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Zombie Kids Zombie Kids: Children in Today’s Commercialized Society October 16, 2012 Zombie Kids: Children of Today’s Commercialized Society Yellow, pink, blue, the typical colors that people would normally include genders of children. How long has society used color, as criteria to put everyday children of every ethnicity into categories? Seems to me like it has been a really long time, and as of yet there seems to be no move or rush to change this way categorization. Are we to assume that every single girl loves pink, and every single boy loves blue? If we look back I think we may find that society has been doing this, and more but yet it continues. I do know plenty of children that love all colors, whether they themselves are male or female. So I ask the question, if the children don’t categorize themselves into this scheme of gender coloring, then why should we? Why should society? When I did my initial observation, the first thing that I noticed, was the carefully place colored pegboard that goes into each section of toys. Blue, pink, and yellow seemed to be the constant colors that would repeat themselves at many stores. The next observation I made was that everything was in order for the age of the children. The first isle would be the infants, and toddlers. After that we then move up in age, but also by gender, so you would have girls age 4 and then up in age from there. Once we get through the girls section of toys, we find the children electronic toys. After the electronic toys we then get to the boy section, which is also again just like the girls section by age. Once you have moved your way through all of the toys and games, you will come to an area that has the children’s sports equipment. Most of the children that I observe typically stuck to the pattern of, girls in the girls section, and the boys within the boys

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