counselling skills Diversity is an important factor to consider in a helping relationship, we are all completely different and unique. As counsellors we need to accept people for who they are, and no matter what they

  • Counselling Skills and Theory Essay

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    relation to helping relationships is to provide the counsellor with a framework that they can use in sessions to develop the counselling process. The theory also allows the counsellor form a perception of the clients issues or problems and to determine if the counselling process would be beneficial to them. Boy and Pine (1983) state that there are six functions of theory in counselling: It helps counsellors find unity and relatedness within the diversity of existence. It compels counsellors to

  • Difference Between Counselling and Counselling Skills Essay

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     Briefly identify the nature of counselling and distinguish between counselling and the use of counselling skills.  Counselling offers the client one to one time to discuss their issues  Counselling is the direct involvement and relationship between a counsellor and the client with the purpose of supporting the client in meeting an acceptable outcome, or one which is accepted by the client as the best possible outcome for their situation.  The environment should be quiet and free from disruptions/intrusions

  • Using Counselling Skills Essay

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    1 Understand the process of a counselling skills session. 1.1 Identify three stages in the counselling skills session. See appendix 1 for table. For Egan stage one of the helping model is the Exploration of the clients situation. The main purpose of stage one is to build a non-threatening counselling relationship, help the client explore their situation and then be able to focus on chose issues. At this point the helper/listener helps the client to identify problems and then assess their own resources

  • Using Counselling Skills Essay

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    Using Counselling Skills Before I started I went over a contract and I told Jillian how I was using the content of the session to write an assignment for the course that I am doing at college and that only myself, my course tutor and maybe an outside assessor for the course would see what was written about the session and that she could read the assignment before I showed anyone else. I stated that almost everything that was said to me would be confidential, although working along

  • Counselling Skills 1 Essay

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    people need to love themselves. I believe that self-esteem plays a large role in happiness. If I do not like who I am, how am I to expect anyone else to? This is the topic that I decided to discuss with a professional counsellor. In order for my counselling session to make sense I should explain the last four years of my life. I am a single mother to two boys aged nine and eleven. My Mum was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in September 2005. She started chemotherapy and in October 2005 she suffered a

  • Counselling Skills 1 Essay

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    title page of each written assessment. You must enter your own details prior to submission. STUDENT DETAILS ACAP Student ID: 196963 Name: Bikram Singh Course: Bachelor of Applied Social Science ASSESSMENT DETAILS Unit/Module: Counselling Skills 1 Educator: Jill Candanappa Assessment Name: Academic Essay Assessment Number: 01 Term & Year: Term3 2012 Word Count: 2166 DECLARATION I declare that this assessment is my own work, based on my own

  • What Are Basic Counselling Skills Essay

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    What are basic counselling skills? 2 What is a counselling skill? One application of the word ‘skills’ pertains to areas of skill: for instance, listening skills or disclosing skills. Another application refers to level of competence, for instance, how strong your skills are in a particular area. Competence in a skill is best viewed not as an either/or matter in which you either possess or do not possess a skill. Rather, within a skills area, it is preferable to think of helpers as possessing

  • Unit Three Counselling Skills Essay

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    Unit Three Using counselling skills. Understand the process of a counselling skills session. 1. Identify the three stages in a counselling skills session. Start – During this session, trust between the listener and speaker start to evolve. A contract is discussed. Boundaries are set and rapport is developed and empathy and support is established. Middle – This is when the bulk of the work is established

  • Outline the Primary Skills in Counselling

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    conditioned past and find a deeper sense of self. Before any therapeutic relationship can begin to grow, the counsellor and client need to form a working alliance, according to Petruska Clarkson (1999, pp. 42-43) ‘in the first phases of the counselling relationship, emotional and mental energy is concerned with forming a working alliance with the counsellor’. Real therapy then begins when the client has experienced the core conditions and begins to trust the therapist; they start to build a relationship

  • Basic Counselling Skills ( Sck2604) Essay

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    Module Name: Basic Counselling Skills ( SCK2604) 1. What are your initial thoughts or impression of Lars? My first thoughts of Lars were of a gentleman who’s very shy. He is not interested in close relationships or in being part of his family. He prefers spending time by himself, and he doesn’t show much emotion even though he embarks acts of kindness now and then. 2. How do we know the girl in the choir (Margo) is interested in Lars? What kind of com-munication is this? We first

  • Counselling Skills - My Understanding Of Counselli Essay

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    My Understanding of Counselling After undertaking my studies in counselling skills I have gained a basic understanding in the broad psychosocial arena. I have learned that counselling is defined as a set of psychological techniques intended to improve mental health, emotional or behavioural issues in individuals (who on a formal basis, would be called ‘clients’). These deleterious issues often make it hard for people to manage their lives and achieve their goals. Counselling (or the more professional

