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    time of the first Thanksgiving. ! When writing your essay, consider the following: o Your essay should have an introductory paragraph, supporting paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. o Your essay should explain the similarities and differences between the two environments. o Your essay should include details from Bradford’s chronicle that support your main topics. o Your essay should be free of grammatical and spelling errors. ! To help with brainstorming your essay, you can find organizational

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    that focuses on the attainment of skills; therefore, we must take every opportunity to practice critical reading and analytic writing. Mastering these skills will prepare you for both the AP Literature and AP Language exams. The primary difference between the two exams is that the Literature exam asks you to apply critical reading and writing skills to fiction and poetry, whereas the Language exam asks you to closely examine nonfiction texts. Each quarter, you will be assigned an independent reading

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    ideals, and animating principles, and to the relation of all these to English literature. The author has further aimed to make this work both interesting and suggestive. He has endeavored to present the subject in a way that necessitates the comparison of authors and movements, and leads to stimulating thinking. He has tried to communicate enough of the spirit of our literature to make students eager for a first-hand acquaintance with it, to cause them to investigate for themselves this remarkable

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    book is based on The Oxford Guide to Writing: A Rhetoric and Handbook for College Students, and thanks are due once more to those who contributed to that book: my friend and colleague Leonard J. Peters; Professors Miriam Baker of Dowling College, David Hamilton of the University of Iowa, Robert Lyons and Sandra Schor of Queens College of the City University of New York, and Joseph Trimmer of Ball State University, all of whom read the manuscript and contributed perceptive comments; Ms. Cheryl Kupper

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    five basic requirements of Islam. Muslims should make this journey at least once in their lifetime, it is a duty for all Muslims to visit the Ka'bah and stand before God on Mount Arafat. Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. The true Hajj is to be made between the 8th and 13th of Dul Hijjah, which is the twelfth month of the Islamic calendar.... [tags: Papers] 1862 words (5.3 pages) $14.95 [preview] What Happens When Muslims Perform the Hajj - What Happens When Muslims Perform the Hajj Before entering

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    ECOCRITICISM Ecocriticism explores the ways in which we imagine and portray the relationship between humans and the environment in all areas of cultural production, from Wordsworth and Thoreau to Disney and BBC nature documentaries. It is inspired by, but also critical of, modern environmental movements. Greg Garrard’s accessible volume traces the development of the movement and explores the concepts that have most occupied ecocritics, including: • • • • • • Pollution Wilderness

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    While drawing on the experimental tendencies of authors such as James Joyce and Virginia Woolf in English, and Borges in Spanish, who were taken as influences by American postmodern works by authors such as Thomas Pynchon, John Barth, William Gaddis, David Foster Wallace and Paul Auster, the advocates of postmodern literature argue that the present is fundamentally different from the modern period, and therefore requires a new literary sensibility. Fragmentation and the postmodern novel: Unlike postmodern

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    followed it), he established an international reputation, through his essays, reviews, lectures, and broadcasts, as one of the most prominent, authoritative, and engaging public intellectuals of his day, an aspect of his career examined in depth by David Medalie in Chapter 2 of this volume. By the late 1920s, Forster had also become well known as a literary critic and, in Aspects of the Novel (1927), he produced what Nicholas Royle has called ‘a very powerful book whose originality tends to be overlooked

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    Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin”. 2. Patrick Henry “Speech to the Second Virginia Convention”. 3. Thomas Jefferson “Declaration of Independence”. 4. Thomas Paine “Crises No.1”. 5. Phillis Weatley “To His Excellency, General Washington”. 6. Abigal Adams “Letter to John Adams”, “Letter to Her Daughter”. № 3 (дата – 12.03) Тема: American Romanticism Discussion points: 1. Individualism and nature: - Ralph Waldo Emerson “Nature”; - Henry David Thoreau “Walden”; 2. The dark side of Romanticism:

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    Services Association (Yalsa)’s Outstanding Books for the College Bound: Choices for a Generation (Chicago: American Library Association, 1996). I also consulted many high school and college American literature survey course syllabi. From a list of between 200 and 300 novels, I chose 150 novels appropriate for readers during the last two years of high school and the first two years of college. Although the reading level of some of the novels is accessible to the lower grades, their thematic content

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    enemy appears chameleon-like, pervasive, and opportunistic. The legal definition of conspiracy, which is straightforward if not rigorous, is conducive to such diverse perceptions of plots and plotters. The crime of conspiracy requires “an agreement between two or more persons” that results in “either an unlawful act or a lawful act by unlawful means.” 4 Those within the anticonspiracy core, activists and entrepreneurs who spin theories that are strenuously logical and crammed with facts, find foundation

  • Materialism in Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon Essay

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    some addresses and links may have changed since publication and may no longer be valid. Contents Editor’s Note vii Introduction 1 Harold Bloom Song of Solomon 5 Trudier Harris Song of Solomon: Reality and Mythos Within the Community 35 Patrick Bryce Bjork Quiet As It’s Kept: Shame, Trauma, and Race in the Novels of Toni Morrison 57 J. Brooks Bouson Song of Solomon, Narrative Identity, and the Faulknerian Intertext 87 John N. Duvall Justice and Citizenship in Toni Morrison’s Song

  • The Great Gatsby Essay

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    ostentatious material possessions are aspects of illusion. So is the green light at the end of Daisy’s dock, the light that Gatsby gazes upon but cannot reach. 8 Other symbolic touches illuminate the book: the ash heaps which litter the landscape between Long Island and New York, for example, or the eyes of Doctor Ecleberg, found on a billboard dominating the valley of the ash heaps. The ash heaps are a reference to the vanity of life (and a nod at T. S. Eliot’s poem The Waste Land, published in

