Zombie Apocalypse Vs Holocaust

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Which is more horrific: a nuclear holocaust or a zombie apocalypse? Defend. Imagine yourself in a situation wherein you were truly aware that your life was already drawing to a close in less than an hour. Does the idea of death or “life sentence” just scare you, or horrify you, rather? Both a nuclear holocaust and a zombie apocalypse can kill millions of people, but if I were to decide which among the two would be more horrific, I would go for zombie apocalypse. When I think of nuclear holocaust, I see it as some sort of explosion of a large bomb, strong and damaging enough to harm the entire universe and kill every living creature there is, all at the same time. Yes, reiterating it once again, being conscious of the fact…show more content…
Based on my exposure to films and literary material on zombies, I define a zombie apocalypse as a large battalion of immortal zombies invading the earth, killing people (probably by devouring such mortal human beings), and destroying everything else piece by piece. The idea of survival of the fittest comes into the picture when talking about “escaping from the wrath of the zombies.” One human being can definitely live longer than the others; however, it is a sad, inescapable reality that everybody else is bound to die in the end. Now, why do I choose this case to be more horrifying? It is simply because in this specific scenario, one would have to go through and bear the physical and emotional pain and suffering. On one hand, the physical suffering pertains to the exhaustion of having to run from these carnivorous zombies, devising out-of-this-world plans to get rid of these zombies, and particularly being attacked by these zombies. On the other hand, the emotional suffering solely points out to witnessing and feeling, thereafter, the loss of people close to certain victims’ lives. One “prey” would possibly even gather the energy to think about the fearful and tragic experience of leaving loved ones; and how those love ones would function when the prey supposedly dies. A particular prey might gather the chance of living longer or extending his life sentence, but it would only be a matter of
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