Zoo Is a Prison

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Brandi Reynolds English 102 13 March 2013 Zoos are Prison Cells for Animals The zoo is known as place to see beautiful animals that are not usually seen anywhere else except a circus, an animal show (for example at Universal Studios or Siegfried and Roy), or in a movie or a television show. The zoo is a typical fieldtrip planned by teachers or parents for kids so they can get a closer view of the many exotic animals that normally would only be seen on television. Most these creatures are in the midst of needing help to repopulate so they do not end up extinct. The trainers at the zoo inform people of new animals attractions coming to the park and births that are about to take place but they rarely ever explain the negative side of the zoo life. Animals live and die naturally in their original habitat like nature intended but in a zoo animals are dying left and right from illnesses that become known after discovered by the zoo. The zoo treats animals like criminals locked in down in prison. When looking up the word at Dictionary.com you will find two definitions: the first one explains the zoo as a park-like area in which live animals are kept in cages or large enclosures for public exhibition and the second definition states that the zoo is a place, activity, or group marked by chaos or unrestrained behavior. The two definitions are a bit confusing but the second one is more realistic with the examples of the zoo being a chaotic activity. The zoo keepers and zoo trainers are not living the way the movie theater has presented in the numerous motion pictures coming out each year. The Zoo Keeper is only a movie for laughs and We Bought a Zoo might be based on a real story but it shows more of Matt Damon’s characters life then the struggle of how animals live in captivity. While the Earth is filled with a huge variety of animals, more than ninety percent of the

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