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Blackmon1 Ushikia Blackmon Professor Arzola English 1302 28 September 2012 I’m 16 and I’m Legal Author Anya Kamenez’s, purpose in “You’re 16, You’re Beautiful and You’re a Voter”, is to convince parents, lawmakers, and voters to agree that the required voting age should be lowered to sixteen. She begins with a strong argument, letting her audience know that the 2008 presidential election hit record numbers in polls with young voters. To support her proposal, Kamenetz uses the analogy of an “early voting permit”, to statistics regarding accidents by teenage drivers. Next, Kamenetz makes a valid point, that age should not be the only deciding factor and she is critical of the old laws governing this country. In all Kamenetz makes a good argument In “ You’re 16, You’re Beautiful and You’re a Voter”, but takes it too far suggesting parents, lawmakers, and voters give teens Blackmon2 the power to rights other than voting and higher education is not included. Kamenetz would not receive a large number in opposing views if, she did not discuss teens making adult decisions. For example, to support her claim that sixteen year olds should be allowed to vote, Kamenetz states, “Sixteen is a good starting point for phasing into adult rights and responsibilities, from voting to drinking to marriage. In reality, this is when most people have their first jobs, their first drinks, and their sexual initiations. The law ought to empower young people to negotiate these transitions openly, not furtively” (Kamenetz 49, par.7). Kamenetz is simply saying that, the age sixteen would be a good time to give teens the power to make adult decisions legally and not hide from lawmakers and adults.
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