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    linguistics. The kinds of language problems of interest to applied linguists are discussed and a distinction drawn between the different research approach taken by theoretical linguists and by applied linguists to what seem to be the same problems. Professor Davies describes a variety of projects which illustrate the interests of the field and highlight the marriage it offers between practical experience and theoretical understanding. The increasing emphasis of applied linguistics on ethicality is

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    with 521,000 people, has half the population of Rhode Island. Airlines service 817 cities throughout the country. A flight from New York to San Francisco takes five-and-a-half hours. Train service is also available: The most frequent service is between Washington, D.C., New York and Boston in the East; St. Louis, Chicago and Milwaukee in the Midwest; and San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco in the West. A coast-to-coast trip by train takes three days. The major means of intercity transportation

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    stage. In 1999, individuals, companies and foundations gave an average of $9.6 million a day to environmental groups, according to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, which monitors nonprofit fund raising. "Our business is booming," said Patrick Noonan, chairman of the Conservation Fund, an Arlington, Va., group that provides financial and educational assistance to environmental organizations. The dollars do not enrich equally. The nation's 20 largest groups -- a tiny slice of the more than

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    their family. Books published by American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc., represent the views and opinions of the individual authors and do not necessarily represent the policies and opinions of APPI or the American Psychiatric Association. To buy between 25 and 99 copies of this or any other APPI title at a 20% discount, please contact APPI Customer Service at or 800-368-5777. To purchase 100 or more copies of the same title, please e-mail us at for a price quote

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    advice. E. J. Kenney of Peterhouse, Cambridge, saved me from a number of mistakes in Latin and offered countless suggestions about not only classical but English literature; his notes would make a useful and delightful little book by themselves. David Norton made many helpful suggestions regarding biblical passages. Two graduate students at the University of New Hampshire gave valuable assistance, Heather Wood at an early phase by collecting data from books not close at hand and William Stroup

  • Oedipus Rex Essay

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    the borderlands means you” William Blake “Introduction to Songs of Innocence” “Introduction to Songs of Experience” Marilyn Chin “Turtle Soup” Wanda Coleman “The ISM” Countee Cullen “Incident” Emily Dickinson “The difference between Despair” Louise Erdrich “Dear John Wayne” Rhina Espaillat “Bilingual/Bilingüe Robert Frost “The Gift Outright” Joy Harjo “Morning Song” Juan Felipe Herrera “Autobiography of a Chicano Teen Poet” Langston Hughes “Ballad of the Landlord”

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    married to the college president's loud- mouthed daughter. Martha is peeved to find her husband incompetent in comparison to her father and then later Nick. Her sharp tongue does not miss a single opportunity in revealing his inadequacies. Nick is troubled because he was tricked into marrying Honey, who had suffered a hysterical pregnancy. This has culminated in a passionless marriage. In between all this George narrates an incident about his friend who had killed his parents accidentally and how these

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    will happen (in the best-regulated families) 1763 Deuce is in Him 1.22 Accidents, accidents will happen—No less than seven brought into our infirmary yesterday. 1819‘’ Hermit in America i. Accidents will happen in the best regulated families. 1850 David Copperfield xxviii. ‘Copperfield,’ said Mr. Micawber, ‘accidents will occur in the bestregulated families; and in families not regulated by .. the influence of Woman, in the lofty character of Wife, they must be expected with confidence, and must be

  • Quiet: Power of Introverts Essay

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    exceptions, not the rule, and our tolerance extends mainly to those who get fabulously wealthy or hold the promise of doing so. Introversion—along with its cousins sensitivity, seriousness, and shyness—is now a second-class personality trait, somewhere between a disappointment and a pathology. Introverts living under the Extrovert Ideal are like women in a man’s world, discounted because of a trait that goes to the core of who they are. Extroversion is an enormously appealing personality style, but we’ve

  • The First 30 Days Essay

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    difficult and terrible, you will likely have a difficult and terrible time. The beliefs you have about who you are also directly affect how you feel during change. Are you strong and capable, or unsure and fearful? There are some striking differences between people who are good at change and those who struggle. People who embrace 8 The First 30 Days change—the people I like to call change optimists—think: Change is good. Change is about growing, and something exciting may be waiting for me on

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    joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka achievement motivation according to David McClelland, the joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka antisocial personality disorder a personality disorder joka joka strive for success. joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka joka

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    Emperor • The Conformist Gabriel Byrne, actor • Usual Suspects • Miller’s Crossing • Enemy of the State Matthew Modine, actor • Full Metal Jacket • Married to the Mob • Birdy Jon Voight, actor • Midnight Cowboy • Runaway Train • The Rainmaker Buck Henry, Screenwriter • The Graduate • To Die For • Get Smart andy Garcia, actor • The Godfather: Part III • Ocean’s Twelve • The Lost City Kenneth Lonergan, director/Screenwriter • You Can Count On Me • Gangs of New York • Analyze this Lou diamond Phillips

  • Walden, or Life in the Woods Essay

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    Walden or, Life in the Woods Henry David Thoreau 1854 The Internet Bookmobile 1 Text from the Library of America edition: A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers ; Walden, or, Life in the Woods ; The Maine Woods ; Cape Cod, by Henry David Thoreau, Edited by Robert F. Sayre, ISBN: 0940450275. Out of copyright text comes originally from the Literary Classics of the U.S reprint, 1985. Online text at Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia,

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    to 19 times the companywide annual average salary of all full-time employees. What this means is that if the average employee makes $30,000 per year, the highest potential pay for their CEO would be $570,000, which is a lot of money but pales in comparison to salaries such as Steve Jobs of Apple at $14.6 million or the highest paid CEO in 2007, Larry Ellison of Oracle, at $192.9 million. [9] Research shows that organizations that are considered healthier and more effective have strong OB characteristics