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    and it is greatly preferred instead of school, and this is what she sees as living her life. The drugs and alcohol is a way to escape for her, a sort of “gap” where she can be herself. The headline of the story is “A Cap of sky”, and I think that this was choosing because the sky is the limit, for all of us, and her little cap of the sky is the feeling she gets when she is drinking and doing drugs. In the end of the story she is walking in the city, in her attempt to find some ink, and I feel

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    A Gap of Sky In “A Gap of Sky” by Anne Hope from 2008, the main theme is youth and being young. Youth is a difficult period of a person’s life. It is here, where a person reflects over the good and bad things about life. It is characterized by desire, a feeling of freedom and invisibility. Your personality is being established in your youth. We have an ability to be conscious, without fully being it. Youth is an important part of your life, but being young is not always easy, even though the feeling

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    Tayla Bassett December 18th, 2011 Mr. Mapes Gap Advertisement The advertisement that i chose to write about was The Gap Inc.. I chose The Gap because that is where i work, but that doe not matter right now. For this advertisement the target audience would be young or middle aged women. Now in every advertisement there is a surface message. The surface message in this advertisement is that there are four well dressed and good looking women that appear to be friends and that are dressed very fashionable

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    A Gap of Sky Plot. Introduction: We meets Ellie. A local student in the city of London. Judging by the introduction she is a real party girl. Partying all night, taking the tube home arriving at her home at 8 o'clock. She also mentions drugs and referring that she was also one of them who took some of them. The problem with that is not that she party too much. Just as long as she don't have homework. But in this case she has a essay due for the next morning. That she remembered right after checking

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    A Gap of Sky When you are young the world is at your feet. Life waits ahead with its endless line of opportunities, and all there is to do is go and grab them. You are filled with vitality, curiosity and the feeling of being invincible and free. But being young comes with a lot of challenges as well, because it is the time where the foundation for the rest of ones life is laid. It can be difficult to choose from the infinite amount of possibilities, and not only do you have to live up to your

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    A Gap of Sky The short story”A Gap of Sky”, by Anne Hope, is written in a typical postmodern way. As postmodern short stories often do, it revolves around a situation that many people may recognize. Live consists of choices, and every choice defines who you are, and what your life is going to be like. In “A Gap of Sky” the reader is introduced to a nineteen-year-old woman, who has made some rather poor choices. She is on drugs, and she prioritizes parties higher than her education. in the first

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    could deliver the most value to Gap. “We looked for a vendor that both mapped against the business that we were trying to manage to and that could help drive success against the metrics that we were trying to improve,” Salmonson said. “We looked at and talked to a lot of different companies, but when we first met i2, we saw that their vision for how to manage a retail business was key to our success in implementing the new technology.” Partnership and Trust Gap identified four key factors that

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    October Sky Throughout the summer of 1958, explosions rocked the hills and hollows near Coalwood, West Virginia. The first blasts terrified miners and their families. Had the mine blown up? Were the Russians attacking? But when the echoes died away, folks shrugged and said, "It's just those damn rocket boys!" The book seems to have the required elements; a noble, inquisitive young kid overcoming hurdles placed in front of him by family, location and education to achieve success, both in the

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    The Skies of Justice (symbolic story) In the Dreamtime, no thing was in existence. The grass didnʼt move, the wind didnʼt blow, and there was no sign of natural life anywhere. The Three Brothers roamed this lifeless planet, and admired the still creation. Names of Cobar, Dorak and Orad, these three beings roamed the free land in destiny of live. Cobar, was a sour and bitter brother, whose name described all, meaning “Burnt Earth”. Orad the youngest son, was a loving and caring person, but didn't

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    A Gap of sky By Anna Hope Imagine being young and living in a big city full of possibilities and life, where you feel the pressure from all sides: your parents want you to become educated, your friends want you to party, drink and do drugs and society wants you to excel at both. That is what happens with Ellie in Anna Hopes short story “A Gap of Sky” from 2008. Ellie is nineteen, lives in London and tries to do both, but drugs and essays do not mix. “A Gap of Sky” is a story about understanding

