“a World Fit for Us” Analysis

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Today, many children die before the age of five. Many of these deaths are due directly or indirectly to hunger and malnutrition. According to CNN, “thousands of children” in England have been sexually exploited by gangs or groups of men or “are at high risk of sexual exploitation.” Today, throughout the world, there are many children work. They do not go to school and have no time to play. Many do not receive proper nutrition or care. They are denied the chance to be children. Many of them are exposed to the worst forms of child labour such as work in hazardous environments, slavery, or other forms of forced labour, illicit activities including drug trafficking and prostitution, as well as involvement in armed conflict. “A World Fit for Us” is a perfect speech which was written by the Children’s Forum to chart a course for the future well-being of children, including adolescents. Analyzing the speech reviews its overall argument and supporting reasons, as well as considering its use of rhetorical appeals. The powerful statement “A World Fit for Us” was delivered by two young delegates to the world leaders, Gabriela Azurduy Arrieta, 13, from Bolivia, and Audrey Cheynut, 17, from Monaco on May 8th, 2002 They were the first children ever to address the UN General Assembly on a substantive issue. In this speech, the Children’s Forum includes a declaration, a review of progress and lessons learned and a detailed plan of action. The Plan of Action addresses these major areas: promoting healthy lives, providing quality education, protecting against abuse, exploitation and violence, ending wars, protecting environment, and eradicating HIV/AID. It outlines how to create a world fit for children through specific goals, strategies and actions. It focuses the mind of the adult delegates on the needs and rights of children and introduces a freshness, honesty

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