"A Worn Path." By Welty's And O'Connor's "First Confession." By Frank O'Connor

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complete two of the topics provided. In preparation for each essay, make a few preliminary notes--a list of points to cover, a mini outline, or a brief rough draft--to help you organize your thoughts. Develop four to five paragraphs, between 300-400 words for each of the two essays (may certainly be longer) that respond to each of the topics. Do provide an intro that makes clear which topic you have selected and a conclusion that re-emphasizes your main point. The take-home essays differ from the Formal Essays in that they need not follow MLA formatting, give citations, nor a Work Cited page; however, I do want the final drafts word processed and double spaced for ease of reading. Make sure you save the document as a Word or Rich Text Format file; otherwise, I will not be able to open it. The two take-home essays must be composed in one Word document, labeled clearly as two essays, and submitted as one Dropbox attachment before midnight (see the corresponding Week when assignment occurs, Unit Exams' "take-home" Essays Drop Box). Remember to name your file in this format: ExamItakehomesLastName. Make sure you write on two topics (40 points each): 1. Think about Jackie at the beginning and at the end of O'Connor's "First Confession." Has he learned anything about religion? If so, what? What characters do you feel brought about these changes? Does the reader make any discoveries, too, as Jackie learns or fails to learn? 2. Discuss the choice of point of view in Welty's "A Worn Path." Why is it particularly appropriate? Required Texts and Materials: Roberts, Edgar V. and Henry E. Jacobs. Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing. 9th ed. New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 2009. (be sure you purchase the correct

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