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  • Analysis of Amends

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    Amends Adrienne rich Poem amends by Adrienne Rich personifies moonlight as a female caring for other people. The mood of the poem is generally peaceful and tranquil, though at some places it turns violent. The poems starts with the mention of ‘nights like this’ and further on describes the kind of night being talked about. The words ‘cold’ and ‘white star’ further add to the atmosphere of night time. There are white stars, first one, and then another ‘exploding’ out of the apple tree. Exploding

  • The Portrayed Moon

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    artist creates a beauty through his poem. Also, a tranquil, calm, still and even a magical evening is created throughout the whole poem. With the reference to another poem with a similar theme (of the moon), we can look at the poem written by Adrienne Rich, ‘Amends,’ a beautiful imagery is portrayed of the moon and it is also personified throughout the whole poem. This poem has a sensuous, calm, relaxed and a contemplative tone, as in the 1st line there is a pause caused by a colon and a gap, ‘Nights

  • Analysis Of Poetry Igcse 2011 Syllabus

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    POETRY the dover beach The poem is a dramatic monologue where the speaker is the poet, listener is the wife and we – the readers are the audience. The theme of the poem is of conflict between religion and science. The poem is set in Dover beach, dover is a town in southern england that connects the english channel on southern to north sea on northern. The poem starts with description of the nature, “The sea is calm...” he uses sea to symbolize science and the cliff to symbolize religion. “moon

  • Feminism and Post Feminism

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    THE ROUTLEDGE COMPANION TO FEMINISM AND POSTFEMINISM Feminism has had a radical impact on today’s world. But now the very future of feminism is under attack. The ideas of the feminists of the 1960s and 1970s are being questioned and redefined by a younger generation of ‘postfeminists’. The Routledge Companion to Feminism and Postfeminism is the perfect guidebook for finding one’s way around what has become an increasingly complex subject. Over a dozen in-depth background chapters, written by leading

  • Banker To The Poor

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    BANKER TO THE POOR MUHAMMAD YUNUS & A. Jolis WINNER OF THE 2006 NOBEL PEACE PRIZE ‘It’s not people who aren’t credit-worthy. It’s banks that aren’t people-worthy’ Muhammad Yunus ‘The story of an extraordinary achievement’ Doris Lessing Muhammad Yunus set up the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh to lend tiny sums to the poorest of the poor, who were shunned by ordinary banks. The money would enable them to set up the smallest village enterprises and pull themselves out of poverty. Today, Yunus’s system

  • The Translation Studies Reader

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    The Translation Studies Reader The Translation Studies Reader is the definitive reader for the study of this dynamic interdisciplinary field. Providing an introduction to translation studies, this book places a wide range of readings within their thematic, cultural and historical contexts. The selections included are from the twentieth century, with a particular focus on the last thirty years of the century. Features include: • organization into five chronological sections, divided by decade •

  • The Devil Wears Prada

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    The Devil Wears Prada Lauren Weisberger Acknowledgments Thanks to the four people who helped make it happen: Stacy Creamer—my editor. If you don’t enjoy the book, blame her . . . she edited out all the really funny stuff. Charles Salzberg—writer and teacher. He pushed me hard to keep this project going, so if you don’t enjoy it, blame him, too. Deborah Schneider—agent extraordinaire. She keeps assuring me she loves at least fifteen percent of everything I do, say, or, especially, write. Richard