“A Personalised Induction Will Always Be More Effe

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In the following essay, I will present the case that an induction which has been personalised to the individual client will be more effective than using a generic induction. I will discuss the factors involved in creating the differences in people’s personalities and thought processes as well as the modalities and styles used in creating personalised inductions to achieve the best results for the variety of clients. Each and every client is different. Everyone thinks differently, perceives their surroundings and experiences differently and reacts to stimuli in their own unique way. These differences can be attributed to their backgrounds, which would include their ethnicity, religion and culture which in some cases cause vastly different ways of thinking and acting from other ethnic groups and cultures as evidenced in international news broadcasts today. The circumstances in which the client was raised will greatly affect how they relate to new experiences, such as a client growing up in a poor household may possibly attach greater value to what they achieve in later life than someone else who was raised in a more well to do setting. Each clients likes and dislikes will differ from every other clients likes and dislikes. We can consider how in each of our homes, each family member has certain foods that they like and other foods that they dislike and this will differ from family member to family member. These differences in background, outlook, values and morals are ingrained in the client from a young age and are reinforced throughout their lives. All these factors should be taken into consideration in order to achieve the best chance of success and to assist the client in realising the most beneficial state possible when conducting a session of hypnotherapy. These differences, which may not be readily evident when speaking to the client, could affect
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