Zorbak the Greek Essay

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Zorba the Greek What Zorbra taught the Boss in the movie? In the movie, Zorbra is an enthusiastic person that fulfilled with love for living than anyone else. Basil, the boss is fascinated by Zorba’s expressive manner, so he decides to hire Zorba as a foreman to Crete. During the long journey in Crete, they both have close relationship that they have conversation about variety things, and also learn lessons from each other. Firstly, the sense that Zorba has convinced Basil invests a mining venture, and due to lack of utility they have to find something to support the “Hole” in order to continue their work. They have come up with the plan to cut off the tree from the top of the mountain and use to sustain the mining “hole”. However, this plan eventually failed, but Zorba doesn’t seem sad at all, he also comforts Basil and teaches him where failure is the way to success. The most important that Zorba emphasizes that failure is not matter, but what matter is what we learn from failure and lead us to success. At the ending, Basil and Zorba dance together by showing their optimistic thoughts. Zorba has his own definition to express emotion while he faces difficulties and Basil also gets inspired from Zorba’s enthusiastic character. Secondly, the sense that the widow is tortured by the villagers because she is too popular in the town and every man seems to be loved with her. There is a young man who commits suicide because he feels being cheated by the widow when he finds out that the widow is being together with Bails. All the villagers claim the death of the young man is because of the widow’s fault. Bail is the one who suppose to protect his lover which is the widow while she is being torture, but the thing he only can do is standing and watching this disaster. He presents so weak when face to all the people in town. When Zorba knows this situation, he tries to

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