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  • Transport Essay

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    Different transporations for you ! To start with, there are many different means of transport. Sometimes we can't imagine how people could live without transportation in their lives many years ago. These days we need transportation to travel from one place to another. When talking about traveling over land there are main ways of doing so, a flight, a train ride, or driving yourself. I guess you could walk or run but, I'm talking about cross country travel. There are expensive and inexpensive ways

  • Cars. Advantages and Disadvantages Essay

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    the one hand, using such mean of transport is very comfortable and contribute to save people's time and energy. Moreover, workers are able to transfer some important things with the help of the car. Personally I think that it is unable to survive without transport system. Anyway, loads of people cannot imagine how to get home after a tiring working day without a car. On the other hand, using the car as the most popular mean of transport has a lot of disadvantages. Firstly, cars pollute surrounding

  • Writing Essay

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    effective public transport system is a key component of a modern city. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of public transport. Introduction: Nowadays, to judge the levels of city’s development, we have to rely on many factors. One of them, playing an important role in building a modern city, is an effective public transport system. This essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this key component. Conclusion: In conclusion, it is obvious that besides various disadvantages, public

  • Commerce Essay

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    communications, advertising, transport, warehousing, insurance. Ways in which industry, commerce and direct services are inter-related and interdependent. 2 2.1 Services of the retailer as the middleman between manufacturer and consumer, responses to changes in customer requirements and expectations. Types: large and small (hypermarkets, supermarkets, multiples, specialty shops, unit/independent retailers); their characteristics; advantages and disadvantages. E.g. branding, packaging, self-service

  • Travel Essay

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    changing from some places to others, and in this sense means of transport have played an important role. Firstly, nowadays, there is a great variety of means of transport and all of them have advantages and disadvantages. When we have to choose a mean of transport we usually take into account distance, speed, comfort and cost. But the biggest question is – to use public transport or private transport? Regarding private transport, the car is the king. Cars provide autonomy and they are seen

  • Nationalisation Presentation. Essay

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    NATIONALISATION PRESENTATION PRESENTERS Nationalisation is the process of taking a private industry or private assets into public ownershipby a national government or state. Industries that are usually subject to nationalization include transport, communications, energy, banking, etc. Nationalization has been used to refer to either direct state-ownership or management of an enterprise or to a government acquiring a large controlling share of a nominally private, publicly listed corporation

  • English Essay

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    argument or saying any bad things at Tet. Advantages and disadvantages of public transport The public transport is an invention or creation really useful. But like all, the public transport has advantages and disadvantages. This depends on each person. Therefore, some people say that using public transport is a good idea and other people think that it is a bad idea. On the one hand, people who think it is a good idea say that public transport’s advantages are that you do not have to drive, so you

  • Mr Selome Essay

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    Introduction 2 Definition of Concepts 2 Advantages of privatization 3 Disadvantages of privatization 3 Privatization Arguments in South Africa 4 What Is Nationalization? 7 Advantages of Nationalization 7 Disadvantages of Nationalization 10 Nationalization Arguments in South Africa 11 Arguments for Nationalization 13 Conclusion 14 References 15 Introduction There is a growing political and fiscal urgency in developing world for renewing the public sector and enriching the welfare

  • Private Transportation Essay

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    to attention, one of which is that the number of private transport on our road which leads to many problems. It is an issue which frequently generates a great deal of heated debate. There are many reasons why everybody use private transport instead of using public transport. Using private transport will not only bring us some benefits but also many negative effects. And now Ms Thuy will tell you about some advantages of using private transport. Everybody knows that the cost of owning a motorbike or

  • Discuss the Economic Impact of the London Olympics 2012, Examining Employment, Output and Funding for the Event Essay

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    Subsequently after, I will explain the term ‘Economic Impact’ in relation to the London Olympics 2012 and examine is impact on employment, output and funding for the event. I will then move on to the main part of my essay and consider the advantages and disadvantages to British society of hosting the Games. The Olympic Games is a major international event featuring summer and winter sports, in which thousands of athletes participate in a variety of competitions. The Olympic Games have come to be regarded