Billing Questions

How do I cancel my subscription?
Please go to the cancel account page.
Can I have a refund?
We issue refunds on a case by case basis. Learn more about our refund policy.
Why was I re-billed?
You most likely signed up for one of our recurring memberships. You will be billed until you cancel your account.
When I cancel, how long will my account be active?
Your account will be active for the remainder of your subscription. For instance, if you signed up for the monthly membership on September 1 and you canceled on September 15, your account would still be active until October 1.
How do I change my plan?
Please login to your account and click the "modify billing information" link.
When is my next billing?
We bill your account every thirty days. So, if you signed up on September 1, you would be billed again on October 1 (unless you cancel your account).

Help with the Site

I forgot my account information. How can I retrieve it?
Please visit the forgot password page.
How do I copy a paper to my computer so I can reference it offline?
  1. Highlight all of the text by clicking the "Highlight Text" link above the essay.
  2. Go to the "Edit" menu in your web browser and select "Copy."
  3. Open your word processing software. (Microsoft Word)
  4. Create a new document.
  5. Go to the "Edit" menu in your word processing software and select "Paste."
How do you know how many pages are in an essay?
We simply take the total word count and divide it by 250. There are normally 250 words per double-spaced page.
I thought this site was free, why is it asking me to pay?
We have about 6,000 free essays on this site. You can, however, become a premium member and get access to 400,000 premium essays as well.
Why doesn't the essay I'm reading have a works cited page?
Not all of our users submit works cited or bibliography pages with their essays.
What about plagiarism?
We take plagiarism very seriously and we urge you to write your own essays. Essays on this site are only to be used as examples for your own essays.
How do I remove my paper from the site?
Please contact us and provide a link to your paper.
My copyrighted material is on this website without my permission. How can I get it removed?
Please contact us and follow the procedures in item 21 on this page: terms
How do I cite these papers?
You can site documents from our database the same way that you would cite other website sources. Please view this page for an example.
Do you have the charts, graphs, or figures for these papers?
Unfortunately, when a user submits a paper to us, we lose any additional attachments that were associated with the paper.
How do I find an essay?
Please use the search engine to find an essay.
How much does a subscription cost?
Please visit the join page to see our membership plans.