  • Reflective Essay Counselling Skills Journal

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    Week One To introduce us to the basic skills in counselling we spoke about Roger’s theory of client-centered or person-centered therapy approaches. In my first week, I learnt that I really did not understand nor have a definition for counseling. I never put a lot of thought into counseling, even though I have been to a counselor; I never took the time to think about what counseling is all about. I always thought you go there and talk and that was it. Clients, have the capacity to find their own

  • Theoretical Approaches in the Use of Counselling Skills Essay

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    Theoretical approaches in the use of counselling skills 1.1 Key characteristics and concepts of: Humanistic theory, The humanistic theory was developed by a group of American psychologists (Maslow, Rogers, May) in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Carl Rogers developed the person-centred approach based on the ideology that all people have a desire to grow and reach their full potential and fulfilment which Rogers termed as self-actualization. Humanistic counselling helps to enable the client to grow

  • Theoretical Approaches in the Use of Counselling Skills Essay

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    Amanda Ford Unit 2: Theoretical Approaches in the use of counselling Skills Introduction Within this essay I will be Explaining key characteristics of Humanistic theory, psychodynamic Theory and Cognitive Behavioural Theory. From this I will summarise the key strengths and limitations of the three main approaches to counselling. Then I will explain the concept of the integrative model. I will follow this by assessing the advantages and disadvantages of the integrative model. Finally I will

  • Counselling Bible Skill Role Play Essay

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    well as ministers and undergraduates. The author claims that this book is aimed at helping people on the first two levels of Lawrence J. Crabb’s book titled Effective Biblical Counselling that claims that there are three levels of counselling (1) Counselling by encouragement (2) Counselling by exhortation (3) Counselling by enlightenment. He claims that this book is aimed at identifying the principles by which one can turn theory into practice and become a people- helper in the fullest sense of

  • Task 1 Core Counselling Skills Essay

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    Task 1: Core Counselling Skills Unit 01: 1.1/1.2 In small groups, define the following terms and describe how core counselling skills can be used in a counselling relationship and in other helping activities: Body Language: Used to give encouragement. Hand or leg gestures, movement of head, stance, positioning and facial movement. E.g. Lowering and raising

  • Unit 2 Counselling Skills Relationship Essay

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    UNIT 02: THEORY ESSAY There are several theoretical approaches to counselling, I will explain the key characteristics and concepts of the Humanistic theory, Psychodynamic theory and Cognitive-behavioural theory. I shall then summarise the key strengths and limitations of these main approaches. I will then explain the concept of the integrative model, followed by assessing the advantages and disadvantages of the integrative model. Finally I will explain the role of theory in relation to helping

  • Working Ethically with Counselling Skills 1.2 Essay

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    Unit 3 Working Ethically with Counselling Skills Task 2 1.2 As a group we looked at an alternative framework agreement from UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy). This is a membership organisation, with over 70 training and listing organisations, and over 7,500 individual practitioners. UKCP holds the national register of psychotherapists, psychotherapists qualified to work with children and young people and psychotherapeutic counsellors, listing those practitioner members who meet exacting standards

  • The Therapeutic Alliance and the Importance of the Basic Counselling Skills Essay

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    alliance and the importance of the use of basic counselling skills. I have organized a 15 minute counselling session with a student named Rob in which he is the client and I am counselling him on a real issue. In order to discuss basic counselling skills in depth, I am identifying only three of the skills that I used in the session. They are: attending skill, reflective statements and the use of questions. I also evaluate how well I applied these skills and suggest how I could improve my use of them

  • Level 3 Counselling G Skills Essay

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    1.1 Being able to communicate well helps in forming effective relationships. Good reasons for good communication are valuable to promote relationships and offer support, arrangements for regular contact helps build up a mutual system of support. This enables you to maintain relationships, getting to know people to help build on trust and understanding. To exchange information is important for all parties to gain knowledge for any important reasons such as medical, behavioural, contact details etc

  • Counselling Skills Level 2 - Case Study

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    that each of our four sessions would be twenty minutes long; and I ensured Sara understood and was happy with the confidentiality agreement and its exceptions. This helped her feel safe to disclose her issues. I informed her I would be using counselling skills during our sessions but made her aware of my limitations as a trainee. This helped Sara: feel confident to trust me to listen to her without judging; provided a solid foundation for a collaborative relationship; and gave her a degree of assurance

  • Level 3 Counselling Skills T/601/7567 Essay

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    Level 3 Counselling Skills T/601/7567 LEVEL 3 CERTIFICATE IN COUNSELLING SKILLS T/601/7567 Rob Stawell Defining counselling skills & definition. The definition from the BACP is:- A certain type of helping activity in which one person (the helper) respects the value, resources & capacity for self opportunity for them (the client) to work towards living in more satisfying and resourceful ways. ‘Also counselling (helping) is an activity freely entered into by the person seeking help