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    MobileTelephoneService–Customer Strategic Gap Analysis. Indian mobile industry was started almost 10 years before, because of Govt. regulation it couldnt grow like China. As per current estimation India’s mobile services market is expected to grow at 28.3% CAGR through 2009. But the market is also very much competitive, all the players are keen to increase the market share, so the prices are getting slashed. The current players in the market are :- Reliance Infocomm Bharati Telecom (AirTel)

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    A Call for Help The National Bestseller Half the Sky is an eye-opening, stirring book written by Nicolas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. It tells the stories of many courageous and remarkable women all over the world who suffer from injustice, brutal treatment, and struggle in hopes of a better tomorrow. The authors are researchers who travel and gather facts about the way women are being treated in different parts of the world. They put those stories and statistics into one book in hopes that the

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    A Gap of Sky By Anna Hope Being a teenager is not always as easy as it may seem. This is the final stage of growing up and becoming an adult. In doing so you can evolve in many different directions, and in this process people will start to demand things from you, and there are certain expectations to live up to. At this stage it is expected, that your identity is, somewhat, in its final stage. This pressure and these expectations can be hard to cope with, and for some people, too hard. In Anna

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    ”She is only nineteen, only living, and if that was sometimes a little extreme. Well, how should life be lived?” I wonder like Ellie, how should life be lived, are there any rules for how to live your life, and what do you do when your nineteen, living in London and being able to do what you want. Ellie doesn’t know how to live her life, and she blames her parent for being in the situation which she is in. She studies in the university, but blames her parents for enrolling her at the university:

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    Essay on ”A Gap of Sky” The short story “A Gap of Sky” by Anna Hope is told from a third-person point of view, with an inner view on the main character, Ellie. You get to hear her thoughts and feelings. That of course influences the language used in the text very much. Also it gives the reader a good insight in Ellies head and feelings. That results in that the reader feels like he knows Ellie and makes the story much more exciting. One of the themes in the story is drugs. It is a very actuall

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    A Gap of Sky The choices a person makes, defines the person and how one’s life develop. In “A Gap of Sky”, the reader is introduced to a young woman, who has to choose how to live her life. The story “A Gap of Sky” by Anna Hope from 2008 is written in a typical postmodern way. It describes a situation that many people may recognize, which is exactly what postmodern writers try to do – describing a situation that is common to humans, taking up subjects such as going from childhood to adolescence

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    A Gap of Sky A) The story is told through the point of view of a third person narrator and the main focus of the narrator is Ellie. The reader follows her thoughts, reflections and actions. The text appears as stream of consciousness, which causes the stile to be associative and incoherent between her acts, thoughts and reflections. The spoken language influences the stile because of the stream of consciousness. Words like “fuck” gets mentioned several times in the short story. This leads to

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    Bobby Bolin 9/19/12 Into The Sky For thousands of years, we have gazed into the sky in quandary about cosmic phenomena. Cavemen, peasants, kings and astronomers could do nothing more but hypothesize the mysteries of outer space and the universe. It was not until the 17th century did astronomers create the telescope to see more than just the naked eye however, the Mesopotamians recorded constellations that still exist in modern day age today. Our desires to find extraterrestrial life and answer

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    A Gap of Sky In the short story A Gap of Sky, written by Anna Hope, we follow the nineteen-year-old women, Ellie, across an afternoon. Ellie lives in London, probably alone. She smokes and does drugs. Around 4 pm Ellie wakes up from a rough night with alcohol and drugs. Ellie swears a lot, because she remembers that she has to write an essay about Virginia Wolf before the next morning. But there is a problem; she has no ink. She tries to remember the night, to figure out how many hours of sleep

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    The Gap, Inc. (Gap) is a specialty retailer engaged in selling clothing, accessories, and personal care products for men, women, children, and babies. Gap has global brand recognition and is globally recognized as American style, pop culture and the emotional affinity. The product line of the company includes casual apparel like denim, khakis, and T-shirts, accessories, footwear, personal care products and fashion apparels. Brands: Gap (including Gap, GapKids, babyGap and GapBody), Banana Republic

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    A gap of sky To be a teenager is to find your role in life. To find the path you want to go down and find the freedom every little child is seeking for. You have so many options that it can be hard to choose the one that is right for you. How do you know what your destiny is? Which goal should you chase and what path is the best for you? This is an universal process every young human being has to go trough – but some cope with the process better than others. Some can control it others cannot.

