Zoroastraianism Influences Essay

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Zoroastrianism had many impacts on other religions after Persia spread under the rule of Cyrus the Great and conquered the neighboring countries. At its time, Zoroastrianism was a religion popular in Iran. It was a set of beliefs centered on, Ahura Mazda, known as the creator in Zoroastrianism. Ahura Mazda represented truthfulness, and order. He was the supreme deity of Zoroaster's teachings and beliefs who prevented turmoil and conflict from dominating all that was good and preventing evil to proliferate into such a mass that it would envelop everything bringing demise to all that existed. Zoroastrianism is considered a dualistic religion, since it is a whole consisting of two sides which are in a long going dissent. There are many similarities between Christianity and Zoroastrianism that can easily be spotted. Both religions are dualistic. Zoroastrianism was considered a dualistic religion as it had to do with the fight between Spenta Mainyu and Angra Mainyu. This is very similar to the concept of Christianity in the battle between God and Satan or good and evil. The basis of the dilemma between good and evil in Christianity and Zoroastrianism are similar as well. In Christianity the contention between God and Satan is supposed to have began after Lucifer was expelled from Heaven after disobeying God, leading to the fight between both. In Ahura Mazda, the contention between Spenta Mainyu and Angra Mainyu developed because Angra Mainyu wanted to have control over everything. The concept that good will always prevail over evil and all will come to an end was passed on to Christian beliefs. In Zoroastrianism, it states that after 12,000 years of battle Ahura Mazda will prevail over the wicked, in which everything will cease to exist. This is seen in Christianity that says at some point in time, God will conquer Satan and the Messiah will come and collect all

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