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    Concord Bookshop Paper Monica Wilson HCS/587 January 14, 2013 Dr. Sonnia Oliva Concord Bookshop Paper I would like to present the caase of a Concord area bookshop where organizational change goes wrong on many levels for a number of the stakeholders; i.e., store employees and some members of management. Spector (2010) points out that the board of the 64 year old institution decided to hire a new general manager, in effect causing de facto demotions. The workers wanted to meet with the owners

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    Concord Bookshop Paper Horace Steward III HCS 587 May 12, 2014 Concord Bookshop Paper Concord Bookshop is a small family owned and operated bookstore located in New England. Faced with increasing financial hardship and competition from megastores and online competitors, members of the Concord board made the decision to make major business changes. Hiring of an outside general manager was the spark that ignited the ensuing firestorm, and resulted in eight seasoned employees quitting or planning

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    The Concord Bookshop The Concord Bookshop was a small independent book store that began to experiencing some finical difficulty after being open for 64 years. During the last few years the store had been struggling financially against its larger competitors. To remedy this, the president of Concord Bookshop along with the board members decided to hire a new general manger without soliciting any input of the stakeholders involved. Failing to enact the change process appropriately and excluding

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    Concord Bookshop Paper Organizations can be compared to people. They have aspirations, visions, and goals and as they move toward their goals, it is almost expected that they will meet many obstacles and challenges. Changes however, are unavoidable and are a significant part of every organization. They are implemented to improve the company, or as a response to a problem or a predicament. The first step that should be taken before any change is applied is getting familiar with the phases in change

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    The Concord Bookshop Failure Kimberly Nelson HCS/587 January 21, 2013 Pamela Hobbs The Concord Bookshop Failure Companies need to implement organizational change to sustain a competitive edge. For business owners, change is important and inevitable. Organizational changes can come in the form of restructure, establishing new company goals, managerial changes, advancing in technology, and corporate merges. The demands of the organization guide the course of change, and require organized.

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    Concord Bookshop Paper Changes in an organization do not come very easy; several reasons may be accounted for that. However, it is the best way to infuse new blood in business situations that are not working for the benefits of all. Changes impacted performance, and at times result in improvement in failure in the implementation and more bad news for the company. This paper will highlight the changes in organizational process; furthermore it will discuss the phases of organizational changes improperly

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    (Spector, 2010, p. 30). The goal for this stage is to have the new group culture be permanent and the strategic plan implemented and running well. In the case of the Concord Bookshop the first two stages of Lewin’s Change Theory were partially implemented, but not completed and the final stage did not occur. The owners of Concord Bookshop simply announced a new general manager, thus demoting the existing three managers. The only explanation that was given was a needed change due to the finances of

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    Running head: CONCORD BOOKSHOP PAPER Concord Bookshop Paper Jonell Benson HCS/587 Ginger Weatherston University of Phoenix Concord Bookshop Paper This paper will discuss the organizational change process from the readings of, “Tales of Woe at Concord Bookshop.” The variety of change processes gives change leaders and administrators the ability to visualize the internal and external components of change that will go against the status quo and possibly cause a clash between the owners

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    Implementing Organizational Change Process (Spector, 2010) indicated that Kurt Lewin’s theory, is a three-step process of organizational change, which is unfreezing, moving, and refreezing; the Concord Bookshop is an example of an organization that had a failure of organizational change because they did not use all three of the step in Lewin’s theory (Chapter 2, p. 3). An organization must have completion of all three of Lewin’s steps before moving

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    Concord Bookshop Paper Deidre Johnson HCS/587 May 12, 2014 Debra Kent Concord Bookshop Paper Organizational change is an endless process. Understanding how to purpose, introduce, and effectively implement change is determine on several factors. The three stages of Lewin’s Force Field Model: Unfreezing, Change or Transition, and Refreezing enable the change process to assume its position. (Borkowski, 2010). Employing these stages of change can be introduced, consider, and finally implemented