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    Essay #1 The 2008 short story, A Gap of Sky by Anna Hope, deals with the issues of drugs and how one girl has to cope with the aftermath of a party involving drugs. She has a deadline to reach, and throughout the story she searches for the means to begin her work. The problem being that she is always getting distracted. The short story is written in a very direct way, and features language, which could easily have been spoken. There is no dialog in the text. It however does feature a few of Ellie’s

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    Analysis of a Gap of Sky As human beings, we go through many stages in life where we constantly learn, adapt and evolve. One of the main stages in life is adolescence. A stage where we are sensitive to any influence that may come from the outside. Many factors play a role in what we chose in life, therefor we must remember to take control of our lives as it is ours - and live it as we please. A Gap of Sky is written by Anna Hope and touches the subjects of being young and free. Ellie, the main

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    Company Background Tata Sky is set to revolutionize television viewing in Bangladesh through its superior digital quality picture and sound. The service aims to empower the viewer with Choice, Control and Convenience through its wide array of programming choices and interactive features. Tata Sky offers viewers a variety of channels ranging from entertainment, sports, movies and music to news and documentaries in DVD quality picture and CD quality sound. The TATA Group is one of India’s largest

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    A Gap of sky Individualism is a keyword in postmodern society. We are left with freedom to choose whatever we want of life. But young people are exposed to an insane amount of pressure, responsibility and expectations. Youth is often characterized by desire and a feeling of invincibility. It’s in youth a person truly provides background for what the personality of the person concerned contains. Sometimes the feeling of freedom leads to a fear of going in the wrong direction. This is also the

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    English "A Gap of Sky" This short story, "A Gap of Sky", is about a girl named Ellie. Ellie is 19 years old and she is living in London. Ellie lives by herself and is left to make her own decisions. Ellie does not have control over her life. She is a drug addicted and she likes to party. The story is told by a third-person narrator with an inner view to the main character’s thoughts. The main character’s personality influences the language. The lines are short, and written as a stream of conscience

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    A Gap of Sky Af Annika Vium Dornonville de la Cour ”A Gap of Sky” is a short story written by Anna Hope. Through the story, the readers follow a young woman. The young woman is on her quest for the essence of life. The storyline stretches across an afternoon. The woman digs deeper into herself until she sees herself on a grey afternoon in the center of London. The young woman goes by the name of Ellie. Ellie wakes up at 4 pm after a rough night that consisted of alcohol and various drugs. The

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    A Gap of sky – Anna Hope Life is a fragile object. Some people’s lives are more fragile than other’s. Every year 2,5 million people die of alcohol or drug abuse. Life is too short to mess around with these drugs, and it’s easy to get lost in life. To survive you need some goals in life, so you won’t get lost. Those goals could be everything from getting a job or an education – or just sit down and write that essay for tomorrow. The main character in Anna Hope’s story; A Gap of Sky, finds out

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    A gap of sky In this essay I will focus on the narrator technique and I will look of how the technique effects our impression of Ellie. I will also focus on themes and make a characterisation of Elli. Where I will focus on her development through the story. At last I will look at the importance of the city. The story is written with a 3’rd person narrator, with an inner point of view . The narrative technique is a stream of consciousness. You get to see Elli’s thought’s

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    A Gap of Sky Being a teenager is not always easy; it is difficult to figure out where you belong when you suddenly have to stand on your own, deal with everything at yourself and mainly just figure out how you want to live your life. This can be one of the reasons why many teenagers seek comfort in alcohol and drugs, which may be the case in the short story, “A Gap of Sky”, written by Anna Hope. Many people don’t know or is confused about what they want with their life because they are free

