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    Analysis of ”A Gap of Sky” Being an adult comes with obligations and responsibility. It can be hard to balance enjoyment and the more serious parts of adulthood. At the same time it is difficult to find a place to belong and the core to what life is all about and how to get there. In the short story “A Gap of Sky” by Anna Hope the main character is struggling to find the meaning of her virgin adulthood. The short story uses a limited third person narrator because the reader only follows the

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    A Gap of Sky In “A Gap of Sky” by Anne Hope from 2008, the main theme is youth and being young. Youth is a difficult period of a person’s life. It is here, where a person reflects over the good and bad things about life. It is characterized by desire, a feeling of freedom and invisibility. Your personality is being established in your youth. We have an ability to be conscious, without fully being it. Youth is an important part of your life, but being young is not always easy, even though the feeling

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    A Gap of Sky Many young people nowadays are confused about who they are and what they will become in the future. The environment you are raised in has a lot to do with who you will be in the future. If you live with parents who are very Christian maybe you will be very Christian too. But sometimes another thing can happen. If your parents always have wanted to decide what you have to do whether it is sports or study, maybe you will do a revolt when you become a teenager. A thing just like this is

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    A Gap of Sky Being young is not always so easy, because a part of our youth is to experience life and its possibilities. And sometimes we have to make some decisions that we do not like. But the question is how fare will we go, for reaching our goals and feel free? Without hope, strength and faith this question will never be realized; so we cannot reach the highest skies without believing in our self and the choices that we make. The nineteen years old Ellie in the short story “A Gap of Sky”

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    A Gap of Sky "She turns left, onto Shaftesbury Avenue, and as she turns there is a gap of sky to her right, an emptiness, a vacancy that she doesn't remember seeing before, something destroyed, or being built" The short story A Gap of Sky written by Anna Hope, tells the story of Ellie, a young student at a London university, who goes on a drug-fuelled tour of London searching for printer ink. Her fears and self-doubt surface as the drugs from a party the night before course through her system

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    A Gap of Sky Plot. Introduction: We meets Ellie. A local student in the city of London. Judging by the introduction she is a real party girl. Partying all night, taking the tube home arriving at her home at 8 o'clock. She also mentions drugs and referring that she was also one of them who took some of them. The problem with that is not that she party too much. Just as long as she don't have homework. But in this case she has a essay due for the next morning. That she remembered right after checking

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    A gap of sky – essay Identity is properly the biggest part of human youth. Youth is the background for the identity and personality of a person. This is where you have the freedom to choose which way you think is the best to go; a way where you are using freedom, drugs and party to flee from reality, which certainly leads to consequences in a future life , or a responsible way that will be expected of you to take. This dilemma is Ellie in, in the short story "a Gap of Sky" by Anna Hope from 2008

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    A Gap of Sky The choices a person makes, defines the person and how one’s life develop. In “A Gap of Sky”, the reader is introduced to a young woman, who has to choose how to live her life. The story “A Gap of Sky” by Anna Hope from 2008 is written in a typical postmodern way. It describes a situation that many people may recognize, which is exactly what postmodern writers try to do – describing a situation that is common to humans, taking up subjects such as going from childhood to adolescence

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    A Gap of sky Individualism is a keyword in postmodern society. We are left with freedom to choose whatever we want of life. But young people are exposed to an insane amount of pressure, responsibility and expectations. Youth is often characterized by desire and a feeling of invincibility. It’s in youth a person truly provides background for what the personality of the person concerned contains. Sometimes the feeling of freedom leads to a fear of going in the wrong direction. This is also the

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    A Gap of Sky A) I will analyse and interpret the short story “A Gap of Sky” from 2008 by the British writer Anna Hope. The short story deals with the issues of drugs, freedom and reflection. I will establish this by focusing on the main character Ellie, through a character description. To start with I will write a little bit about the narrative technic. The character description will be based on the language, the symbols and the setting. I will also write about youth and compare “A Gap of A Sky”