“a Poison Tree” vs “the Most Vital Thing in Life”

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“A Poison Tree” vs “The Most Vital Thing In Life” We’ll start by defining a poem, as a collection of words that express an emotion or idea, sometimes with a specific rhythm. The Perrine’s Literature structure, sound & sense define poetry, “Poetry as a kind of language that says more and says it more intensely than doe’s ordinary language.” When comes to evaluate a bad or good poetry, to Perrine a poem fails to achieve excellence if it is sentimental, excessively rhetorical and didactic in one hand; The other hand a poem is good when contributes to the achievement of the central purpose, what is it? “How fully has purpose been accomplished?” And “how important is this purpose?” In this case I judge the poem “The Most Vital Thing In Life” (TMVTL) as a bad poem and “A Poison Tree” (APT) poem as a good poem. Because first of all TMVTL is too didactic, which preach or teach, and lacks all the artistry and poetic devices of APT poem, TMVTL poem try to give us a moral and advice, how we can control our feelings and anger before we hurt the enemy. Also it contains excess word to express the meaning of the word. The ideas and thought of this poem are disorganizing. APT is about humanity´s hatred upon other people, and every sentence has whole meaning. Second is about rhyme, meter, scheme etc…ATP rhymes perfectly throughout, and each stanza has central purpose. For ATP, in the first couplet, the speaker is angry at his friend; in the second, at his foe. This difference immediately makes the simple poem less simple. As we continue on reading the couplets are beautifully rhyme, meter and show the importance of the purpose which is tolerance and forgiveness. In TMVTL rhyme is not respect and it too sentimental. The central idea is there but not coherent. The entire first stanza talks about when you “feel
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