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    part in life, it is where people improve themselves. But life can be very rough, some people lives in a bad environment with drugs and alcohol, and does not have an education. This is what happens to the main character, Ellie in the short story A Gap of Sky, the short story is written in 2008 by Anna Hope. In the story we follow Ellie during her day. She is a nineteen-year-old woman, who is struggling with her education. She lives and study at UCL (University College London) in London. In the text

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    A Gap of Sky ”A Gap of Sky” is a short story written by author Anna Hope in 2008. The story follows Ellie; the nineteen-year-old student, with an unhealthy habit of partying and doing drugs. She wakes up after a night out, to find out that she has an important essay due the next morning. We follow her through the city of London on her quest to get ink to print her essay. Throughout this trip in London, we get an insight into Ellie’s mind and the many thoughts and feeling she has. This essay will

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    A Gap of Sky A) I will analyse and interpret the short story “A Gap of Sky” from 2008 by the British writer Anna Hope. The short story deals with the issues of drugs, freedom and reflection. I will establish this by focusing on the main character Ellie, through a character description. To start with I will write a little bit about the narrative technic. The character description will be based on the language, the symbols and the setting. I will also write about youth and compare “A Gap of A Sky”

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    A Gap of Sky Many young people nowadays are confused about who they are and what they will become in the future. The environment you are raised in has a lot to do with who you will be in the future. If you live with parents who are very Christian maybe you will be very Christian too. But sometimes another thing can happen. If your parents always have wanted to decide what you have to do whether it is sports or study, maybe you will do a revolt when you become a teenager. A thing just like this is

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    A Gap of Sky “A Gap of Sky” by Anna Hope is about a young girl who, like a lot of other young people, is exposed to a huge amount of pressure. She is caught in a dilemma between desires and expectations, because nowadays there is so much you have to live up to. You have wear nice clothes, do well in school, have lots of friends etc. So it’s not surprising that sometimes you would want to get away and forget about all that. In this story, the young girl, whose name is Ellie, doesn’t live up to

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    A Gap of Sky Freedom, party and drugs are a normal part of every teenager’s life. But so are reflection, expectations and education. This is also the case for 19 years old Ellie, who wakes up from a though night. Suddenly she remembers that she has to hand in an essay, and feels the enormous pressure on her shoulders. Who is she doing this for? Why? And is it the good or the right thing to do? Ellie is a nineteen years old girl, who is resident in the heart of London. She is a student at a

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    A Gap of Sky "She turns left, onto Shaftesbury Avenue, and as she turns there is a gap of sky to her right, an emptiness, a vacancy that she doesn't remember seeing before, something destroyed, or being built" The short story A Gap of Sky written by Anna Hope, tells the story of Ellie, a young student at a London university, who goes on a drug-fuelled tour of London searching for printer ink. Her fears and self-doubt surface as the drugs from a party the night before course through her system

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    Analysis of ”A Gap of Sky” Being an adult comes with obligations and responsibility. It can be hard to balance enjoyment and the more serious parts of adulthood. At the same time it is difficult to find a place to belong and the core to what life is all about and how to get there. In the short story “A Gap of Sky” by Anna Hope the main character is struggling to find the meaning of her virgin adulthood. The short story uses a limited third person narrator because the reader only follows the

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    A Gap of Sky By Anna Hope - 2008 Ellie is a disturbed young woman, who illustrates very well how teens can handle themselves with a lot of pressure, in different ways individually, whether it is with drugs and partying or school and homework. In my analysis of ‘A Gap of Sky’ I will focus on: The narrator technique, the symbols and the role played by the urban setting. The text is writing in 3’rd person narrator and put together with parts of Ellie’s thoughts. “Ellie feels afraid. Nasty,

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    24 January 2013 “Half the Sky” Summarization In the book “Half the Sky Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn claim that solutions such as girls’ education and microfinance help to solve the problem of sex trafficking, forced prostitution, gender-based violence and maternal mortality. The authors introduce us to the problems of forced prostitution by depicting the story of Srey Rath, a Cambodian teenager who at the age of fifteen decided to go work as a dishwasher in Thailand to help pay the

