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  • Emergency Department Position Statement

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    diversion, other area hospitals may begin diverting ambulances as well, potentially resulting in ED crowding throughout the community.8,9 In response to growing national concern over ED crowding, the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) conducted a study of hospital emergency departments in metropolitan

  • Asylum Determination Procedure

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    the only circumstance in which a detainee must have been in the UK at least 7 days before being able to make a bail application. See chapter 3 for effect on Oakington cases. 32 IA 1971, sch 2, para 22(1)(a), inserted by IAA 1999, sch 14, para 63 33 IA 1971, sch 2, para 22(1)(b), as amended by AIA 1996, sch 2, para 34 34 IA 1971, sch 2, para 22(1)(b) ■ Those suspected of being an illegal entrant or overstayer pending the giving of directions 34 A man is arrested for a minor offence. When he

  • ELL/Bilingual Impairment Report

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    Current Student Placement: The student’s current teachers from the respective academic areas make recommendations in course placement level for the upcoming school year. They take into account the student’s academic ability and study habits. Teachers consider each student individually, striving to match the student with the course level in which he/she will be both academically challenged and motivated to succeed. Level Changes: A student may request approval for a level change

  • Intel Essay

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    Organizer: Robert A. Burgelman, Standford U. Presenter: Dennis L. Carter, Intel Corporation Guidelines for Using “Intel Corporation: the Evolution of an Adaptive Organization” The case can be used for a one, two or three day teaching module. The study questions provided below are intended for use in a one-day teaching module. Preparation Questions: 1. How has Intel’s corporate strategy evolved over time? 2. What caused the transition points in Intel’s evolution? 3. How has Intel balanced the

  • Tupac Lifestyle Essay

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    submitted in partial fulfilment for a MA in Human Resource Management National College of Ireland 2010 Declaration 1hmby certify that this material, which I now submit for assessment of t$e p , eof study leading to the award of MA inHuman Rmoum Mauagernent ia enthe1y my own work and ha& not been taken h m the work of others m e and to the extat that such work has been v cited and ackndwIedged within the text of my work Date: Acknowled~ements The researcher firstly

  • Elizabeth Loftus 'Creating False Memories'

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    HOW PLACEBOS WORK • BURYING PLUTONIUM UNDER THE SEA • LEONARDO’S LEGACY FLYING OVER THE SOLAR SYSTEM THE ULYSSES SPACECRAFT GOES WHERE NO PROBE HAS GONE BEFORE JANUARY 1998 $4.95 Life’s architecture: cells grow with “tensegrity” Copyright 1997 Scientific American, Inc. January 1998 Vo l u m e 2 7 8 Numb e r 1 FROM THE EDITORS 6 LETTERS TO THE EDITORS 8 50, 100 AND 150 YEARS AGO 10 THE 1997 NOBEL PRIZES FOR SCIENCE A look at the contributions and controversies of

  • Principia Discordia Essay

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    RAW Intro | Omar Intro | Title Page | Index | Version Notes | INTRODUCTION You hold in your hands one of the Great Books of our century fnord. Some Great Books are recognized at once with a fusillade of critical huzzahs and gonfolons, like Joyce’s Ulysses. Others appear almost furtively and are only discovered 50 years later, like Moby Dick or Mendel’s great essay on genetics. The Principia Discordia entered our space-time continuum almost as unobtrusively as a cat-burglar creeping over

  • Artemis Fowl 4

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    Artemis Fowl #4: THE OPAL DECEPTION by Eoin Colfer Eoin Colfer After his last run-in with the fairies, Artemis Fowl had his mind wiped of his memories of the world belowground. Any goodness he had grudgingly learned is now gone, and the young genius has reverted to his criminal lifestyle. Artemis is in Berlin preparing to steal a famously well-guarded painting from a German bank. Little does he know that his every move is being watched by his cunning old rival, Opal Koboi the evil pixie has