1996 Taiwan Strait Crisis Case Study Essays

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  • History Essay

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    Asian pacific countries and seaborne trade The economic development of Asian Pacific countries in the passing two to three decades has been closely related to seaborne trade, and the importance of sea lines of communication (SLOC) to regional countries would be much increased in the twenty-first century. SLOC security is now one of the priorities in regional countries strategic thinking and policy making. The oceans occupy 70 percent of the earth's surface, and the Pacific Ocean occupies 50 percent

  • Hybridity and the Rise of Korean Popular Culture in Asia Essay

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    Shim NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE Over the past few years, an increasing amount of Korean popular cultural content – including television dramas, movies, pop songs and their associated celebrities – has gained immense popularity in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other East and Southeast Asian countries.1 News media and trade magazines have recognized the rise of Korean popular culture in Asia by dubbing it the ‘Korean wave’ (Hallyu or Hanryu in Korean). The Associated Press reported in March

  • China Indluence over Economy Essay

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    CHINESE FOREIGN POLICY 17.407 (U) Spring 2012 2-136 T/R 9:00-11:30am M. Taylor Fravel E40-471 Office Hours: By Appointment fravel@mit.edu Description This undergraduate lecture course provides a comprehensive introduction to Chinese foreign policy. In particular, this course will investigate the sources of conflict and cooperation in China’s behavior, assessing competing explanations for key events and policies. Readings will be drawn from political science, history, and international relations

  • Chinese Economics Essay

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    affairs in East and Southeast Asia. Most of the case studies are based on solid, indepth empirical research and will prove extremely useful for anyone wishing to understand what makes Chinese network capitalism tick and why it will continue to be a critical force of Asia’s great transformation. Due to its reflective agenda and multi-disciplinary approach, this book will be essential reading for those interested in East and Southeast Asia, development studies, Chinese (ethnic) entrepreneurship, business

  • Macro Trends in Singapore Essay

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    MARKETING IN SINGAPORE: MACRO TRENDS AND THEIR IMPLICATIONS FOR MARKETING MANAGEMENT FOR 2002 AND THE YEARS BEYOND December 2001 Jochen Wirtz* & Cindy M Y Chung** RPS #2001-033 (MKTG) * Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, Faculty of Business Administration, Bldg. 1, National University of Singapore, Business Link, Singapore 117591. E-mail: fbawirtz@nus.edu.sg Assistant Professor in Marketing, Marketing and International Business Division, Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological

  • Asia Money Essay

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    globalization and financial crisis happens frequently. The East Asia financial crisis started the currency cooperation. The ultimate target is to build a single area during a longtime. But it becomes very difficult because East Asia could not reach the OCA guidelines at Present. Therefore,realization of East Asia currency area should be two Phases: in the first Place,build hypo-area currency area,and then transit to single currency area. This study differs from a general study of Pure theories: it has

  • Piracy Essay

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    MARITIME PIRACY IN MALACCA STRAIT AND SOUTH CHINA SEA: TESTING THE DETERRENCE AND REACTANCE MODELS BO JIANG Department of Criminology, University of Pennsylvania (August 2013 to May 2014) Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Maryland (June 2014 - ) KEYWORDS: Southeast Asia, maritime piracy, deterrence, reactance, series hazard model, logistic model ABSTRACT: In this article, I used series hazard modeling and multivariate logistic models to test the relative strengths of deterrence

  • How New and Assertive Is China’s New Assertiveness? Essay

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    assertiveness reºects a fundamental shift in Chinese diplomacy away from Beijing’s more status quo–oriented behavior of the previous thirty years.2 Many believe that it reºects a conscious decision by the top leadership in the wake of the 2008–09 ªnancial crisis to be much more proactive in challenging U.S. interests in East Asia and, indeed, elsewhere around the world. The new assertiveness meme has “gone viral” in the U.S. media, the blogosphere, and in scholarly work. This article argues, however, that

  • A Study of Smes in Singapore Essay

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    The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at www.emeraldinsight.com/1750-6204.htm JEC 2,4 A study of SMEs in Singapore Rosalind Chew and Soon-Beng Chew Division of Economics, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 332 Abstract Purpose – The aim of this paper is to appreciate the difficulties faced by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in a small open economy such as Singapore where there is very little margin for comfort. Design/methodology/approach

  • Ps 101 Essay

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    China The first one is the economy. China's economy has been typically the best-performing economy or among the best-performing economies in the world since 1979 when reforms began, averaging about 7 percent growth. One note of concern, though, is that those conditions that allowed that 7 percent growth are not likely to be prevalent in the years to come, because for over 30 years, China has relied extensively on lower wage rates and export-driven growth. But wage rates have been bid up, as happens;