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    A Gap of Sky In the beginning of the short story, our protagonist, Ellie, wakes up with what is left of the makeup she applied the day before, and yellow eye-frost in the dark corners of her eyes. She is nineteen years old and lives in a cold and lousy dorm room in London. She studies at University College London, although she already from the beginning of the short story does not seem to fit the description of the type that fits into the higher part of the education system. Early in the short story

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    “A Gap of Sky” by Anna Hope Rikke “A Gap of Sky” by Anna Hope is a short story about a young girl caught in a dilemma between expectations and desires. It is a portrait of a young girl on drugs and a description of what the city can do to a person who stands alone without the support and care from other people. The narrator is third person and omniscient, and the narrative technique can be described with the phrase “stream of consciousness” which is a technique that writer and feminist Virginia

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    A gap of sky – essay Identity is properly the biggest part of human youth. Youth is the background for the identity and personality of a person. This is where you have the freedom to choose which way you think is the best to go; a way where you are using freedom, drugs and party to flee from reality, which certainly leads to consequences in a future life , or a responsible way that will be expected of you to take. This dilemma is Ellie in, in the short story "a Gap of Sky" by Anna Hope from 2008

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    The Gap, Inc. is an American clothing and accessories retailer based in San Francisco, California, and founded in 1969. It is one of the largest global specialty apparel retailers, with fiscal 2009 revenues of $14.2 billion. It operates five of the most recognized apparel brands in the world � Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime and Athleta. Gap retails casual apparel, accessories, and personal care products for men, women and children through more than 3,100 stores in the United States, Britain

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    Themes/issues drugs, freedom and reflection. The short story “A Gap of Sky” by Anna Hope is told from a third-person point of view, with an inner view on the main character, Ellie. You get to hear her thoughts and feelings, which influences the language of the text quite a lot. It results in short sentences, sudden shifts in subjects, and a lot of repetitions. Page 4, line 67 “She was nineteen, and in London, and she needed to get some printer ink”, page 6, line 129 “she is nineteen and in London

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    ”A Gap of Sky” by Anna Hope A Gap of a Sky is written by Anna Hope, it’s written in 2008. The story is about a girl named Ellie, who’s a drug addict. She struggles in school, because she’ll rather live her life and experience things, than go to school. Ellie isn’t feeling well, and she starts to think what would happen if she was dead. In this story we are only introduced to the main character Ellie, Ellie is a young girl at the age of 19. She is studying at the University College London. She

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    A Gap of sky The short story “A Gap of sky”, by Anna Hope, is about how youth often is characterized by life, desire and a feeling of freedom and invincibility. The setting is in today’s London and the author starts in medias res “It is dark, but the wrong dark. Something is wrong with the dark” (l.1). Because of this the author establishes, by his use of words such as not just dark but the wrong dark, a rather gloomy mood. The story is about how being young and, although freedom is within

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    A Gap of Sky We are inside a music video from the very first moment of this story. At least so it seems and I could very well imagine this course of events to form the story board for a music video by The Prodigy. Neither the story nor the setting is timeless but within a window of time called "present day" it is timeless. The weather, being abundant in dark clouds, is gloomy and forms a crucial role in the state of mind of the story's only character, Ellie. The story takes us on a drugged

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    A Gap of Sky A When you are young you often feel like you can take on the world, and you can handle everything. In most cases teenagers with this kind of attitude ends up doing drugs or drink to handle their problems, and to make everything feel better, give them a little freedom, because they can’t handle life on their own. In the short story “A Gap of Sky” we hear about a teenager called Ellie, who do drugs and goes out to party almost every night, and not showing up at her university. Ellie

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    A Gap of Sky Being young is not always so easy, because a part of our youth is to experience life and its possibilities. And sometimes we have to make some decisions that we do not like. But the question is how fare will we go, for reaching our goals and feel free? Without hope, strength and faith this question will never be realized; so we cannot reach the highest skies without believing in our self and the choices that we make. The nineteen years old Ellie in the short story “A Gap of Sky”