Amt2 Task 1 Service Line Development Essays

  • Amt2 Task 1 Service Line Development

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    AMT2 Task1 Service Line Development A1a. Building Advantages Trinity Community Hospital is a 150 bed hospital that is located in the south. The hospital is located on a 25 acre property and is looking to expand. The hospital is 25 years old and the 25 acre property contains four medical office buildings and the hospital itself. Trinity is looking to add a new orthopedic building and analyzing the advantages can help with getting to the most accurate decision. The advantages for adding a new

  • Service Line Development Analysis

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    AMT2 – Service Line Development - Task 3 Kasey Clark A. Trends – National Healthcare Trends and Policy Initiatives Healthcare has changed rapidly in this millennium. I have been in Medical Records, Billing and Collections in Healthcare since 1989 and have seen many changes. Trinity Community Hospital is not immune to changes in healthcare nor is any other facility. An overall trend that needs to be altered is the fact that the patients that I have spoken with feel that the pharmaceutical