  • Counselling Skills Level 2 - Journal Pt 1 Essay

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    happy with my comment. I felt a little nervous as we are all used to Delena teaching it was different for us. We learnt so much in this workshop I was quite impressed of what we fitted into the six hours: * The difference between Counselling and Counselling Skills? * Jo hari’s Window * Self Awareness * Witnessed a role play of a session by Delena & Jill * Egans three stage model We had a really productive workshop. It gave us the opportunity to work alone but importantly

  • Outline the Primary Skills Used in Counselling Relationship

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    How to Handle Emergencies SHOCK | | | |Symptoms |First Aid | |Patient pale, weak moist skin, rapid pulse and breathing, may be restless, |Improve circulation by elevating legs to about one foot. Maintain body

  • Counselling - Managing the Relationship - Discussion, Skills and Self Reflection Sheet Essay

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    Managing the relationship - Discussion, skills and self reflection sheet As a trainee therapist [and qualified] you will encounter resistant clients in your helping role. This may range from clients repeatedly missing sessions [cancelled or not cancelled], the frequently late client and the client who 'forgets' to pay. Task: To meet the above criterion, you are required to manage the helping interaction and demonstrate the skills necessary to undertake these difficult situations. In

  • How to Apply Core Theories When Using Counselling Skills Essay

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    Student: Page 10 of Candidate Learning Log 4.1 and 4.2 Unit 02: Be able to apply core theories in the use of counselling skills 4.1 Demonstrate how to apply core theories when using counselling skills Theories are an essential part of learning to be a counsellor, in this report I will name the core theories I have learnt so far when using counselling skills. Core counselling skills include non-verbal communication, where the counsellor observes the client by way of body language and facial

  • Assess How the Development of Counselling Skills Affects Self Developemnt Essay

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    necessary for development. When this is done, it helps to create time to read, engage in more studies and develop. This will also help the client as i will be better at my job and carry this out in the way that it should be done. Due to the nature of counselling, I may be presented with issues that are challenging both personally and professionally. Being self aware helps me to assess my strengths, thoughts, feelings and to draw my own conclusions form meetings. It also helps me to support the client in

  • Explain How the Person-Centred Approach Relates to You and Your Use of Counselling Skills Essay

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    Explain how the person-centred approach relates to you and your use of counselling skills? (200 words) The person-centred approach perfectly fits my individual beliefs of helping people to help themselves. Within my previous career I have always found helping staff to solve the problems themselves or as a team rather than telling or instructing them has always delivered sustainable results and a happy empowered team who can solve future problems themselves. When I set up my practice I will

  • Explain in Approx 50 Words Per Category the Process Involved in Establishing a Counselling Skills Relationship Essay

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    The process involved in establishing a counselling skills relationship begins with the first initial contact. This meeting is usually restricted to establishing if the counsellor can meet the initial needs of the client. Can I provide what the client needs in terms of skill, time, qualifications and experience? Does the client feel comfortable working with me? I as the counsellor must know when something is out of my depth so to speak and refer to another counsellor or service that may suit better

  • Counselling Essay

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    many skills that are used in the Counselling and listening field. Many of these skills are used in everyday life. As a Listener/Counsellor you use a great deal of skills including, * Active Listening: Active listening happens when you "listen for meaning". The listener says very little but conveys empathy. * Body Language: Developing encouraging body language (can take some practice) * Asking Questions: Asking questions - open and closed - is an important part in counselling skills

  • Miss Essay

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    Introduction The Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills is designed for those who wish to use counselling skills either in a professional or voluntary capacity. The course will offer you the chance to examine your own personal development and enhance your self-awareness. You will learn some counselling skills and theories and how they can be applied. Course Context It is important to stress that the successful completion of the course will not qualify you to describe yourself as a “qualified

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    Services: ➢ Telephone Counselling: Mon – Fri, 8am – 8pm; Saturday & Sunday 9am – 12 noon ➢ HIV/AIDS Counselling ➢ Face-to-Face Counselling Courses offered: ➢ Personal Growth and Life Skills ➢ Counselling Skills ➢ Trauma debriefing and counselling course ➢ HIV/AIDS Peer education ➢ HIV/AIDS Awareness and information ➢ Gender violence and rape counselling ➢ Ongoing weekly training

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    Alliance as a Measurable Psychotherapy Skill RF Summers - 2003 - Cited by 42 - Related articles 1 Sep 2003 – The therapeutic alliance may be a "holy grail" of psychotherapy competency ... The self-report and observer-rater versions use 7-point Likert type scales in a ... measuring therapeutic alliance, and we have presented the basic psychometric data ... Other contributors have emphasized the role of specific skill ... Three Courses for Certified