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  • Consumerism Bruce Dawe

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    “The consumer is powerless against the modern advertiser” How does the poetry of Bruce Dawe reinforce this statement? Consumers are extremely vulnerable to the modern advertiser. We are constantly bombarded with images and products that we are led to believe we “need”, if we are to fit in with society. The powerlessness of the consumer can be seen through Bruce Dawe’s poems ‘Americanized’ and ‘Televistas’. Dawe allows us to see how man is forced to succumb into the materialistic world. The references

  • Bruce Dawe's Televistas

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    In Bruce Dawe’s ‘Televistas’, concerns are raised for a television consumed society, where meaningful relationships lack development. The poem is based around a couple who have met through a television related incident, as explained in the opening stanza. The relationship commences through the television associated ‘pick-up’ line “Watch with me a while’. The couple soon develop a relationship which is focused around television. They spend the hours watching shows from childish cartoons to thrillers