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Zombies: What a bunch of stiffs! By: Tony Minella It seems everywhere you look these day in entertainment, you will run into zombies. One of the undead, rotting corpse looking to take a chunk of flesh out of you. Zombies are really not a recent phenomenon in pop culture, but have realistic roots. Those roots connect and expand until we have everyone’s favorite zombie show, “The Walking Dead”. Zombie is a term Americanized from the Haitian term “Zonbi”. In fact, the practice of Haitian voodoo may be what lead George A. Romero to create the modern zombie, the ones who have come to love today. Haitian sorcerers seem to use a psychedelic drug to induce a trance-like state in their victim. The drug is a combination of puffer fish toxin and datura (a dissociative drug), both in powdered form. The “witch doctor” then add a combination of these into a person’s bloodstream usually through an open wound. The effect is a near death like state in which the person is usually buried but followed by a reawakening later on. Upon reawakening the victim is by then in a psychotic state and psychologically traumatized. This state was then used to reinforce cultural beliefs about Haitian society, thus making the person believe they were actually dead and no further use to society, therefore the individual would reconstruct their identity to a “zombie”. These individuals would show slow attitudes and tended to hang around graveyards. Wade Davis documented mush of this in his book, “The Serpent and the Rainbow”, although Davis does have critics who dismiss this theory. The flesh eating zombie we have known has also been around since probably 1300 B.C. They are first mentioned in “The Epic of Gilgamesh”, as “the dead that go up to eat the living, and the dead will outnumber the living“. As time moved

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