Zora Hurston Research Paper

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Zora Neale Hurston Research Paper Zora Hurston was a bright, young woman with great talent for writing books with a goal to portray and capture the everyday life of African Americans in the hardships during the 1930's through the 1950's. In "Standards Focus: Author Biography--Zora Neale Hurston (1891-1960)," an informative article by John Doe, Hurston is described as a large figure to the African-American culture in the United States during this hard racial time period. Zora Hurst attended two academic schools after she left high school. She attended "college preparatory courses at Morgan Academy (Now Morgan State University) in Baltimore, Maryland, and in the fall of 1918 entered Howard University," (Doe 1). It is obvious that Hurston wanted a good education from the beginning, to start off in the already rough everyday life of the racial period for African Americans. At the time, it was a difficult time period for blacks, and she knew she would have to go the extra mile no other African American woman had attempted yet. She wanted to have a good chance to become a noticeable, talented writer, and had achieved this success through her most knowledgeable novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God. After finishing college, completing many books, and taking many simple, low paying jobs, Hurston found herself poverty struck and charged for a crime. "After suffering many setbacks, including the allegation of committing an immoral act with a minor (which was later dropped), Hurston returned to the life of poverty," (Doe 1). Hurston had originally been accustomed to poverty, before her entrance to her writing career. She had fallen into a depression that could not be overcome and remained at the sad, low level at poverty until her death, in 1960. After falling apart, she never came back to the eyes of the people and became an unknown and unregistered inhabit that was not
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