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First I would like to start off by saying the intro to Zombielad was really good. The way Jesse Eisenberg narrated it was smooth and clear. Also the opening song and the special effects of the explosions and the zombies were realistic. I like the way Jesse Eisenbergs character Columbus meets Woody Harrelson's character Tallahassee. The way he pulled up in the Escalade with a plow on the front set the truck off. Another good thing is the gun stand off between the two. I like the scene were they pull up on a Hostes truck looking for twinkles but I think there was a deleted scene right after it before Tallahassee starts playing with the knife. So I guess you can say thats a part I really didn't like. Now 16 minutes in the scene where Columbus has a next door niebor knocks on the door for help I feel like the director did a really good job on the camera movement. What I mean is is that the camera man or woman captured the right body and facial proportions. The actress I feel did a really good job transforming into a zombie. She really got into character. I also like the way the fight scenes they had where great especially the way he hit her with the toilet lid. Another thing I like about this film is the humor and the relationship between Columbus and Tallahassee.The scene when Tallahassee and Columbus are driving and Columbus opens his car door and wacks the female zombie in the head with the door, I thought was hilarious and well thought out. Now one of my all time favorite parts is when they get to the Blaine's Grocery . I like the way Tallahassee samples threw the weapons before they enter the store, but its so funny how he plays the banjo to get the zombies to come out . That scene was very creative and nicely thought out. The scene where witchita and little rock played by Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin they swindle Tallahassee and Columbus into

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