Zoo Surrounding Environment Essay

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One of the primary differences between zoo and wildlife is that zoos are created specifically to exhibit animals to the public by collecting animals, taking into consideration conservation needs, the potential for scientific research, and which species the public likes best, while in wildlife, the nature is surrounding for the animals in which, they take care of themselves and they breed on their own. For example, life in a zoo is like routine, animals are surrounded by the visitors most of the time, and all they need to do is to just sit and spend time in the cage. Animals feel bored and they feel conservative, having the same routine and scheduled life. On the other hand, With wildlife, they have their own surrounding nature where they can move freely without any restrictions. Animals are usually kept in cages or enclosures in zoos, while they are allowed to roam more freely with their own wildlife. According to Yann Martel, In “The zoo life”, A zoo is just another man made a territory which can provide a place to live life within proximity, but it cannot replace an original life within nature that lies in wildlife. In other words, in a zoo, the freedom of the animals are confined by the cage and it completely changes the surrounding life of animals. For example, Human needs to be in society with other humans to grow better in life. Nobody likes if we stripped the freedom of someone, same way animals are needed to be at the place where they find the same animals as them, and needs to be

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