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“D.P” By Kurt Vonnegut, J.R Essay

  • Submitted by: tuanson
  • on May 10, 2011
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Below is an essay on "“D.P” By Kurt Vonnegut, J.R" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

“D.P” by Kurt Vonnegut, J.R
D.P as known as Displaced Person, which was `written by Kurt Vonnegut, shows to us a picture of a young black boy, Joe, who is raised by the nuns in a small German town. The local tease the boys and claim that his long lost father was an African American during the World War II. Through the story, Vonnegut provides us a picture of a young boy trying to search for his identity. He keeps asking questions around about his true identity, about his true people who have the same skin color.Vonnegut presents us a sence where the black boy among those Germans getting very confused by the information which is provided by the carpenter, Peter and the nun. Also the arrival of the American soldires bring Joe to a new dimension which help him to believe in himself more that there are people like him out there in the world and he could be with them afterward.
The first sence that the author provide us is that Joe is getting confused by the information from a carpenter in the town. As “mild afternoon” (line 8), the nuns take the children out and parade toward the village. An old man carpenter who always see the children’s parade passing by, judging about the nationalities of the childrens “See the little French girl”, “ Look at the flash of thoes eyes”( line 14). These quatations prove that the old carpenter is stereotype. He look at the eyes and straightly think that the girl is French. Moreover, when he sees a boy, who “ thin, sober-looking” ( line 19), he calls him Pole. He seems like a person judge people by the appearance, especialy about Joe who has a totally different skin to them. When Joe is passing by them, the carpenter yells out to other “ Look-look who’s coming now” (line 25). The carpenter notices to Joe because the boy has diffent skin color to anyone in the orphanage. He says “ There we have an American” ( line 26). At that time, black people were being discriminated, especially in Europe. Therefore there werent many black people live...

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  • Submitted by: tuanson
  • on May 10, 2011
  • Category: English
  • Length: 2,036 words
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